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Shop with Mumu #01: Top 5 Recommended Beauty Online Shop [INDONESIA ONLY]

Hello everyone ~
Today I have a very special monthly segment for you: Shop with Mumu! Basically it will be about shopping issues: tips & tricks, sale/discount/new arrival alerts, etc. And to begin with, I have my Top 5 Recommended Beauty Online Shop list to share with you girls.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT affiliated with any of the stores linked, mentioned, and featured in this post. I receive no benefit in any forms, except their kindness and good service thus I recommend them to you! I purely want to share this post to help all of you finding your needs easily and comfortably based on my very own shopping experience with them.

The sellers listed down below only sell authentic products. I never and would never ever buy and use counterfeit products myself, neither would I recommend those sellers who sell them to you. I am not saying they have the best price or the cheapest out there, but I guarantee all the sellers mentioned here would give you a reasonable price for your goods and orders.

First of all, you must wonder where I bought so much fancy Japanese products lately in my haul posts. Some of them are not really popular or even familiar and many questions were asked to me like ‘What is that?’ or ‘Wow what brand is that? Never heard of it before’.
If you are a person like me who’s anti-mainstream or ‘adventurous’ in shopping – which means, you would really go for a new, unique, less-reviewed product and try them out yourself – or maybe you have gone to Japan before, tried something ‘not-really-pronounceable-or-readable’ but it turned out to be good and you could find it out nowhere anymore, you should really need to pay a visit to this Instagram online store:

“Provide anything you could ever drool from Japan.”

@ettusais_cosme specializes in Japanese product, since the owner herself is residing in Japan. Not only that she knows a lot of Japanese products and willing to share her personal reviews about the products she tried already, she’s also very kind and ready to browse the shop to find your stuff and even the most peculiar taste you have. #eh

I often ask her to find out about the stuff I looked up online, and then go bother her with a lot of questions: about the product, how much would it cost, will it work for me etc. If she were someone else, I may have gotten kicked right away for questioning too much and bought only some items – probably 70% of all the products questioned. I am not even in her ‘top-spender’ list, but from the beginning of only buying one item until today: she never changes her style & kindness.

Juli is totally helpful and she actually went to the counter and asked the Beauty Assistant at IPSA of which product that will work best on my problematic skin. I am very touched by her dedication tbh. She will do her best to get your items, be it beauty items or Japanese kawaii and cute stationeries & plushies ;w;
Another plus point is that: quick delivery time! It only takes 1 week outside public holidays for your products to arrive in Indonesia and ready to be shipped to your home. How cool is that ~

Clueless about Japanese products and you are more into Korean products? You got here my friend, @miriellebeaute, ready to serve all your K-Beauty needs.

“Cheapest K-Beauty Items Supplier!”

It’s undeniable that South Korea is now leading the Asian’s beauty market & trends. Because of this hype too, there are so many counterfeits for famous Korean beauty products such as Etude House. Scary, ew! But afraid no more, my fellas. @miriellebeaute sells only legit items, and most of them are readily available here in Indonesia. If you find out that what you need is not available, you can go join their pre-order system and wait for a normal 3-4 weeks for your goods to arrive.
Seriously, they will pack your goodies securely with thick wrap of bubble. I have never ever received a damaged/defect item from them. Super recommended. They are super generous with samples too, and I have been their loyal customer since like 2 years now!

If you fancy liquid lipsticks, Colourpop, matte lipsticks, and any of other worldwide trending drugstore beauty product, I would gladly suggest you to visit @makeupuccino’s page!

“Lower-end/Drugstore Brands Supplier.”

@makeupuccino’s super-fast respond and amazingly cheap price draw more and more people to like them. They were the old Nyx Olshop on Facebook – hey, how could you forget? You do remember eh? – and yes, they’re now also on Instagram and even they have their own website! Being a trusted online shop since at least 3 years ago, their service is not even questionable. Psssst, stay tune for the monthly giveaway on their Instagram page!

But if you’re more into Western’s higher brands…what else could I suggest but @bebeautyindo?
“Higher-end Western Brands Supplier.”

This online shop run by Citra sells a lot of ready stock items but also accept pre-orders too on their Female Daily page. Seriously, this shop rocks. I can’t name any other sellers than her who give you the best quotation for price when the sale is on. Her ready stock items are also so reasonably priced and hell yeah, cheaper than most of the online stores out there!

