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2013 Favorites: Songs & Music Albums (CONTENT ALERT: 70% EDM)

Merry Christmas 2013, everyone!
Have a blessed, loved, and wonderful Christmas of the year. Caroline and her family are wishing all the merriest, prettiest Christmas for all of you!


It’s only a week to go before New Year! Should it be a yay or nay, I still don’t know – well at least for me myself. So many things happened this year, in 2013, and time sure flies (too) fast that some events were not embraced to the fullest, even never the least. I wish I could blog more, for example. And had bought a lot more back there in Hong Kong. The least was just a joke – okay not really, it was for real.
Since I posted a lot of new year-related-things last year like resolutions and such thingy, I want to do more for this amazing 2013! I will post – starting from this one – my 2013 favorites, from books to makeup and skincare products, with some short reviews/descriptions about them. Curious much? Let’s get started, shall we?

As the title mentions it all, this post is going to be about my favorite songs/albums/singles of the year. Pre-warning here, this post is going to be like err 70% about EDM (Electro Dance Music) so if you’re not so into that genre, let’s just say I love EDM and they’re my favorite songs & artists in 2013, period, and click out of this page XD kidding! It’s a Christmas eve, share some love with EDM too – it’s okay, promise.

1. TRUE – Avicii // Album
With 12 tracks inside, this album is TRUE-ly the winner of my heart. Avicii got ranked #3 in DJ Mag this 2013, much undoubted for us. My favorite track from this album is X You, yet this song was what brought me to love EDM songs once again. It’s a collaboration of Avicii with the rest of the world, people sending their works of mixing, bass, etc and then some contributors were picked and Avicii put them all into one beautiful mix. Of course, the world hits “You Make Me” and “Wake Me Up” are also included in this album, making the selling high and the store is always being out of stock of it (at least in my town!). Dear Boy is also awesome too!

2. Never Say Goodbye – Hardwell & Dyro ft. Bright Lights // Single
Let’s take a break from here, a little chit-chat would just do. Don’t you realize that EDM songs do have “meaningful” lyric lately? It’s not like pop or R&B songs – ugh the words picked and used are just getting ruder and contain a lot of profanities, that being said – EDM have won better place in their listeners’ playlist and heart, lately. Like this song from the #1 DJ in 2013, Hardwell, the lyric this song has is obviously (too) short because we have a lot of mixing sounds here and there. Being short it is, but the lyric sure has good point there. You should google the lyric once finished downloading the song, it’s  a really great song to hear – even though Hardwell are not for everyone, his songs & mixings are not like Avicii’s or Guetta’s, at least that’s what my friends said – especially for those who love great and lively beat breaks.

3. 17 – Avril Lavigne // Album Track
Finally not an EDM song, eh? This song is still an upbeat one, from my childhood idol Avril Lavigne. Talking about her life back there when she was just a seventeen years old teen, this song really reminds me to enjoy and embrace my life to the fullest while I am (still) seventeen.

4. Animals – Martin Garrix // Single
Like X You, this is not literally a song, it’s an instrumental mix. Martin Garrix has the thing there, he’s 17 (OMG at my age and already is in the big 40 DJ all over the world!) young, fresh, cute, and very talented. This mix is beautifully produced by him alone, just two days before my birthday. Lovable track to hear indeed, the beat break is very detail – a rhythmic sound like water drops – and not heavy. This is his very first international hit and he already has his very own style there, it’s too obvious! A great DJ he will be.

5. Counting Stars – One Republic // Single
It’s been a long time since the last time I really had a heart for One Republic’s song (Apologize), but Counting Stars quickly claimed my heart the first time I listened to it. The rest of the world seemed to agree with me, this single peaked at #3 in Billboard Hot 100, becoming their first top five hit since highest charting debut single Apologize.

6. Wake Me Up – Avicii // Single, Album Track
This is the song that inspires me lately. Especially its music video, thanks, now I want that Avicii logo tattoo on my body. So Avicii-ized. The MV brings the song lyric clearer to me: it’s about two girls who seemed to be sisters, being discriminated and looked over in a weird way by the people in their old school town. The two females didn’t know why people are acting like that to them, but they had Avicii logo tattoed on their part of body and did dress fancier than others in the town. Soon the elder girl went out the countryside and rode a horse to a bigger city, and she found a group of people with the same tattoo on them before they finally head out to a rave party. She enjoys the event, then comes back home to bring her younger sister along and they move to the new city, the end. The MV got so a lot critiques more than appreciations – some interpret that the two females are cool, beautiful, and attractive therefore they can rave, not like the rest of the people in the countryside which is old-fashioned and just “average looking”.

To me it’s about a younger generation with rave, party life and fancy dresses which is despised (obviously…) by the older generation for listening to “broken-radio-sounded-like” songs and behaving differently – rave, always being on the headphones etc – as compared to them, and nothing is wrong with that! Generation switches one to another over time, none of both is wrong because technology evolves by time and it’s us who work on it by the way…so if the switch is a fault, it must be ours – both the older and younger generation. A great song, nice guitar composition mixed with Avicii’s mixing style.

7. Under Control – Calvin Harris, Alesso ft. Hurts // Single
I love the breaks, that’s all – and Hurts’ voice is sexy, so like Example’s XD Plus I love Alesso’s touch in the mixing. Even though I’m not so into Calvin Harris for reasons, like 1.) he’s dating Rita Ora whom I hate, 2.) he’s currently the richest DJ after the debut with Rihanna in We Found Love, 3.) his breaks are too heavy for me. Personal matters…

8. Here’s To Never Growin’ Up – Avril Lavigne // Single, Album Track
This song reminds me of my high school year of which will end soon. After this we will enter uni, and there’s a big possibility of us not going to the same uni! So sad, but it’s the truth btw. Every time my girls and I went to karaoke, this song is always on the playlist. Aww, goodbye is inevitable.

9. Wrecking Balls – Miley Cyrus // Single
Oh I hate Miley ever since I could remember - from the Hannah Montana era I think. Apart of the singer itself, her songs are always lovely to hear. Like this controversial song about her love life, I love the melody and the song itself but NEVER the singer and the MV – just eww. I am honestly kinda sympathetic of what she’s been through with Liam and her insecurities, but since I never really liked her I choose not to give a damn there except for this song. Ha, broken heart always brings money for entertainers indeed! You hear this, Taylor?

10. Alive (Hardwell Final Remix) – Krewella // Single
I love Krewella, BUT I cannot love Hardwell’s (final) touch more in this song more than the original version. That is that, being said already. The remixed version has more lively feeling to the song itself. This is the very first Hardwell song/remix that I listen to, and I quickly find it perfect. That man is sexy man, quoting my friend Nayzu. I see your point there~~!


So those are all my favorite songs of the year! Woo! If you’re an EDM lover like me, these songs are definitely familiar for you. If you have more great EDM songs – or any other songs, country, rock, anything BUT KPOP! – please share your favorite songs below. I would like to apologize if my taste does not fit yours…well I’m kinda into party mood lately because busy days have finally taken their toll on me: stress and pimples, etc. Uh.

Thank you for reading this post, stay tuned for more favorites of the year, XOXO <3


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