REVIEW: Smith's Rosebud Salve, Is It Worth the Hype?

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Sometimes I even question myself, why can’t I just be ‘normal’? Not bragging about my personality (really, everybody is weird in their very own way so I’m not going to judge myself LOL) but it’s my skin and my body la! When some people rave about stuffs they believe those can do magic to their skin, I can just sit here with a super pity face saying “Yeah, lucky girls” literally for they are being so lucky. I have to try and test more than one product before finally can find the one for me. It’s very rare to find the ‘ones’, having found only one that doesn’t cause irritation to my skin has already enough, really.

Like lip balms, for example. The last thing I loved was from L’Occitane I reviewed here, after that it’s been a hell for me to find the one. Until finally I stumbled upon Michelle Phan’s video which featured this Rosebud Salve, I knew I had to try it!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve comes in a packaging tin which I think it’s not very convenience. I’m not really a fan of tin packaging, because it’s not very hygienic to dip your finger in – apply it to the lips – dip it back in if you feel like you need more – NO. Wearing lip brush eh? Nobody really got a time using lip brush just to apply clear lip balm. Its cap however is pretty great for not being too tight or too loose, very travel friendly indeed. The packaging has a very cute, vintage design with navy blue and red on a simple white background. This product has been formulated since 1892…wow, how many centuries has it been around?!

And because it’s a cult-favorite, it has many choices of flavor/scent you could pick, but I stick with the original one this time.

It has 22g/0.8 o.z. for $4. Not very expensive, because it is a drugstore product. Here’s what the brand claims about it:

“This is the original and only Rosebud Salve. Rosebud Salve may be used as an all purpose skin preparation. Rosebud Salve may help to relieve chapped lips and skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, and rough cuticles and may soften rough hands.”

So it’s not literally a lip balm, more like an all-over balm. It reminds me of…Vaseline? So what makes it very different with Vaseline? Check the ingredients list then I went:

Pure White Petrolatum (Surgical Grade), Cotton Seed Oil, Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils, Botanicals.

 Petrolatum, check. They use the surgical grade, check. That’s why it works as all-over slash multi-purpose balm. So the trade secret blend of EO is the secret. Vaseline petrolatum jelly is not really my favorite when it serves as a lip balm – it’s not hydrating enough –  but for all over balm it really is my fave. I wonder will this product, with the secret blend of Essential Oil, is really going to work?

The product has clear red color, but it applies nearly colorless on your lips. I can fairly detect there’s a slight rose scent to it, possibly the essential oil we talked about earlier. The scent goes away within minutes so that’s pretty much okay. When it comes to formula, it is definitely lighter than Vaseline pure petroleum jelly. Rosebud Salve leaves a glossy, film-like finish, with almost no stickiness nor is it being too slippery/runny on your lips.

Hydrating or not? Well…actually just a little bit more hydrating than Vaseline pure petrolatum jelly. When my lips are not on their perfect condition, like in those times when they’re too dry, Rosebud doesn’t help much. And the most hated thing from lip balm is when you see those white things around the inner lips…and it happens quite often when I use this. Not a big fan of white residues!
But talking about this salve as a multi-purpose balm, yes it does its job very well. It softens my rough skin, hands, and cuticles. It saves my heels from cracking, even faster and better result than what Vaseline jelly would do.

And oh, don’t worry! I don’t use it as lip balm and as a multi-purpose balm in one same time. When I knew it doesn’t work well on my lips anymore, I know it could serve for something else – utilizing it to the fullest, ha! I’m not that gross la, from lips to feet (;____;   )!!


Last Words?
Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a multi-purpose balm, which serves as what it claims better than it is as a lip balm. It’s not specifically a balm, so I cannot say it’s not a good product because it works amazing on rough skin. It’s actually lighter in formula than original Vaseline petroleum jelly yet it does better. I would recommend this product to you if you don’t mind spending a little bit more on a petrolatum jelly, but personally I won’t recommend it as a lip balm.


Have you tried this product as well? What do you think about it? I’d love to hear from you guys again, been so long since my last review post. Bye for now, gotta attend campus meeting soon~
Leave comment, will reply soon!

X, Caroline

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4 kisses

  1. They actually sell this in a tube at sephora. I love this stuff.

  2. lin aku pake ini jugaaa tapi sejak punya yg di tube, yang di tin aku jarang pake karena males dip fingers gitu haha. di aku engga ninggalin white residue, jadi ini benda lumayan lah di bibirku walopun tiap berapa jam harus reapply biar bibir moisturized lagi.. *malah ngeramble ga jelas lol*


  3. yep, i have one in tube version too! in my very opinion the tube one is better than this original tin's more hydrating and feels less "film-like" on my lips!

  4. pinaaa yg di tube malah enak menurutku! belom aku review sih, tp dibanding yg tin aku sukaan yang tube. lebih hydrating dan ga ninggalin residu..aneh ya? yg tube aku pake buat malem sampe pagii ga ninggalin residu/jadi kering lhoo -___-