Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10

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Complexion product is the makeup item that I review the least often. It’s not only that I don’t shop them often, but also the crazy truth of my skin that I have to finish more than half a bottle before I finally know how my skin would react to that product. The last product I reviewed was Urban Decay NAKED Skin Weightless Makeup here, which now is at someone else’s vanity. Don’t ask me why, I’ve finished half of the bottle before my skin finally gave up and broke out very bad from it. IT WAS OKAY AT FIRST 50% WHY NOW IT TURNED OUT VERY DIFFERENT? I just…didn’t know. So the search for the perfect base went on, until I stumbled upon this not-so-loved-product: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Wait, what?
My skin reacted badly to it—twice, at different chances I believe, one was at Estee counter and the other one was at my sweet seventeen makeup test—so I was like this big MEH when received it. Nah, it’s not going to work at me this time because it didn’t work on me last time I tried!
Why should I bother try it again? It’s like causing harm to myself. But one day, I finally gave up and tried it.

It was the day that my life was totally changed!

Comes in frosted glass bottle packaging, it is indeed not travel-friendly but yes it’s quite heavy thus looking expensive! The bottle has rectangular shape with beautiful gold cap, which opens up by twisting it because this product is a pour-out type: meaning no pump there. A big no, actually. You can pour out too much and of course you would likely to put some amount back and that’s not hygienic at all. Let’s be honest, you won’t let the unused go on a waste eh? We’re so likely to forget and lose our mind when it comes to economical thing: every little thing we could save, we would do. LOLOLOL

Me? No I don’t do it, you know I’m much sensitive than my face when it comes to breakout risks…I won’t…sacrifice my face in order just to save some...

They have 31 shades in total, so worry not you will find one that matches your skintone. I got this in shade #1W2 Sand. The letter in the middle of two numbers represents the undertone of the shade; W being warm, C for cool and N for neutral. Sand is a tad lighter than my own skintone, and erhm, a lot lighter now since I got tanned after uni. It would be a perfect shade for those who are NC20-25.

The constituency of this foundation is medium I would say, not too thick but not runny either. It provides medium coverage upon one layer of application and is buildable to full. Despite its texture, this liquid foundation feels like dream once put on face. It’s very weightless and not heavy as long as you don’t apply too much. It has velvet, demi-matte finish, so I prefer working on some area first, got them done, to applying it all over your face then blending it altogether.

see the lovely velvety finish? ;)

It stays velvety before the shine starts to reveal themselves out in 5 hours and a half after the application. A great base for those with oily-combination skin, yet it doesn’t get patchy over time. Actually I like this foundation better when the shine starts to come out, because the oil actually makes it looks more natural and blends with my own skin. Nevertheless, I can blot the excess when I’m feeling too much oil on the bay eh? It’s good that I blot and touch up less when I use this foundation, for a 8-10 hours wear, I would just touch up once the most.

It has SPF in it but SURPRISINGLY, I did not break out from it. How could that be? It contains physical sunscreen agent (titanium dioxide as the active ingredient) yet it caused me not even one pimple. Maybe because it’s only SPF 10? And it’s more a decorative makeup than real sunscreen, so I cannot say much. But, but, it’s just weird! I usually break out even from SPF 6 (looking at you, Revlon Colorstay.) so this foundation is really awesome for not breaking me out. Holy grail alert?

Retailing at $37(IDR 450,000) it’s definitely not too expensive regarding the brand itself—it’s a high end, can’t you tell—and the quality of this foundation. I would definitely repurchase it over and over again, especially that it’s available locally here so I don’t have to order it from overseas. Convenient much!

taken 3 hours after application and no blotting, no touch-ups. I swear this is a different photo with the one at my last post ;_;
same pose btw


 Last Words?
Sometimes, you got to give something their second chance. This reformulated formula of Double Wear Foundation has won my heart and skin. It feels lightweight and very comfortable when worn, definitely a winner especially with its superb staying power and awesome coverage. It doesn’t cause my skin pimples, bumps, irritation or whatsoever: it’s just perfect. Having SPF 10 in it doesn’t mean it’s enough, I would recommend wearing sunscreen underneath if you intend to wear it in daytime. This product deserves perfect score indeed!


This is my most-loved natural, semi-matte foundation that doesn’t even accentuate dry patches on my skin on bad skin days. What’s yours? Have you ever tried this product before? I’d totally recommend this to you and I hope you are going to be sold to it just like how I totally am now!

Do comment, thanks for reading and see you next time


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  1. looks so tempting lin.. ada harga ada kualitas. worth to try.. sayang aku ga suka pake foundie, seems too cakey for hot weather here. huhuhu... lebih cocok sama CC cream aja tp coveragenya kurang. *dilemma

  2. so pretty ci! the foundation looks good on you ;)

  3. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this.