Introducing: ZALORA, Your New Place to Online-Shopping With Lots of Deals!

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Do you know where and how do I get all my stuffs? Maybe some of you are curious about how I got all my stuffs, especially the brands that don’t exist locally here in Indonesia. Let’s say, like Wet n Wild, before they opened the store here; how did I manage to have their products already?
Your answer is right, online-shopping it is, I got all my stuffs from e-commerce sites. The question to follow up next is: which sites are trusted and which are not? Speaking of which, let me introduce you to one of the trusted online store I usually drop my orders by.

ZALORA Indonesia is a part of ZALORA Group by Rocket Internet GmbH, one of the famous leading fashion e-commerce retail companies at South East Asia. ZALORA serves many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. Offering choices for men and women, this company has some of your favorite brands in special price. Here are some of the brands they carry:

You do see there’s a Norton Secured banner in the picture above, that’s the key of safe and secure online shopping! I would never buy anything from a site without logo like that because it’s too risky!

ZALORA receives any possible way of payment you could do. From COD (Cash on Delivery method, read more about it here) to the quickest way of VISA/Mastercard CC payment, they accept it all!

And oh, of course you wonder what specific brands of your preference that they have right?
Name Lime Crime! They have some shades of their lipstick range, in bold and (ahem) weird colors also.

Who’s a fan of Pixiwoo sisters? If you have difficulties to find locally ready stocks item of their famous makeup brushes, ZALORA also have them too!

Previously mentioned well-known-for-its-cheap-price-and-great-quality-products brand, Wet n Wild!

You wanna know why I love shop in ZALORA? Actually they have a lot of interesting offers for you!

Voucher worth IDR 75,000 just for signing up their newsletter.
What’s so difficult with signing up? Just enter your email address and receive no spam emails from them but a voucher and the latest deals information!

You desperately love discounted items? Here you can get your stuffs but still save up some money!

Free Shipping Offer
If you spent more than IDR 300,000 you are guaranteed to get free shipping for your items. Cool or not?

What else I can say…well I think that’s all I can tell you about ZALORA. I only show you here some of their collection and this site seems like a lady friendly, but hey Gentlemen out there, you can have your pieces too here. They also have collections for men and kids! Yay!

Okay talk no more, I gotta dash and grab some of the cute sneakers. Click click click and wait, no wasted time at mall looking for empty space of parking lot. What a convenience new way of shopping online-shopping is.

cute not? IT'S ON SALE TOO

Happy Shopping then, everyone! Don’t forget to thank me for letting you know about this site. Ciao!

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