Tuesday Tips #1: DIY Mask for that SUMMER GLOW SKIN!

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*rains hard*

Oh, no. The weather is kinda extreme now, it’s so hot at day but when night comes, it would rain so hard! If you’re living in a tropical country like me, this is what we call ‘transition’ season – when the weather changes rapidly and it’s kinda unstable because the shining sun can change into a hard rain in just an hour or so – which often affects our health too that the temperature changes dramatically along with the extreme weather.

It’s important to keep our body healthy and stay hydrated well during these times. What our body feels-but-sometimes-doesn’t-tell-us can actually be seen from how our skin’s doing. Mine, for example, is going to act a little bit annoying to remind me that I need to drink more water. 

But guess what, this is actually how my skin looks nowadays:

definitely no makeup on. see those scary eye bags and pale lips?

So, Caroline.

Chill, Woman. Without further ado, here’s my Holy Grail DIY mask that’s responsible for the glow and skin like that:

Anyway, anyway. This is a collaboration post between me and the other Komunitas Beauty Blogger & Vlogger from Indonesia! How cool is that? You can check my friend - Tutu - 's blog post here about beauty hacks for limited budget/allowance!

  • 2 tbs quick-cook oatmeal
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp rice flour (you can easily find this in Asian supermarket)
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 2.5 tbs green tea

things you need!


  • Mix all the ingredients except for the rice flour.

  • Let the oatmeal soaks in the mixture for 3-4 minutes.
add the flour

  • Stir them altogether, and now you can add the rice flour into the mixture. Makes sure it has a runny paste constituency. You may add less or more green tea into the mixture.

the mask is ready to be applied!
  • Apply it all over your face. Leave it for good 6-8 minutes, don’t let them dry completely.
creepy smile, eh

excuse the stupid smile, it just feels so nice on skin!

  • After it’s half-dried (well, you get what I mean right XD can’t find a better term), start massaging your face in circular motion. Gently exfoliate your skin, don’t rub too hard!
  • Rinse off the mask.

  • Your face will appear brighter, smoother, and clearer. Do this twice a week, okay?

can you see the glow? :D

rheaaaaaaaal glow ~~

And now let’s have a little bit chitchat on the ingredients we used earlier.
  • Oatmeal acts as an anti-inflammatory and a gentle exfoliate properties. For all skin type – from sensitive skin to the one that can stand atomic bomb – oatmeal can never do wrong. It’s gentle enough as an exfoliator, not too harsh on skin, especially the quick-cook type. Another reason why I picked the quick-cook and not the rolled oats, because quick-cook oatmeal absorbs moisture from the other liquid ingredients quicker than rolled oats. Once it absorbs all the moisture in, the texture of this oatmeal will go smoother, creamier, and thicker. It doesn’t feel scratchy at all on skin when you use it to exfoliate later.
  • Lemon juice gives the fresher feeling to the skin. Since it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, it helps to fight acne. Thanks to the good citric acid, it helps to fade dark spots and scars too.
  • Honey serves as the savior of the skin. It has antibacterial and calming properties, helps to nourish the skin and is totally responsible for the glow!
  • Rice flour, as the name has spoken for itself, is made of rice. Rice is an ancient beauty secret to most Asian women. It can help to lighten and brighten your face, also it’s a nice antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Serves as a gentle exfoliant agent too.
  • Green tea, as we know, is rich in antioxidant. It helps to detox your skin and keeps the acne away.

While you’ve fulfilled what your skin asks from the outside, now it’s time to nourish it from the inside! Go check the Aloha’s recipes for healthy and yummy meal ideas. I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle too, most of the recipes I took from their website. Remember, what you eat defines your skin pretty clear too! If you stray away from fried foods, junk foods, as well as sweets, your skin will look dramatically different. Trust me on this. If you don’t, try one week without eating sweets AT ALL. You will notice your skin is much better than before and less acne there will be.

Aloha’s recipes. Yum!

And that's all for Tuesday Tips today. Do you crave for more? Should I really post more tips and tricks about beauty every Tuesday? Please drop your comments below, let me know what you think! Ciao for now 

P.S: Please, please stay tuned to my blog. I will soon post another Heart to Heart post, an update to my current skin condition after how horrible it was in this post. Stay tuned, kay? ;)

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16 kisses

  1. Thankyou for sharing ♡
    Sedikit ribet sih, eh engga aku nya aja yg males DIY gini huhu :(

  2. your skin looks very nice! thanks for sharing ^^ anw, is it okay to substitute quick cook oatmeal with instant oatmeal?


  3. naaah, i don't recommend instant oatmeal for mask. it works great as daily cleanser, but it would be too soft and creamy if being soaked up. it won't do much as an exfoliator.

  4. not that amazing IRL, but hey, at least it's healthy ;) isn't it more important, rite? :D

  5. gampaaang ini hihi aku juga males kalo yang ribet2. kecuali yg gampang gini, baunya enak juga relaxing >.<

  6. Melisa Aprilia TMay 26, 2015 at 11:53 PM

    How to find green tea for face mask??

  7. Flawless bangett! Pengen nyoba mask kaya gini tapi bingung nyari madu yang bagus (yang asli juga tentunya). Nice tips. Salam kenal ya Oline :)


  8. Definitely a BIG-NO-MASK for me. You know that-biatch-vitamin-c will ruins my skin perfectly -__-
    I'll try another DIY mask and share it on my blog.

    Mari terapkan kulit sehaaaat, nyanyanyanya :3

  9. waaahhh...simple banget bahan bahan dan cara bikinnya. jadi langsung pingin coba

  10. Aku baru tau tips diy bikin maskernya. Keren deh. Mau aku coba nih, thanks infonya

  11. Sayangnya kulitku gak cocok dengan oat nih kak olin, soalnya pasti dapet banget benefit skin soothing dari oat.

  12. wah pake oats ya? sering banget sekarang ada masker pake oats gitu ya. jadi penasaran


  13. Omg kulitnya glowing banget, dulu juga suka pakai oat untuk masker

  14. Wih belum pernah nyoba oat buat masker. Nice tips! Nanti coba deh :)