Saturday, March 22, 2014

Introducing: ZALORA, Your New Place to Online-Shopping With Lots of Deals!

Do you know where and how do I get all my stuffs? Maybe some of you are curious about how I got all my stuffs, especially the brands that don’t exist locally here in Indonesia. Let’s say, like Wet n Wild, before they opened the store here; how did I manage to have their products already?
Your answer is right, online-shopping it is, I got all my stuffs from e-commerce sites. The question to follow up next is: which sites are trusted and which are not? Speaking of which, let me introduce you to one of the trusted online store I usually drop my orders by.

ZALORA Indonesia is a part of ZALORA Group by Rocket Internet GmbH, one of the famous leading fashion e-commerce retail companies at South East Asia. ZALORA serves many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. Offering choices for men and women, this company has some of your favorite brands in special price. Here are some of the brands they carry:

You do see there’s a Norton Secured banner in the picture above, that’s the key of safe and secure online shopping! I would never buy anything from a site without logo like that because it’s too risky!

ZALORA receives any possible way of payment you could do. From COD (Cash on Delivery method, read more about it here) to the quickest way of VISA/Mastercard CC payment, they accept it all!

And oh, of course you wonder what specific brands of your preference that they have right?
Name Lime Crime! They have some shades of their lipstick range, in bold and (ahem) weird colors also.

Who’s a fan of Pixiwoo sisters? If you have difficulties to find locally ready stocks item of their famous makeup brushes, ZALORA also have them too!

Previously mentioned well-known-for-its-cheap-price-and-great-quality-products brand, Wet n Wild!

You wanna know why I love shop in ZALORA? Actually they have a lot of interesting offers for you!

Voucher worth IDR 75,000 just for signing up their newsletter.
What’s so difficult with signing up? Just enter your email address and receive no spam emails from them but a voucher and the latest deals information!

You desperately love discounted items? Here you can get your stuffs but still save up some money!

Free Shipping Offer
If you spent more than IDR 300,000 you are guaranteed to get free shipping for your items. Cool or not?

What else I can say…well I think that’s all I can tell you about ZALORA. I only show you here some of their collection and this site seems like a lady friendly, but hey Gentlemen out there, you can have your pieces too here. They also have collections for men and kids! Yay!

Okay talk no more, I gotta dash and grab some of the cute sneakers. Click click click and wait, no wasted time at mall looking for empty space of parking lot. What a convenience new way of shopping online-shopping is.

cute not? IT'S ON SALE TOO

Happy Shopping then, everyone! Don’t forget to thank me for letting you know about this site. Ciao!

IBB MUC: Natural Glow

After a long hiatus, finally today I’M BACK BLOGGING AGAIN YAY! I wanna hear you girls screaming my name! Woo, keep going *went crazy*

Okay. Stop the hilarious stuffs right there, I wanna make this post quick and sound. This is my second time joining IBB Make Up Challenge, and the theme of the month is Natural Glow! It’s sponsored by Menard. Natural Glow, huh? This is my version of what so-called natural glow of mine:

Products Used
POND’S Flawless White BB+ Cream in Light
Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination in Sea of Tranquility
Guerlain Meteorites Perles Beige Chic
Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen
theBalm Hot Mama Blush
Tarte Gorgeous Getaway Pallete (eyeshadows)
Essence I Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in 162B

Simple right? This look is flawless and easy to copy LOL I use so minimal amount of makeup here and there, and NATURAL LIPS—a thing you would rarely see in me but yeah, do you think I nail or fail it?

I only made one look by the way, lately I don't have much time to take some pictures of my look so well, please just bear with me *sobs*
But I have one more look that I made few weeks ago!

Products Used
Make Up For Ever PRO Finish Powder Foundation #117
Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination in Sea of Tranquility
Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie
Tarte Gorgeous Getaway Pallete (eyeshadows)
Essence I  Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

Sleek True Color Lipstick Barely There

Do comment and remember, I love feedbacks as always. Will catch up with you soon and explain my long hiatus. Ciao, wish me luck for the challenge!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have You Ever Heard of My Mom?

Have you ever heard of my mom?
No, the answer is obvious. I am not the kind of melancholy girl that would put up too much slices of my life exposed here. This is a beauty blog, anyway. But today, I would like to tell all of you about this one person, who may be just nobody so important for you people but she gets my most respect out of the other 7 billion people out there.

