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Nothing is more exciting than trying new products! Happily I will review your products in my blog and post about them in my social media accounts. Since { eat . sleep . kiss }  is a personal blog about beauty and fashion, I will only accept the review offers around those subjects only. Review will be up around two weeks after the product is received (makeup items) and one month for skin/body/hair care products. Read here to find out why.

This blog accepts advertorials posts and banners for pretty much all ads, excluding sensitive, pornographic, political and cultural advertisements and or notices.

It is my pleasure to collaborate with you in making something happens – it could be a product making or featuring, makeup collaboration, a giveaway, or else you name it – together. Two – and more – is always better than one, right? For giveaway, it is preferably held using Rafflecopter and also can be combined with a product review beforehand.

Would be an honor to me to be invited to your events – be it a launching party, gathering, meet & greet, talk show, makeup demonstrations, etc. I will write event reports regarding all the activities done in the event and link it back to your social medias, plus I will share it on my social media accounts too so no one will miss the words.

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