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I believe you clicked the link to this post with a beating heart. Yup, finally the Beauty Creations 35 Eye Shadows Palette “Sisters” – Elsa and Olivia – is available for purchase and today I’m going to review one of them! A week ago, I did a poll on my Instagram Stories asking you girls which palette to buy first and 73% of you voted for Elsa. Not surprising actually, as I also had my eyes on Elsa for having great range of wearable blues and greens – something we can’t really find in other big palettes nowadays!

Beauty Creations Elsa
Brand: Beauty Creations
Netto Weight/Content:  Unknown
Origin: USA
Price: Rp 315.000,- ($22.99)
Where to buy: (Indonesia), 
Beauty Creations Website (Non-Indonesia Residence)

This beautiful blue, snow-themed Palette is made of sturdy cardboard and is pretty thin and lightweight, even though it’s quite big in size. Like all cardboard palette, this also has good magnetic closure too, not loose but not too hard to open.

Inside, there are 35 beautiful shadows with different finishes; mostly dominated by matte and shimmer shadows. For the color range, it varies from cooler tones to the warmer ones – and that’s what makes this palette unique! The cool-toned shadows such as blues, purples, and greens really attract our eyes to this palette and want to buy it right away. But when we take a closer look into the right side of this palette…actually they have 4 rows full of warm-toned shadows LOL! Then again, it’s not easy to find a palette that includes unique & cool shades along with the wearable, earth and warm-toned shadows so well this palette is really worth your money 😉

Talking about the quality, these shadows are awesome in terms of blendability and pigmentation. Almost all shadows also have great, smooth and buttery texture but some are chalkier and crumble a lot – but thank God, they still blend well on your lids! The mattes require lesser build-up for better pigmentation, and they’re not as powdery as the ones in Tease Me palette even though they still have fallouts though from the super soft shadow texture. For the shimmers, I think they’re all awesome just like the shadows from this palette – Beauty Creations shimmers are never questionable, they’re all beyond our expectation for such an affordable price! 😊

The staying power of these shadows are even better if you use eye primer beforehand, but one that I find out great is that these shadows perform well both on top of cheap and higher-end primers. They won’t crease or budge; still looking vibrant and pretty until 10 hours of wear! Yes, the quality of the shadows in Elsa palette is beautifully consistent – and this applies for both the matte and shimmer finishes!

  • Matte cream. This color almost disappears on my NC 15 skin tone! A perfect shade for brow bone highlight.
  • Matte turquoise green.
  • Shimmery mint green. One of my favorite color, this has gold shift to it which makes it even more beautiful!
  • Matte sky blue.
  • Matte, pale beige.
  • Shimmery icy silver. My favorite inner corner highlight!
  • Shimmery blue with silver glitter. This is kinda sheer and the glitter falls out a lot.
  • Shimmery indigo blue. This shade needs to be built up.
  • Matte icy, cyan blue. My favorite color!

  • Matte camel brown.
  • Shimmery icy pink. One of my favorite as well!
  • Shimmmery lilac. This beautiful color needs to be built up to make it fully opaque on lid.
  • Matte medium purple. Not really pigmented, needs to be built up for sure!
  • Matte dark purple. A little bit hard in texture, and not very pigmented – but surely blendable, we need more purples like that in life!
  • Matte orange.
  • Matte light camel brown. A favorite for crease/transition color!
  • Matte warm brown.
  • Shimmery dark purple. A super gorgeous color, sadly this has a lot of fallout – don’t forget to tap off the excess before applying it on your lid.
  • Matte warm, dark brown.

  • Shimmery warm brown.
  • Shimmery light gold.
  • Shimmery maroon. Quite similar to Tempting in Tease Me palette!
  • Shimmery goldie brown.
  • Shimmery emerald green. DAMN. GORGEOUS.

  • Matte, neutral light brown. Perfect for nude-eyes kinda look!
  • Matte orange.
  • Shimmery dark brown with silver glitter.
  • Matte dark brown.
  • Matte dark green.