Have you ever heard of a mom’s sacrifices?
There are so many real heroic stories out there which always succeed to bring tears to us, but my mom doesn’t have any to be told, nothing close to the dramatic heroic stories, but I do know my mom is more than just hero to her children.
She struggled to bring me into this world, carrying the chubby me inside her uterus for more than 9 months while still taking cheap public transport to work every day until the day of my birth. Nothing was easy with that. I, the baby, kept sucking the nutrition out of what she just ate. Am I not more than just parasite back there, even when I still couldn’t scream those rude words to her.
But she caressed her tummy instead, trying to convince me that I was indeed more than parasite, though later I really did speak up the junks in my head to her harshly.
And I still do now, sometimes.

Have you ever heard of what I did back there to my mom?
I was so rebellious since those younger ages. Something I was so proud of, of which I now regret the most.
My mom is not the most perfect mother in this world. She took me for a long walk in the hot and humid weather, stopping the cheapest public transport (but ugly and dirty, of course), and went to a place I had never been before but questioning her where the hell we were going to do there. Not knowing the reasons of doing things above and forced to follow her was a hell, but knowing them was more than just hell – I felt like I’d been thrown into avici, the lowest level of hell and cried myself so loud for mumbling bad along the road later on when I knew the truth.

She was not punishing me for screwing up my math test. She didn’t want me to burn my skin to the crazy sun exposure and weather or bring me down to road just to know “what life is actually when you have no car, dear”. She had no companion back there and she could not reach ‘that place’ alone because it was killing her inside. Taking my four years old brother was almost impossible due to something related between his head and long sun exposure. So it was me left for her to take along, to the place we call as “mommy will let go some of this cool shiny stuffs, okay?” before she was handed money in exchange of the jewelries.

Have you ever heard how distance can’t put two hearts of people apart?
The sad story went on, as there are always dark days behind my bright and her wrinkly smiles. Putting off all the fun and expensive things behind, she worked day to night everyday and even until midnight at last days of a year when it came for her to do something with company’s item stocks. I complained to her of her absence during the family New Year eve’s dinner time not knowing that she was making money for me and my brother’s living instead.
Her departure was inevitable, just like the war that’s going on in my head and mind: I was in between of happiness for the freedom after she went to another city – job matters – and emptiness of being left by my mother. Why did universe do us apart? Either if it was a fate of decision of her, I could do nothing but to appreciate everything she did. Not that the separation brought me freedom instead of making me know more about her love and how deep it was (and still is). Every time I was about to hang out crazily with my friends, I had always had this picture of her face in my mind, and not so long after that a call would ring my phone up: it was her, having this feeling of the danger her daughter might go for.
That caused me to cancel my hang out plan.
Wait. Did she just read my mind? The mystic telepathy things, or a fate,
Or was it something the universe set us in its epic play?
Was it something godly?

Have you ever heard the sound of a breaking heart?
I cannot be delighted and grateful more than I am now. I thank God every now and then for the mother I have, even though we were not allowed to be together more than 9 years in my life. She’s now struggling very hard to keep raising and funding me and my brother from hundred miles away while I am also doing the same thing for her here. Can my sacrifices and acts be enough to repay her, even she never asks for them.

Every time she goes home to meet us, it’s always just short; not longer than two days in every chance we have. This condition breaks our heart of course, even though we’re not broke financially anymore. We – I agree that I may have wanted it more than she may – want to just quit this all, take a break for seconds and really do quit the things we do just to be together again. When it comes to her, it’s not that she won’t quit her job just to be with me and my brother again. But when she really does, what we will eat tomorrow? And a day after it? And two months later?

My time is running up. If God really makes my way to study abroad, I will have no time left to spend with her. I will be attending college and uni after it, before I get my first job and keep working until I meet this unknown, God-sent guy of whom will marry me and get me move into the new house. How can I spend more days with my mom, physically side by side?
And by every moment I think about that imminent life story of which soon I will live on, I hear the sound of a breaking heart,
followed by tears streaming down my cheeks.