“Provides Limited Edition/Holiday Exclusive Korean Beauty Products.”

Into limited edition items? Often miss them because you cannot order directly from the websites outside Indonesia? Don’t worry, pay a visit to @kbeautylover on Instagram. Even if you have not stalked Korean bloggers/Instagrammers’ account, you will quickly be let know by the photos they post on their timeline! She accepts pre-order for many Korean ‘not-so-popular’ brands and items, meaning there are higher chances to find Korean hidden gems by joining her pre-order rather than shopping in those stores that only sell well-known products of some lower-end brands. The shipping is quick and yes, all the packages are so safe thanks to the thick bubble wraps~

And please do remember that all the sellers/shops that I recommend above is currently available for Indonesian orders only, please do tell me if you need more information about my recommendation for online stores that do worldwide shipping! :D
PS: Don’t blame me for shopping hard after reading this post. Anyway, Black Friday is 3 days to go. Go to @bebeautyindo’s page and go shop hard on Western products, Babes!


Hope this post will help! And oh, I am opened for more recommended sellers of yours. Please tell me more great sellers & stores so that I could update the list, or just drop the comments down below of what recommended sellers you want to know aside of those I mentioned above – maybe those who sell EU/UK Products, or recommended clothing stores – please let me know so that I could gather the names and post them up for you.

Ciao for now, happy shopping girls ~

Friday, November 20, 2015

Review: MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil

So many people believe that cleansing is the most important step in our skincare regime. I do, too. As maybe you have known, we, Asians (especially Japanese women) believe that double-cleansing is very important and it’s not only mandatory on makeup days but everyday it is! One of the most popular skincare items of first cleanser is cleansing oil. So many brands carry different range for these magical oils which serve for different purposes (i.e.: whitening, deep-cleansing, etc.). Today I am going to review a cult-favorite cleansing oil from a famous Japanese Brand: MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil!

MUJI is widely known as a Japanese convenience store that basically sells everything – from house appliances to stationery to beauty products – and have so many big stores around the world. Apparently their beauty products are relatively good too if not great, especially their skincare range. And this cleansing oil I am going to review today is also the star of MUJI’s skincare range, so without further ado, let’s get into the review now!

MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil
Brand: MUJI
Netto Weight/Content: 200 ml
Origin: Japan
Price: 950 ¥
Where to buy: MUJI Singapore, MUJI Japan (MUJI ID hasn’t carried beauty products yet)

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, ETHYLHEXYL Palmitate, Sorbeth-30 Tetraisostearate, Polysorbate 80, Sorbeth-30 Tetraoleate, Sorbitan Oleate, Water, Pentylene Glycol, Glycosyl Trehalose, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Glycerin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Polyquaternium-51, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, tocopherols, Butylene Glycol

If the bottle appears sleek on pictures it’s because it really is. I cannot help not to praise about it! Even though it’s made of plastic, the bottle is so sturdy and seems not easily to break because the plastic is kinda thick. Not looking or feels cheapo at all for it to stand on your vanity table.

As you can see the bottle is made of clear transparent plastic, plus there are stripe indicators to tell you how far you’ve gone with it and how much it’s left! All the measurement here is using milliliters. Now you don’t have to busily predict how much exactly you have left eh~

The pump works really great too; it would dispense the right amount of product and has no issues such as how cheapo pump dispenser would do. It comes with a plastic stopper to prevent any spoilage when the whole bottle is brought along with you while travelling. This is something good to note from Japanese products which bottle comes in pump-type dispenser, they always put stopper in each bottle – making the products become travel-friendly (despite the size tho, LOL)

MUJI has several other types for their cleansing oils such as mild, normal, but I bought the sensitive type because it’s the only one that doesn’t use mineral oil. It is 100% mineral oil free, fragrance free, coloring free! It uses Olive Oil as the main oil ingredient, that’s why it would be very suitable for those with sensitive skin and have no allergic reaction to Olive Oil. Wait, what?

I just found out the ultimate saddening truth:
Apparently my skin is allergic toward Olive Oil.