  • Shimmery rose pink with gold shift -  SUPER GORGEOUS!
  • Matte, neutral medium brown.
  • Shimmery terracotta.
  • Matte dark red. Quite hard in texture and chalky, this shade also crumbles a lot – but damn, this shade is BOMB. A perfect heart red, super fabulous!
  • Matte black. JET BLACK. Quite surprising that we get a good black in a big palette like this, good job Beauty Creations!

Next, here are my eye makeup creations using this Elsa palette. I managed to create three different looks, but I’ll definitely do more in the future and update this post when I finally finish some 😉

The first look that I created was a rose-gold themed makeup. I’m using the Rose Gold shadow from row 7 on lid, and that gorgeous matte red to darken the outer V. For the transition color on my crease, I use the one from row 6 – the first shade from the top.

The second look was actually a very warm one, which proves that this palette also has everything you need to create the basic warm-toned eye makeup, despite the unique cool-toned colors such as the blues and greens 😊

Finally, the last look was my favorite. This is the look that I don’t usually go for – to be honest, it’s such a challenge for myself to create this ice-cream inspired makeup look! As perhaps some of you have known, I love cute things but when it comes to my outfit or makeup I usually go dark & grunge. A Lolita-inspired look like this one is definitely a no-no to wear myself, but I’m very glad that I could nail it! I use the same Rose Gold color from row 7, and then blended it with the Icy Blue from row 2, before adding the Matte Sky Blue from row 1 at my outer V.

Last Words?
Overall, I’m beyond impressed with this Beauty Creations Elsa Palette! The color selection and range is awesome, plus the quality of these shadows are superb and beyond my expectation. I know that Beauty Creations’ shadows are never questionable, but I didn’t expect the ones in bigger palette would be just as awesome as the ones in smaller palette! 😉 For a $22, I think it’s super cheap compared to the value you’ll get, so no other words that I’d say to you but: GO GET THIS. NOW.

I bought mine from Iva Beaute, my most favorite local online shop EVER. This is not sponsored, but really, of all beauty online shop in Indonesia, she offers the cheapest price for this palette!


That’s all for the review of this Elsa palette, I will see you next time with the review of her sister….Olivia! Meanwhile, you can also drop some comments or requests regarding a makeup look that I should create using this palette, or any other suggestions like making one brand tutorial maybe? I would happily listen to you girls and try hard to fulfil your requests! Well then, see you on my next post Angels – ciao for now, XO!

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  1. Oh god, warnanya gelase bagus-bagus cakep parah. Photo2nya juga apik2 semua, makasih ya review-nya~ Beauty Creations makin oke ya!

    1. iyaaa warnanya sumpah super cakep makanya aku ngga tahan dan langsung beli ;_;
      you're welcome dear, semoga teracuni!

  2. Weeww warnanya bagus, apa lagi foto blog ini kualitasnya ok punya. Thanks udah review

  3. Weeww warnanya bagus, apa lagi foto blog ini kualitasnya ok punya. Thanks udah review

  4. Kok ini cakep2 sichh, jd kepengennn 😂😂😂
    Matte ny baguss, keluar bgds..

    Fotonya bagus2 say...

  5. Warnanya super lengkap dan bagus2 banget, fotonya juga bagus bgt.

  6. packagingnya bikin jatuh cinta, btw kok disini pigmentasi bagus ya, tmnku beli pigmentasinya b aja :( jadi galau

    1. pigmentasi eyeshadow yang drugstore itu memang ngga sebagus high end sih in one swipe say, tapi ini bisa di build sampai secetar swatches aku >.<
      ini memang aku swatch over and over again biar bisa kelihatan, secetar apa warnanya bisa keluar di kulit. meski in one swipe di tangan ngga pigmented, kalau di mata pake brush oke banget kok dan bisa di build! *ngeracun*

  7. Warnanya bagus bgt 😍😍😍😍