{ eat . sleep . kiss } is a type of personal blog – mostly about beauty and product reviews though. Here I would like to put on disclaimers about this blog:

  • My reviews are always honest, be the products are sponsored or purchased by myself. Most products reviewed and mentioned are bought with my very own earned cash, except those which are stated as sponsors. This blog also accepts any forms of cash from advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation and cash received will not influence my opinion of the product in any way. The products received as sponsors and advertorial purposes will never be put on a sale either given on a giveaway, except if the products were meant to be.
  • All reviews of products that I use are based on my very own experience. I do not guarantee the products I’m using would not have different result on others, because people's skin type and needs are DIFFERENT. I do try to provide the most accurate information about every product mentioned and reviewed, but result on each person may differ. For further information about my skin type, please check this out. It will help you a little in order not to pick the wrong products or accuse me and this blog someday in future for making any harm, injury, loss and damage on your skin.
  • I will not review samples. Not to demand the full sized products, but if you are asking me to review your products it's far better if they have decent amount of products to be tested for quite some times. It's nonsense, I would say, to judge one product from 3-4 days of usage. As stated in #2 above, I'm trying to provide the most accurate information and review. I don't consider 'first impression' enough for a review.
  • I will not post a skin care review in less than a month of usage. As you can read here, my skin is so sensitive and reactive that many of my readers are actually relying on the reviews of products that work on my skin, especially when it comes to skin care. To see the long-term effect before providing a skin care review, I would need at least one month of trial before the post is up.
  • I am not a trained makeup artist; I learn all about makeup by myself and have not joined any professional makeup class. 
  • None of the content or opinions is ever meant to harm or malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. Comments or visitor messages that contain any of above will be removed as soon as I found it out.


All contents shown in carolinelle.blogspot.com are for informational purposes only. All contents belong to the owner of this blog. Using any of them would require a permission from the owner, or at least give the credit to me or this blog. All my photos are watermarked. If I ever found my photos under the watermarks of mine are being used by one’s site, I would consider it as an act that is meant to infringe my copyright rules. I would take an action either to contact the site’s owner or to consider their action is meant to harm me, and then I will take advance action to get my right back. I grab some pictures from another site too, and I'm not saying that all pictures of this blog are all mine. However, I will mention the source site if the pictures on my blog are taken from others in order to respect them.