Basically this cleansing oil works wonder – hands down I do really think it’s the best cleansing oil I’ve tried in my life so far:
  • Cleanses deep and thoroughly
  • Emulsifies really well
  • Leaves no oil residue after rinsing
Here I have some pictures to show you the cleansing power of this product. All the products I use for this test is waterproof and stubborn, and please do keep in mind that I don’t really use cleansing oil to remove my eye & lips makeup, so I’m okay if it cannot remove eyeliner/mascara/lipstain well.

(L-R): Jordana 12hr Made to Last Pencil Liner - Maybelline Color Tattoo - K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer - Coastal Scents Liquid Liner - Kiss Me Mascara - Sleek Powder Blush - Illamasqua Cream Pigment - Tarte Eyeshadow - A'Pieu Marker Tint Pen - Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick - Estee Lauder Double Wear

what's left: Coastal Scents Liquid Liner - Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara S - A'Pieu Marker Tint Pen

Although the constituency of this oil is rather thick because of the olive oil’s nature and has a kind of funny smell, but I found that 2 pumps were already enough for my whole face. And as I mentioned above, it emulsifies very well and leaves no residue afterwards. NO TIGHT FEELING ALSO OMG. What kind of sorcery is this?? Any other cleansing oils I’ve tried, most of them leaves my skin kinda stripped, dry, and dehydrated. But with MUJI cleansing oil, I experienced none of those above.

But why on earth do I have to be allergic to the all-good olive oil?

Yes, I got breakout from using this cleansing oil. And yes, it’s not because my skin is stripped nor that it contains harmful ingredients inside, but because it was too good instead for having olive oil as the main ingredient, not mineral oil. Sadly, I am not allergic to the oh-so-hated-and-dissed-by-everyone mineral oil.


Last Words?
In conclusion, I was happy with my purchase. Seriously, I was. This cleansing oil is so good for its price – only 950 ¥ - and it’s readily available in your nearest MUJI stores outside Indonesia. Cleanses deep, emulsifies so well, no sticky/gooey/oily residue, leaves no tight feeling behind…what else could you demand for more? However, my weird skin has a very bad reaction to it because of the Olive Oil ingredient.

If you have sensitive skin and have no allergic reaction to Olive Oil, I would highly recommend this product. It’s a good buy after all, and even though I’m sad, I am not even once disappointed with this product. 

It’s not the product – it’s all about my skin. I'm giving it 4.5/5 because it's good, even though it doesn't work on me. It may work good (if not great) on others.


Okay that’s all for this post, and see you next time!

Oh, don’t forget to drop some comments kay ~ I would love to know your thoughts. 
Ciao for now XO

Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion [SPONSORED]

Girls, kalian pasti pernah (atau malah sering?) terlambat bangun pagi dan hanya memiliki waktu tersisa sedikit untuk makan-mandi-dandan, sedangkan harus segera berangkat ke kampus/sekolah/workplace sesegera mungkin. 

Boro-boro berusaha mengingat urutan makeup apa saja sih yang harus dilakukan agar hasilnya bisa bagus dan flawless, asal templok produk kanan-kiri hasilnya malah kacau. Oh no! Coba deh tapi, kita tengok sedikit pelajar atau wanita di Korea sana. Kok mereka mulus-mulus ya kulitnya, makeup-nya well done...apakah mereka lebih (ahem) rajin bangun pagi dari kita? Atau ada faktor lain?

Jawabannya adalah: CUSHION! 
Yep, cushion makeup ini sudah amat menjamur di Korea Selatan sana sejak sekitar 2 tahun lalu. Cushion ini apa sih?

Cushion ialah produk berbentuk compact yang bermodel seperti sponge yang penuh terisi dengan produk, bisa BB cream maupun CC cream dan segala kebaikan skincare. Pengaplikasian produk yang ada didalam cushion ini menggunakan sponge, yang mana membuat aplikasi menjadi lebih mudah dan cepat. Nah, kalau base makeup dapat selesai dengan cepat karena penggunaan cushion untuk menggantikan tumpukan skincare + foundation/sunscreen/BB cream konvensional, tentu kita dapat melanjutkan ke area wajah lain dalam sekejap pula kan?