Have you ever heard of a mom’s cry after reading this boring, long passage?
She has been aware of my departure to nowhere and the whole marriage thing since long time ago. She’s not even sorry for that but feeling guilty to get me not enough years to spend with her in those earlier days. She’s very aware of a growing up kid who soon will leave the house and likely not to return again if not something wrong has happened. Aware of how wealth can drive someone away from those lacking of it. Aware that we both may not have enough time to live in this cruel but otherwise real world.
I am aware, too.
I am aware of everything that will approach us in future. I am aware of my leaving, I am aware of this decision of mine to set us apart even for the additional thousand miles away. If I don’t do that for my mom, how can I ever repay her back? It’s not something measured by any currency or belief or any scale in this world but,
she knows how I cannot stand to be like her if I am put in such a condition while being a mother. She’s very aware of me and my characteristic: I am young, independent but totally rebellious. She only hopes that I can do better than her for indeed a better living for my future family so that my kids don’t have to feel the way that I do now, and I don’t have to feel the way she feels all this years. I’ve grown strong and quite mature for someone at my age, thanks to her and all this experience, but nobody even close to her.
She is totally aware of whom I will become in the future, maybe a good mom, but nothing like her,
of which I am aware too.
That’s why I want her to be happy. To concern more on her health and happiness, and less caring about her crazy kids. Go live a life, enjoy it the way people calls happiness to be like. Buy things she likes, have a sip on coffee while enjoy reading the inspirational biography novels which are always the source of her power and spirit.

Have you ever heard of my mom?
I have this imperfect mom out of the thousands mother in this world, her sacrifices are awesome and always more than perfect for me. She’s not flawless, she may not the prettiest and the fairest out of them all, she struggles very hard getting rid of the sagging eyebags and skin from working too much hours and staying up late, plus all the stresses we caused her.
I love her – I know she does too – and I want her to know,
I also want all of you to know her as well for loving and raising this irreplaceable daughter of her no matter of what she has to go through.


my pretty mom!

This entry is a tribute to my mother, Melda H.S, and an entry to a blog writing competition held by B Blog. I think this competition is the right moment to share a little about my life to my readers. Hope you would get something good derived from this real story of our life, and be inspired as you now have heard of my mom!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #3 Dancing Blue

What do you think if you happen to see a woman at public place, wearing natural, pretty makeup BUT her lashes are painted blue like, electric blue? Is she insane or is there anything wrong with your eyes? That woman could be anyone, for example: me? Because today I have a special blue mascara review for all of you, and believe me, this is my favorite mascara for past few months~

Unusual Range of Color Selections in Korean Mascaras!
Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara is not very popular but it seriously offers mascara shades of what other Korean mascaras don’t. Clear and blue shade, for example, which is common for US and UK brands. I’m totally excited about the blue—over the clear, of course—so I purchased it right away at Colormix during my HK trip last year.
Here’s the official ads of it:

Clear mascara, ah there’s always next time. Brown, too mainstream. Black, undoubtedly boring. Blue….wait what, blue? Dancing Blue is the name? I’m totally sold!

Check Out the Ingredients List, ALWAYS DO THIS
The tube is dominated by black color with metallic printing on the body saying the product’s name. Mostly tube products like this only have its ingredients list put on a sticker label attached to the outer plastic seal that’s wrapped all over it, so you might want to check it first before buying. And yes, it contains alcohol which some of you with sensitive eyes—not me, not really—might bother to use it. The alcohol scent bursts out as you open the tube, though it’s not very strong either.

Electric Blue, Babe!
The wand is a brush type wand, one kind that would help add volume to your lashes. However, it adds no volume at all but tends to clump sometimes. Just a little bit of lengthening effect. Very little! You can see the blue color is pretty striking; it’s totally an electric blue color! Awesome, just as expected. The formula of this mascara is pretty dry, it dries quickly on your lashes than it is when swatched. If you want to coat over your lashes for the second or third time, you better do it quick before it dries and you will end up flaking the first coat. Being dry on the formula also has its own advantage of holding up curl well without weighing the lashes down.

It’s totally waterproof and smudgeproof, flaking issues only occur if you happen to rub your eyes very hard like if they were very itchy. That feeling, remember? But that’s quite rare. You won’t mess your eye makeup by doing that. What an amazing staying power it has, albeit it’s also very hard to remove. Every attempt of getting rid of this mascara will always cost me one, or two strands of eyelash. Dry formula must be the bad guy here! I still would have lashes left if I happen to wear this mascara everyday, wouldn’t I? *terrified*

As shown in pictures above, it is electric blue that’s on your lashes. Don’t worry, the color won’t be so obviously ‘electric blueeeee’ unless someone is only 40-50 cm away from your face. At least it’s not very noticeable from a distance of 1 meter or more, promise!

