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I believe most of you must have known about the greatness of this product. Yes, who can escape primer potion before applying eyeshadows? Primer makes the color of eyeshadows more subtle and decent. So today I’ll be reviewing a primer potion for eyes which everyone is raving about, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer comes in 4 different shades, from left to right respectively:

Original – Eden – Sin – Greed
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The version I have in my hand is the Original one. Well, I picked the original one because I think it’s more natural and will work great both with matte eyeshadow and shimmery eyeshadow as well.  As we all know, the other versions of UDPP come in color/shimmer version. (not in nude version, except Eden.) So this one, in my opinion, will be a great lifetime investment! Moreover, mine is in vintage bottle version which they will discontinue soon. The newer version is in tube, which I don’t think it’s cute. So after this one ran out, I’ll keep the bottle like forever…Cuteness matter.

This product is cruelty-free! Say hello to our furry friends all over the world!

This product should also be disposed after 6 months opened………….but WHO CARES AS LONG AS THERE'S NO SLIGHT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TEXTURE AND THE SMELL LOL.

 The box is in velvety-like material. In purple too! UBER CUTE.

 The wand….oh what a lipgloss-like applicator LOL.

Swatch on hand.
 The color is way brighter than my real skin, but with a little effort in blending, voila. It blends well with your real skin color, gives a bare skin look.

I picked a color that seems hard to be pulled off with. See? It’s like silver, with a very little hint of purple. You say. This is from my NYX Winter in Moscow Palette. But admit it, it’s a pretty and rare color, rite? :)

L: without primer // R: with primer

You can see the differences, the color just works better with primer! The primer really pulls off the real color of the shadows and makes it more subtle.


Now it’s the judging time! *drum rolls in the background*

            () LONG-LASTING! No creasing at all.
            () NON-STICKY.
            () NON-PERFUMED.
            () NUDE COLOR. Doesn’t add shimmer/mattify your shimmer eyeshadows. Just be true to them.

            Nope. All hearts!


LVE! All hearts for this super amazing product. Will definitely repurchase! \^o^/

This product is totally worth it! Now I understand why people raved about this product so bad. I am now also raving about UDPP. Well, just like what I’ve said in the beginning, this is a product you can never escape before applying eyeshadow. Everyone needs this! And no creasing at all? I love how it pulls out the color, I love there’s no creasing at all. I love, love, lust UDPP! This is a must have, moreover in this vintage bottle edition which soon will be discontinued as well and be replaced with boring tube version. Aaaaah. Too bad! \(   >.< )/

Tell me about your eyeshadow primer. Is it UDPP or not? Is there any possibly dupe? What do you think about this product? A love, or a loss? Leave your comment below! Ciao for now, gotta write another review on!

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