Di cuaca negara tropis seperti Indonesia yang lagi panas-panasnya seperti saat ini, tentu tidak sembarang cushion dapat dipilih. Seperti BB cream asal Korea, kebanyakan cushion ini memiliki hasil dewy dan ringan di wajah. Kurang cocok ya, dengan iklim panas seperti di Indonesia. Eits, jangan keburu berkecil hati dulu! THEFACESHOP baru saja merilis cushion yang cocok untuk iklim di Indonesia - tahan lama namun tetap flawless. Penasaran?

Product Info
THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion
Netto Weight/Content: 15 gram
Origin: South Korea
Where to buy: THEFACESHOP Counter Indonesia
Price: IDR 329,000


THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion ini hadir dengan packaging yang simple, namun tetap elegan. Tidak seperti street brand Korea kebanyakan, aku rasa untuk packaging baik box maupun compactnya sendiri, cushion ini lebih elegan dan dewasa dari produk lain yang sudah aku coba.

Box luarnya didominasi dengan warna biru muda cantik dengan motif bulir-bulir air yang menggambarkan mengenai keunggulan produk ini, yaitu tetap menjaga kelembaban kulit kita selama pemakaian. Pada box juga tercantum ingredients list dalam bahasa Inggris, sehingga memudahkan kita untuk mengecek apakah ada bahan yang mungkin kita tidak kehendaki. Good job, THEFACESHOP! Jarang sekali lho ada produk Korea yang hendak mencantumkan deskripsi produk dan komposisi dalam bahasa Inggris.

Untuk compact casenya, seperti cushion pada kebanyakan, ada kaca besar, sponge untuk pengaplikasian, pemisah antara produk dan sponge, dan cushion berisi produk sendiri pada bagian bawah case. Juga, cushion dapat dilepas dari case apabila produk telah habis (refillable).

Sponge dari Oil Control Water Cushion ini sayangnya bukan airpuff seperti cushion kebanyakan, melainkan hanya sponge biasa. Sayang sekali, karena dengan sponge biasa, produk akan terserap lebih banyak di puff dibandingkan dengan apabila menggunakan airpuff :(

Apa sih kelebihan dari Oil Control Water Cushion ini bila dibandingkan dengan cushion lain?

-   Leaves Zero Oil (Bebas Minyak)
-   Full Moisture (Kelembapan Tetap Terjaga) 
- Absolute Matte Finish (Hasil Akhir Matte)

Yuk kita sekarang intip bagaimana reviewku atas produk ini~ Thank you untuk Kawaii Beauty Japan x THEFACESHOP Indonesia yang telah mengirimkan produk ini untuk kucoba.

Aku mendapat shade V203 Natural Beige. Shade ini setara dengan shade #23 pada cushion lain. V203 memiliki undertone kuning, namun hint peach-nya lumayan kuat sehingga memberi efek mencerahkan pada kulit. Di kulitku, NC20-25, warna ini amat sempurna saat dibaurkan di wajah.

Formula dari Oil Control Water Cushion ini lumayan ringan dan mudah dibaurkan, meski teksturnya tidak terlalu cair/encer. Untuk finishnya ialah velvety-matte, amat cantik dan terlihat masih natural. Nah, karena hasil akhirnya yang cenderung matte ini, hati-hati untuk kalian yang memiliki kulit kering atau dry patches seperti aku. Produk akan sedikit menggumpal/pecah di area kering, dan berdasarkan pengalamanku pemakaian moisturizer sebelum pengaplikasian kurang membantu sih. Terlalu banyak moisturizer di bawah adonan cushion malah akan membuat cushion mudah crack di bagian kering tadi.

Salah satu poin plus dari Oil Control Water Cushion ini adalah, coverage-nya yang cukup baik, light-to-medium. Bekas-bekas jerawat dan beruntusan kecil dapat tertutup dengan sempurna, dan dark circles yang tidak terlalu parah juga masih dapat tersamarkan dengan baik. Di kulitku yang sensitif dan rewel, memang tingginya sun protection factor alias SPF 50 pada cushion ini sedikit menimbulkan reaksi iritasi, namun tidak separah reaksi yang kudapat saat memakai cushion lain. Dalam waktu 3-4 jam, kulitku akan mulai terlihat oily di beberapa bagian.

