Monday, June 24, 2013

Introduction : Kawaii Beauty Japan, for All Japanese Beauty Lover!

Hei Angels, jarang-jarang lho aku nulis post dalam bahasa Indonesia. It surely takes me longer to write in Indonesian than it does for me to write in English! Aneh, ya? Tapi hari ini aku mau membawa sebuah informasi yang cukup asik buat kalian pecinta budaya (kecantikan) Jepang. Raise your hands up if you do just like I do!

Ada yang udah tahu mengenai Kawaii BeautyJapan? Jadi ini adalah sebuah page di Facebook, yang khusus membahas mengenai budaya Jepang dan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kecantikan didalamnya. Surprisingly, page yang disupport oleh lebih dari 700 beauty companies dari Jepang ini sudah bisa meraih 300,000++ likes meski baru officially 2 bulan berjalan! Asiknya, page ini dioperasikan dengan Bahasa Indonesia—now wonder not why I wrote this post in Indonesian—sehingga lebih dalam menjangkau wanita Indonesia yang penasaran mengenai budaya kecantikan yang sedang ngehits di Jepang sana.

Cantik menurut Kawaii Beauty Japan itu apa, sih? Jadi ini ada sedikit gambaran, konsep mengenai kecantikan yang dibahas secara bergantian satu dengan yang lain di page Kawaii Beauty Japan :

Jadi cantik itu bukan hanya didapat dari luar saja, namun juga dari dalam dan banyak faktor yang harus dipertimbangkan! Jujur aku suka banget wandering around di page Kawaii Beauty Japan ini, apalagi setelah Like page mereka. Info-info terbaru bisa langsung update di Home Facebook aku, dan juga banyak kontes-kontes asik dengan langkah super mudah yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk mendapat prize berupa produk kecantikan dari Jepang langsung, baik skincare maupun kosmetik! Yay!

Ini ada beberapa contoh dari informasi yang disajikan secara menarik dengan gambar-gambar cantik oleh Kawaii Beauty Japan. Oh ya, satu hal lagi yang membuatku benar-benar jatuh hati pada page ini adalah, kesediaan sang admin untuk memberi feedback/tanggapan buat para fans yang comment di tiap artikel. Salut! 

Untuk info dari giveaway yang sedang berlangsung, nih aku beri sedikit bocoran infonya ya. Kawaii Beauty Japan sedang mengadakan pemilihan KBJ Stars alias mereka yang akan dijadikan ikon KBJ dan akan be featured in the Facebook page!

Untuk info lebih lengkapnya bisa cek langsung ke page dari Kawaii Beauty Japan disini ya, khususnya buat kamu-kamu pecinta budaya Jepang dan kecantikan yang mereka miliki? Nggak perlu tunggu-tunggu lagi, you should do it on your own! Go visit the page, and tell me how much you’re interested in them!

See you next time with another introducing topic, angels! Ciao

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Event : Launching the New Concept Store of Estee Lauder!

For all the makeup junkie here in Surabaya, have you known this? The UK originated high-end brand, our lovely Estee Lauder had just launched their new concept store on Saturday, June 17th 2013! First of all let me thank Carnellin for providing information about the event and Estee Lauder Indonesia for choosing 5 of us bloggers

to attend the event.

The new concept that the store is using now, is the High Touch concept. The store is now redesigned with all over dark blue color which has always been Estee Lauder’s signature color along with the touch of gold color as for the luxury touch creating a strong, yet elegant atmosphere to the store.
the best-selling items of all times, Advanced Night Repair!

As for the Estee Lauder brand itself, I believe most of us will have a picture and thought of an “old and luxury brand belong to the old people in example my mom, my aunt, and even my grandma”. No lies, they’re all hardcore fans of this brand! (at least, mine…) But with the redesigned store and this High Touch concept which represents the brand new Estee Lauder aiming for the every modern woman—not only the old ones—I personally feels “wah!” to see the store for the first time. Too bad I nor the crews didn’t snap pictures of the old store, which seemed quite “luxury but boring” with white, and kind of exclusive so us young customers would feel awkward to step nearby. Now I would happily step inside without feeling guilty or being stared like “why would that little girl walks into her Granny’s skincare counter”, or whatsoever so!

an interview to Ce Lina about her thoughts of Estee Lauder!

 Ms. Wulan soon brought us the bloggers for a tour around the new store, also introducing us to the products and services Estee Lauder provided.

