Thursday, December 12, 2013

EOTD: Taupe Soft Smokey Eye

Hi Angels! This is my very first EOTD—stands for Eyes Of The Day—post and the title cannot describe this look better.

First I want to disclaim here that I’m not a trained MUA so my work is maybe not as good, neat, and beautiful as other bloggers & MUAs’. Please bear with the pictures now LOL because I promise you I will try to get better and better again in doing eye makeup, of course by practicing a lot XD

Today’s EOTD was wearing all theBalm eye shadow, combining those from the two famous theBalm palette, Balm Jovi and Nude Tude! This is a soft taupe makeup look, and if you’re asking me where the taupe color is…well actually silvery taupe color there is. It’s a gorgeous shade named Selfish from Nude Tude palette, I’d found a hard time working on that shade but I just worked it out in this look! *happy*

Into the pictures now…

So since the weather outside is so gloomy and we’re officially entering rainy season here in Indonesia, I think I should do a darker theme for my look. This is wearable as well for those who have fall season by now too, because I used a gorgeous glittery army green color named Led Zeppelin there, to add a bit warmth. It’s wearable for day or night look, as it’s not too overpowering or dramatically smokey. You can skip the fake lashes ofc ;)

Products Used
theBalm Balm Jovi Palette (Led Zeppelin, Adagio, Metal-ica)
theBalm Nude Tude Palette (Selfish, Sultry, Sleek, Sophisticated)
Jordana Brow Powder Duo 03 Dark

If you find this EOTD is good or whatsoever else, you can always favor me a tutorial for this! I will be happily doing it for you……yet I just realized I still have some tutorials to do, by your favors. Geez I hope I can finish most of them in this month kay!

Comments are appreciated as always, whether they’re being feedbacks or critiques, please do stop by and say Hi to me down below. Will love to hear from you guys!!

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  1. Hasilnya bagus kok ^_^
    Request sekaliam tutorialnya donk hihi
    Thank you

  2. rapinyaaa lin :3 ajarin ngeblend serapi itu dong >.<