Ini adalah foto-fotoku dengan menggunakan THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion:

THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50/PA+++ ialah cushion terbaru dari THEFACESHOP, menawarkan inovasi unik pada hasil akhir yaitu matte tidak seperti cushion kebanyakan. Formulanya yang ringan membuat cushion ini cocok dipakai di negara beriklim tropis seperti Indonesia. Cocok untuk mereka yang memiliki kulit berminyak dan kombinasi daripada untuk mereka yang berkulit kering sepertiku. 


Nah, bagaimana dengan kalian? Apakah kalian sudah ada yang pernah mencoba cushion ini? What do you think?

See you later, ciao for now! XO

Friday, October 16, 2015

Haul: 2 Months Mini Haul & Repurchasing Faves!

Hello girls ~
Who’s missing me already?

Okay la not being cray cray here about the reason why I’m gone, I bet all of you have known why: Kieso books. Screw them. I’m still on my 3rd semester but it already feels like hell so hard to survive in both online and real world. Phew! I just finished my mid-test weeks, hope the result will be okay. Finger crossed. I wish them to be good ofc, but kinda being realistic here – B or AB is enough for accounting subjects. Sigh.

Back to the blog, so yeah here’s a quick update: mini haul of past two months! I had posted some pictures in my Instagram about my mini hauls, and now let’s just gather them all into one in this post. Without further ado, let’s get started!

STF Hakugen Sweat & Oil Clear Film x 2
Fancl Facial Washing Powder II (Moist) + Sponge
Albion Skin Conditioner Essential 110 ml
MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil
Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm #01 Rose Pink

The oil clear film was on BOGO promotion at Guardian and it’s only for ONE DAY! I feel so lucky that I visited the counter that day LOL, because you get these two items for only IDR 40,500 or $3! How cheap ~

I was curious about Japanese powder wash since my face can’t really make friend with facial foams so I grabbed this deluxe size of Fancl powder wash while crossing my fingers and hoping that it would work. And yes, IT WORKS ♥♥ definitely repurchasing in bigger size and ready to try another powder wash because they work on my skin.

I also repurchase my baby, Albion SkiCon. Bought it from @ettusais_cosme on Instagram and yes, I could say it’s my numero uno Japanese product supplier now! They don’t only have good price – I don’t dare say they’re the cheapest out there, it’s fairly priced tho; not too expensive or cheap – but the service is AWESOME. The owner is very, very helpful and don’t mind a thousand questions of mine about a lot of products aside Albion but only buying this one. LOL if it were someone else, I might have been ignored or blacklisted already XD

pic taken from my Instagram
Oh! The Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm is a belated birthday gift from a blogger (and real life) sweetheart, Tata! Thank you a lot Tataaaa ~ ♥
Chanel Lift Lumiere Fluid Makeup SPF 15
Holika Holika Good Cera Cream
Swiss Pure Sun Screen x 2
Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner
A’Pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream (Daily)
A’Pieu DD Cream
Albion EXAGE Moist Crystal Milk II
Albion EXAGE White Crystal Milk II x 2
Sariayu Masker Beras Putih

Received a lot of samples along with my purchases. I also bought some of Albion milk samples, to try them on and let’s see if I can get something new to purchase ~

THREE Cosmetics Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation SPF 36/PA++
The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50/PA+++

I’m still in the search of new HG base makeup that’s rather lightweight, but still is long-wearing. Bought the Three foundation while it’s on a good deal. No regret, since Three is a mid to high end Japanese brand, so the quality is not questionable at all. I also received The Face Shop’s cushion from Kawaii Beauty Japan. Review soon on my blog!

Peripera Peri’s Tint House
ARITAUM Style Pop Jelly Tint #Baby Ruby
ARITAUM Style Pop Jelly Tint #Bloody Sapphire
A’Pieu Marker Tint Pen #RD02
A’Pieu Marker Tint Pen #PK01
Peripera’s Rouge Pang! #RD01 Mature
Rimmel KATE Matte Lipstick #111 Kiss of Life
A’Pieu Cotton Lip Fluid #CR01 Rose Salt

I used to have three of the A’Pieu Cotton Lip Fluid, but I’ve let the other two go because the color is rather dupeable. Kinda in love with Korean lip tints now, because they stay like almost forever so I  don’t really have to bother touching up after meal. Yay!

