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"...Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky is like shooting star? I could really use a wish right now."
 Airplanes-Hayley Williams ft. B.o.B


Today is October 30th 2011! 
And it’s 1 hour and a half to 12 when I’m writing this. Wondering why I’m still awake until this late? Seriously dude, in which century do you live? Tomorrow—actually it’s just an hour and half to go—is HALLOWEEN! Still don’t have any idea what does the word ‘Halloween’ mean? Just click this link to figure out.

Dude, I'm really gonna be mean on this year. Wearing my red contact lens (from Chameleon Lens), the Sparkling Series and they look like this. The red one, but unfortunately the lenses are torn down! *sob*
I actually am edited this post, haha. I've used the lenses once, on the Halloween day, and thank God people were really shocked to know that I was wearing red contact lenses! Some of my besties insulted me for wearing them, it did make sense cause the pattern of the lenses are really not good. The base is transparent lens and there's a batik-like red painting on it. Here some expression of them :

Fany : WOW. Is it REDD????
Me : Yep. This is what I've been longing for. What do you think?
Fany : it looks like orange from far.

Me : .............................................

Ira : Eww.
Me : .................................................

I didn't expect to be praised, but I also didn't guess that I'd be brought down this baddddd. But not all my friends agreed with them. Some, also compliment me with nice words and excited face! *evil laugh*

Olivia : DAMN IT'S RED!
Me : ?
Olivia : KOOL, GIRL!
Me : *weird smile*

Jesslyn : Hi!
Me : *sitting on a bench* Hi.
Jesslyn : HEY!YOUR EYES ARE RED! KOOOL. But I thought your eyes were irritated.
Me : ha....haha. *weird face*

Ferdinand : Hey!
Me : Hey dudeeeeeeee.
Me : *finally impressed* thanks!

Nah there are some expressions that my friends were showing to me. I don't know which expressions dominate the most, but I think people were amazed. Really. It needs to be brave to wear red contact lenses to school. Senior High School could be the nicest place also the worst at the same time. People will love you the most when you're being right at the right time, or hate and swear on you for being too sucks. It was great to wear a pair of daring contact lenses to school! Even my teachers didn't complain about it *dance*

Too bad I didn't take some pictures of mine wearing those lens. TOO BAD..
They are torn down before I have my second chance wearing them. Ugh.


October, 31st 2011.
I was so meaaaaaan all the way, today. Halloween is a day that you could really be a mean person. Trick people when they don't treat you well. Treat them when they don't play tricks on you. But the rules were really not into me. I tricked people no matter they treat or spit on me. I'd never treated people well on Halloween! If I had, I might not get a lot of milk candy (which is soo delicious and covered with a piece of gelatin) and I might not have such a fun.

Okay that's all for now, by the way, this is my second post! *yippie*
Sorry for the lack :( Been busy last few weeks!


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