Estee Lauder’s skincare ranges basically aim for adults women, but they also have the basic ones for young adults like me—okay I’m no longer a teenager I suppose, since I turned 17 just 2 days ago! The main problems our skin may have like dryness, aging, big pores, they have it all in specialties so worry not to find the one that would match you. 

Also, an exclusive skincare range with also, an exclusive price (ahem!) and exclusive ingredients such like gold—yes, the gold, pure GOLD—for a better result for skin. I’m drooling to see them. Touch. Touch. 

So what quickly attracted my attention was this shelter behind the consultation desk. Each shelter has the best-selling products at the store, so the products displayed might differ one to another store. This idea was very fun I think! And the featured products at the moment were :

1.      Advanced Night Repair
2.      Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex
3.      Double Wear Foundation
4.      Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator (my wishlist!)
5.      Perfectionist (CP+) Wrinkle Lifting Serum

Also there's a perfume bar! Oh My, Pleasure always has my heart and now they have the fraiche version of them!

Here comes the attractive, luxury, yet tempting makeup products from Estee Lauder! *drooling* Their products have always been Mom’s fav, she said they are very natural and soft, never overpowering.
At the time there was also Mr. Indra, he’s the featured Make Up Artist atm who just got back from Bangkok for a training along with another MUAs of Estee Lauder. The BA’s and Mr. Indra were offering a free makeover with Estee Lauder products. Lucky me to have a makeover with him!

pic credits to
….here’s the result!

(P.S: I loveeeeee the Double Wear Mascara he applied on me, it quickly beat the crap out Benefit They’re Real gave me before!

Also there's ce Shasha, and ce Shelvi enjoyed the special makeover offer there. 

Ce Shelvi was having Mr. Arya to do her makeup!

here's Mr. Indra again!

Not only a special makeover we enjoyed there, on any occasion we can also have the consultation with the BA-s there! Like what I had back there with one senior BA (Beauty Assistant), Mrs. Neni, she kindly asked and explained to me and Ce Lina about the products aimed for our skin problems. 

pic credits to

Finally, the officially launching event! The launching of the new concept store was done by Ms. Wulan and one Sogo representative. Congratulations, Estee Lauder Indonesia!

After the High Touch concept store was finally launched, Ms. Wulan was explaining the brand Estee Lauder and the truth that it was not only the “old and luxury brand belong to the old people in example my mom, my aunt, and even my grandma”. Skincare and anti-aging products are not to avoid of until the problems and aging signs come out! It’s always been better to prevent than to heal, right? Keep the line always in mind~

Last but not least, a group pictures!
Ce Shasha, Ce Lina, Me, Ce Yennyga, Ce Josephine (Ce Shelvi hadn't arrived atm!)

Don’t forget to visit the new concept store; the first one in Surabaya is on SOGO Department Store, Tunjungan Plaza IV. I hope the other store will soon launched this High Touch concept as well too! Last but not least, let me congratulate and wish Estee Lauder Indonesia all the best for this new concept store!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review : theBalm Instain Blush

YAY FOR SUMMER! As the humidity and the heat raises up much, everybody will sweat badly! Especially for those with combi-oily and oily skin, congratulations girls because we will have one whole season with greasy face because of the sebum…plus the sweat. Right. All the ordinary makeups are going to melt, so prepare ones that are strong enough to get through this season with you. I have some names and brands already, what, do you think I should make a different post containing all-for-summer makeup? But today I will be coming with the strong blushes from theBalm! They were featured in my May Haul, and they also got the most requests of review. Keep reading then!

theBalm Instain Blushes are the latest blushes by theBalm. It was launched back there on April, 1st 2013 and lucky us all, theBalm was having a 50% sale for ALL ITEMS ON THE WEBSITE INCLUDING THIS NEW RANGE OF BLUSH. Okay, capslock off. To the description of the blush, taken from the site:

Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush
theBalm’s long-wearing, STAINING powder blush is a fashion must have! With six shades, perfect for all seasons and skin tones, it will give your cheeks color that won’t quit.

Who Can Resist Cute Things?
It takes this kind of front cover of a magazine’s layout, with some gorgeous classy women which are different from one shade to another. And just like the typical of theBalm’s products, Instain blushes don’t have the box packaging but it’s only a type of slide-out thick paper sleeves like so.