the rest of my K-Beauty Haul

Banila Co. Clean It Zero [DAMAGED]
Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Active Toner
Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Active Emulsion
Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Liner #01 Beige Chic
ARITAUM Mono Eyes #49
ARITAUM Mono Eyes #25
Jordana 12hr Made to Last Waterproof Liner #Espresso Last

Why I stated the Banila Co. as damaged? Because…


Well it’s not that I received a prank from the quite well-known seller, nope, I emptied that out myself because the product inside was totally ruined and got bad already.
I asked the seller why my product’s texture is so gimmicky and NONE like the usual sherbet texture of this product, and she said just like: “Oh I don’t know if it’s damaged or not. I didn’t check the product when it’s arrived in my house one by one.”

Yet no intention to replace it with the new one.

I promised myself to QUIT shopping from this seller anymore. No responsibilities at all.
I’m not accusing her for selling bad products and duds are inevitable, but why did she have no good intention at all? She’s very ignorant and I got another defected item because of her poor wrapping technique. I’m so fed up. Will only shop at Mirielle Beaute since now on, she’s the only K-beauty seller I can trust.


Okay, enough rambling for now on! I should really get going by now. Please drop the comments down below, telling me which product to review first – oh what a mandatory sentence in every haul post XD – I promise I will do my best to do the reviews and keep this blog updated.

In case you have any question, please do not hesitate and go ask me myself! Go to the comment box below, or hit the ‘ask me’ button on the right sidebar to be quickly directed to my profile.

See you soon, ciao for now ~ XO

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review: Lippy Scrub in Creme Brulee [SPONSORED]

Hello everyone ~
Hari ini aku akan mereview sebuah produk yang lagi hits banget belakangan di Instagram, yaitu lip scrub! Sejujurnya aku sih nggak tertarik untuk beli lip scrub karena well, bisa dibuat sendiri kan versi DIY-nya. Tinggal nambahin gula pasir aja ke resep ini, and ta-daaa sudah jadi deh lip scrubnya. Namun saat ditawari Amethyst ID untuk mencoba lip scrub buatan mereka, aku pun jadi penasaran. Kira-kira apa sih bedanya dengan lip scrub DIY yang biasa kita buat sendiri?

Sebelumnya yuk kita berkenalan dulu dengan Amethyst. Amethyst adalah sebuah merk lokal yang menjual berbagai macam produk homemade yang 100% menggunakan bahan natural. Menarik kan! Nah, salah satu best seller dari Amethyst ini ialah lip scrub. Meski bukanlah pelopor homemade natural lip scrub di Indonesia, namun banyak yang sudah jatuh cinta dengan Lippy Scrub buatan mereka ini.

Product Info
Lippy Scrub in Crème Brulee
Brand: Amethyst
Netto Weight/Content: 15 gram
Origin: Indonesia
Where to buy: (Instagram)
Price: IDR 40,000


Lippy Scrub ini memiliki packaging jar kecil yang terbuat dari plastik. Di bagian tutup jar ada tercantum nama dan jenis rasa lip scrub didalamnya. Kali ini aku berkesempatan untuk mencoba rasa Crème Brulee. Sayangnya, tutup jar ini tidak bisa menutup rapat semenjak awal dibuka. Tutupnya longgar, jadi kurang praktis untuk dibawa berpergian. Huhu, aku harap hanya punyaku saja yang begini.

Saat pertama membuka produk, langsung tercium aroma caramel yang manis. Burnt sugar gitu, deh. Enak banget! Wanginya nggak terlalu kencang, nggak norak maupun berlebihan. Nggak tercium seperti bau sintetik juga, karena aroma ini berasal dari hasil infusi biji vanilla organik di bahan EVOO.

Seperti yang terlihat di foto, jar ini amat penuh berisi produk. Untuk pemakaian sih aku langsung colek dengan jari, nggak pakai spatula karena tekstur lip scrub yang padat sehingga dengan panas tubuh kita produk ini akan menjadi sedikit lebih lunak teksturnya dan mudah dioleskan di bibir.