This mascara retails at HKD$50 at Colourmix, and other retail stores that carries Lioele brand. Pretty cheap for mascara…YES IT IS CHEAP THIS ONE HAS 7G IN IT LOL I’M REPURCHASING


Last Words?
Overall, Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara is awesome, it comes with unusual range of color selections and has great staying power Korean brands don’t usually do. Sadly this mascara contains alcohol, which stings on some with sensitive eyes. Removing and building this mascara up can be a little hard due to its budgeproof and dry formula, but still this one is a cheap alternative for those who want a perk up in their eyes during the summer season! Completely wearable, not whore-able. You know you can trust me!

C’mon, give fun and daring colors more shots. Winter season is going to get over itself very soon, we’re going to back to those sunny, bright days! Blue can never be wrong, it’s the color of our sky!
So what do you think about this? Will you give it a try, or a nay? Do comment, because you guys know how much I love to hear it from you. XOXO

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Haul: January Madness! First Haul in 2014 ♥

This haul post is the very first haul that I did in 2014! Yay and let’s hear from you girls too! Actually these items were ordered like back there in November and December, but just happened to arrive here in Indonesia now so…let’s simply call them a January haul, shall we ;)

I really made myself broke for this haul, I mean the holiday season was when you should really spend out your money on! The limited editions and the joyful mood of days-off around—which led to a free-googling-time, the second most dangerous activity of women—how could you pass on those items? Even though I managed to get one limited edition item of the year, I still regret why not taking some items earlier as they were completely disappeared when I was convinced enough to buy: in example the famous-but-discontinued Laura Mercier Artist Palette 2013. Boo! Things sure disappear so fast, so let’s get into them before the hauling season is over—and let me drown in the guilty mood of purchasing too many. Here is what I got:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Aqua Primer Prelude in the Clouds
Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination in Sea of Tranquility

Rouge Bunny Rouge babeeeeeeh! Finally I can get them in my hand and yes, I would like to agree with those who say that Rouge Bunny Rouge packaging is looking so expensive and…lovely. The price is not unfortunately. Each costs me like above $50 idk, but finally it makes me happy just to take a look to them. The outer cylindrical tube is cute, but I prefer the bottle inside. Wanna know how do they look like? Soon, in my reviews!

Second picture is all about Coastal Scents! I grabbed like 4 liquid liners as an act of stocking up because they’re just too lovely! Nothing, until today, beats the performance of the cheap $2.49 liquid liner of Coastal Scents on my eyes. Kudos! The brush cleanser got lot of compliments too on site’s reviews, so I grabbed it. The Brush Guard, for my blending brushes being kept in shape.

Coastal Scents Liquid Liner in Jet x 4
Coastal Scents Brush Shampoo Cleanser
Coastal Scents The Brush Guard Shadow & Liner Pack
Coastal Scents Elite Angled Blush Brush

I love Essence so much! This Germany brand literally travelled all the way around from Germany here to Indonesia, in a friend’s backpack LOL. There are their eye primer, famous sharpener which is said to be dupe for UD Grindhouse, and the fantastic mascara!

Essence I Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Essence I Stage Eyeshadow Base
Inglot Lip Refill #33
Essence Dual Sharpener
Elianto Splendour Shadow in 07 Shell Beige
Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm
Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami Lip & Cheek Funtasy in Heroine Rose

And oh, spotted the Rosebud Perfume Co. lip balm there? Spoiler alert, it’s a holy grail of mine now—even Burt’s Bees got kicked out of my stash! There’s also a prize that I win from Carnellin’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Shu Uemura product which is very adorable lip product, err, seems that I’ve found a dupe to.

To the tools & miscellaneous section, here I have:

Sariayu Pembersih Jeruk
Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush
Sigma F05 Small Contour Brush

…And loving all of them. Reviews soon. Hopefully… *get slapped*

Moving to the last, and the biggest purchase of 2013 here I proudly present:

Tarte Gorgeous Getaways ULTA Limited Edition Palette!

This baby needed a lot of effort to get it but I finally managed to have it here! I’ve been eyeing on Tarte’s limited edition palette especially in those that department store like QVC, Ulta, and Sephora brings but never had luck to get them in the past. Sad, I know! But whatever, now the gloom is over. This palette is PRETTY even though if you google some reviews are not very good, but I’m loving it anyway! The inside part should remain a secret until I happen to review it, be patient kay? ;)

So that’s all for my January Haul! Have you did some haul too? Would love to know what’s yours, so that I don’t feel all guilty for spending money on stuffs LOL 

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