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“No. Not this time.” Decode—Paramore.

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I’m gonna have my final tests by next week. They suck! Materials to be studied are just too much, think I can handle them all, but sure it takes a lot of my quality time…….. Well, who needs trigonometry? I doubt no girl want it.
And so, and sooo.
These exams really make me cannot blog and do my business. It’s just too bad since I’d found out some wonderful beauty blogs such like Joveeta‘s and Sheilla‘s, and their collections of makeup and reviews DO make me not spending  any money anymore for snacks and French fries. I need to work HARDER! I want to buy those makeup palette, brushes, liners, and lipsticks! They.are.all.just.AMAZING.

I really DO envy my friends who write makeup/contact lens reviews for others. I really DO want to make one! So guys, to you who are really interested in makeup and stuffs, and for those who really want to know what really are inside of my ugly makeup pouch, just visit this blog to take a look at some makeup tutorials and the collections that I have along with me. I really am going to make my own beauty blog, you can check it by clicking this.

Perhaps mine, is far worse and uglier than Michelle Phan’s. But I’m just being myself. I may not do a great fabulous edgy breath-taking makeup, but the makeup I do reflects my persona. Isn’t it what’s the most important thing –to bring than to be beautiful by following others’ style? *wink*
Just hope that you’ll enjoy my coming soon blog about beauty and makeup, also lenses reviews! There I will post some photos of mine wearing makeup and lenses. Love it you want it to happen on you. Hate it you want it to get better and better!  *laugh*
Have a great weekend, all dolls! ©


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