Instain blushes are still made of a sturdy cardboard packaging which is always been theBalm’s signature. It has magnetic shut on the lid which I simply love because it shuts securely but flips open yet not too hard! Big mirror is attached on the lid inside too. Bad thing, Instain only has 5.5 gram while the Boy series blush from theBalm has approximately 8 gram and more.

Beautiful Pigmented Babies!
So in total, Instain has 6 shades in the range, varying between the matte and shimmery finish although the matte ones are more. I believe the shades available have good ration between cooler ones and warmer ones.

Texture-wise, this powder blush is finely milled. It feels so soft and smooth, not very creamy yet it is not stiff your brush can easily pick up the pigments. Fall-out may occur if you’re using a harsh brush or stipple a stippling brush on it like I do, even though it’s not a bad crumble. Stippling brush for powder blush, are you nuts Carls? No I’m not, I will tell you why later.

on the side of the blush. oh, surely looks like magazine!

Instain blushes are super pigmented. Super, I said. You will need to apply this light-handedly. My recommendation is not to wear a dense blush brush, swirling it on the top of Instain and apply that on the cheeks unless you have some drama plays later on. You won’t do that. For the staying and staining power, it lasts pretty much for around 6 hours and up. However the lighter color is disappearing faster, like only 5 hours before it starts fading up than the darker colors. I can’t stay much about the staining power—when it’s fading up, it’s just faded up that way. I can see no stain, but indeed the staying power is better than any ordinary theBalm blushes.

subliminal message? LOL!

(L-R) Toile - Argyle
Moving on to the shade description, as you can see I only own these two shades out of six from this range. The one on the left side is Argyle, described as a “petal pink” and it’s Toile, a “strawberry” on the right side.

Argyle is a warm toned medium pink with matte finish. It’s not very warm, but it’s not that cool also. It’s absolutely warmer and darker compared to Down Boy blush from the same manufacturer. 

Toile is a warm, strawberry red with some redder dots on the pan. It has matte finish, and it’s a color I think every skin tone can pull out beautifully. This shade is more universal and indeed a flattering color once applied. For the staying power, indeed Toile has better staying power than Argyle does for it’s being a darker color.

Instain 101: Use Stippling Brush Instead!
Applying it directly with blush brush is a little bit tricky for me, so here’s my no-brainer-how-I-apply-it :

1.      Take out your stippling brush. But DO NOT STIPPLE THE SURFACE OF THE BLUSH. Your brush will hurt the soft blush if you do so.
2.      Roll the stippling brush on the blush to the side. Tap the excess of the powder.
3.      Gently sweep the stippling brush on where you want to apply the blush. Apple of the cheek, just straight, or whatsoever it is you like.
4.      QUICKLY, (note this, this is the most important thing of all) take out your clean blush brush, the fluffy one if possible, and quickly blend everything out.
Why am I stressing on the word “quickly” is that the blush will sit on where you applied it—even with that gentle swipe, yes it will—if you leave it just a little bit long. You gotta blend it fast, to prevent its stain looking like an undone makeup work! And voila, my pictures are gonna tell you all, if this method of mine working beautifully or not
Toile for the Fresh Cherry Baby......

...Argyle for the Dolly Me!

Someone with Patience…Indeed Not Me.
Unfortunately, this product is not for those who often be in rush. Nope. You have read all the steps I explained above, and you gotta believe me you won’t try to do the steps while you’re in rush. It won’t work! The application sure needs patience, time, and ahem love, so this pretty blush might be bothersome. Some shades of Instain range seem so fool-proof, but no you cannot wear them in those no-brainer days …like my most days! Sadly I cannot often wear these pretty blushes because of its application. Oh, crap!

theBalm Instain Blush is retailing for $22 on their website, I believe it will soon be available on the nearest store with varying price around IDR 280,000 something. I think it’s worth the price still, regarding the great quality it has and I want to grab more colors from this range…for my full calmed down days. Told you.


Last Words?
theBalm Instain Blush is highly pigmented also long-wearing as well, but due to the points it may takes a light hand on the application and quick blending. The finish and shades are varying from matte to shimmer, from warmer to cooler shades. Retailing $22 for 5.5 gram, it’s not a bad idea however I would suggest this range for those who have quite a time to do the application and this blush might be not suitable for travelling it’s kinda hard to apply!

Did You Know?
my Illamasqua haul from Make Up Brush finally arrived today. An early birthday present can’t be wrong, right? 1 day to go, girls!