Hi everyone! I’m Caroline, a petite 4"9 girl living in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. 
Currently I’m 21. Finally legal, eh?

I love sharing, therefore this blog exists. My passion towards beauty & lifestyle has finally found its way, somehow, to cope with my writing skill. This blog has been active since September 2011. 

{ eat . sleep . kiss } was once A Little Piece of HeavenI changed my blog's title along with the concept itself since June 2014, in which now it turns more into a personal blog that is (still, tho) beauty and fashion-related. Why changing it when people mostly know this blog as with its previous name? Because what you see here, the young adult who struggles with the her Thesis now, only lives the life around this cycle of activities only:

wake up - eat - thesis - kiss - thesis - sleep - thesis - repeat.

Maybe I should make it eat . sleep . thesis? 
Before start reading my reviews, I really recommend you to check my beauty profiles out first! My skin is kinda troublesome, and not every product is a friend to it therefore I suggest you to read the profiles first before start judging whether the product’s going to suit you or not. Read my disclaimer here for detailed information about my reviews.

Skin Type                : Sensitive, Acne-prone, normal-combination
Makeup Style          : Fun, Cute, Simple
Allergic to               : Chemical sunscreen (Avobenzone, Octinoxate)
Eye Color                : Dark Brown
Eye Type                 : Double-lids
Vision                     : Myopic, -350 on both eyes
Height                    : 4”9 ft
Clothes Size            : XS-S | EU 32-34 | US 00-0 (varies from one brand to another.)
Shoes Size               : UK 3 | US 5.5

My makeup style is mostly fun, simple, and innocent. I have weird obsession toward bright color lipsticks such as fuchsia & hot pink, as well as fire engine red. I don't really do my eye makeup, but I fancy the blush on my cheeks to be dominant and makes up for only long, luscious lashes with minimal eyeliner. 

I don't need falsies - except for formal party. Why should I wear any if my mascaras can already turn my short lashes into the faux-looking one? ;)

Feel free to contact me in any chance. 
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love, XOXO!