Tekstur dari Lippy Scrub ini tidak terlalu halus, tidak terlalu kasar juga. Butiran gula yang digunakan pas, tidak terlalu besar maupun kecil. Untuk bahan eksfoliasi selain gula, pada produk ini juga digunakan walnut shell powder. Berdasar pengamatanku sih, proposi dari walnut shell powder ini lebih besar dari gula sehingga lip scrub ini tidak harsh. Eits, jangan salah lho. Walnut shell powder ini dapat mengeksfoliasi dengan baik meski hanya terlihat seperti bintik bintik kecil hitam saja!

Amethyst tidak mencantumkan bagaimana cara penggunaan produk yang semestinya karena memang tidak ada aturan baku mengenai cara eksfoliasi bibir. Setelah mencoba dengan metode (ceileh, bahasa elu Lin!) berbeda, aku menemukan cara pemakaian terbaik menurut versi aku:
  1. Ambil produk secukupnya.
  2. Oleskan secara rata di bibir menggunakan jari.
  3. Diamkan 7-10 menit hingga produk terasa lumer di bibir.
  4. Pijat bibir dengan lembut, dengan metode melingkar.
  5. Ambil tisu kering atau waslap basah, bersihkan sisa lip scrub.
  6. Aplikasikan lip balm kesukaan! (you may skip this, karena sesungguhnya sudah terasa lebih lembab sih setelah scrub karena produk ini sudah mengandung madu dan bahan lain yang berfungsi menjaga kelembaban bibir)

Oke, kenapa kok aku menyarankan untuk didiamkan dulu produknya di bibir sebelum kita mulai eksfoliasi? Alasannya yang pertama ialah tekstur dari Lippy Scrub ini yang agak padat. Baiknya kita diamkan dulu agar produk bereaksi dengan panas tubuh dan menjadi agak lumer, agar bibir tidak luka saat eksfoliasi. Ini optional sih, namun aku merasa bibir yang lembut unyu kasihan juga kalau digosok dengan krim berbutir padat gitu.

Yang kedua, yuk kita intip ke komposisi dari produk. Sayang dong, produk ini sudah dibuat dari 100% bahan natural yang aman dan pastinya baik untuk bibir lho. Masa kita aplikasikan dan pakai hanya sekitar 1 menit saja, mana terasa efeknya? Hanya mengeksfoliasi kulit permukaan bibir dong, sedangkan lapisan kulit yang lebih dalam tidak ternutrisi dengan bahan-bahan baik yang terkandung di produk. Rugi dong, maka dari itu baiknya didiamkan dulu agar bahan baik lainnya terserap.

Perbedaan setelah eksfoliasi dengan sebelum memang tidak terlalu terlihat pada foto, namun bibirku terasa lebih lembut dan lembab setelah eksfoliasi. Karena warna asal bibirku agak pucat, setelah eksfoliasi warnanya agak memerah (karena digosok sih ya…) namun ya tidak bisa menjadi rosy ataupun menjadi lebih merah, lha wong aslinya sudah pucat kurang berpigmen gitu. Paling maksimal sih, dengan pemakaian rutin seminggu 2x, bibirku tampak lebih sehat dan jarang terasa kering lagi.


Last Words?
Aku suka banget dengan Lippy Scrub dari Amethyst ini. Teksturnya dan aroma yang amat yummy membuat eksfoliasi bibir menjadi menyenangkan. Setelah eksfoliasi dapat langsung terasa, bibirku nampak lebih sehat dan lembut serta tidak kering. Sayang tutup dari kemasan jar produk ini agak longgar, namun overall aku suka dengan produk ini. Kurang jelas juga produk ini dapat bertahan berapa lama sebelum kadaluarsa karena tidak dicantumkan tanggal kadaluarsa maupun instruksi maksimal penyimpanan produk sejak pertama dibuka, namun dengan pemakaian rutin seminggu 2x produk ini dapat habis dalam waktu sekitar 3-4 bulanan.


Kalau kalian penasaran dan ingin mencoba juga produk ini, yuk langsung aja melipir ke lapak Amethyst di sini!

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Cuma 40,000 saja lho. Murah banget kan? Produk ini sih sekarang menjadi salah satu favorit aku :D dan sukses membuatku malas membuat DIY lip scrub lagi karena produk ini lebih instan dan pengaplikasiannya lebih mudah. Hihi.

Happy Sunday peeps ♥ xo