Two Things I HAVE TO Live Without

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It’s been a while since my last post, rite? I’ve been longing for years to start blogging! Have made another page that I dedicate for my makeup stuffs and reviews. Finally! You will envy me, darling, you will. *evil laugh*
Nope, I was just kidding, (which is not funny at ALL.) Okay, back to blog about my personal life. You can check on the rest of this makeup topic by clicking on this blue-underlined-word. And to continue what I’ve started, here’s me telling you guys about how’s life been treating me these few weeks.
Exams are all done. Gotta join the remedial test for TWO subjects I hate the most :


Well, these guys had never treated me well since the year 10 of my school life began. They just suck—no, it was not the teacher! It is absolutely the lesson itself. I don’t understand a single thing about trigonometry, or about scarcity and elasticity of an economical curve! Who cares, eh? I don’t wanna be a mathematic expert nor an accounting! One of those numbers I wrote on my forever-hate-list is that my country, Indonesia, is kinda like……forcing all the kids here to learn on stuffs they’re really not into. Say, like me, that I’m not about to be an accounting or an artist, but I really have to learn art and economy theories also it appliques. The same thing also happens on every kid in this country. We’re…..forced to learn on every subjects, no matter we like them or not, no matter we’re into it or not! Well, isn’t it useless? So many times I’ve been day-dreaming to live in America or Singapore, which is nearer. They really focus on the children’s talents and their interests. Never force on any single person. Isn’t that what we need, my fellas from all over this country? Sure that we will be a better generation that we’re focusing on our own specialty. Don’t you agree? *big smile*

*clear throat* ehm. statement above is trueeeee.

No doubt that I’m a pure sanguine, dolls. See? I easily got upset about stuffs that happened around. So sorry for being my heart-to-heart talking partner, but I really do appreciate if you keep on reading to this part. Come, gonna give you a warm hug! *hug*

And that’s how life has been treating me these days. How about yours? You can post a comment about your day, or just to complain about something that really bothers your mind. I’ll be a good listener, so trust me :D 


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6 kisses

  1. Hahaha I love Math when I was in High school XD LOL, but I hate economics @_@

  2. i hate both of them T_____T
    ah, thank for participating here, cc Len! so glad to see you're paying attention to my (horrible) posts ><

  3. I agree with you. It's just unfair, IMO, for students, to learn everything including subjects they aren't into! A waste of time! X(
    I hate Math when I was in school. Not because I can't do it. I got good scores. But I never been interested with it. Even the paper of math things can make me feel bad. I just did it for the sake of graduation. :P
    Beside Math, I also allergic to Physic! LOLOL. So allergic. Physic books is my enemy, especially the one with patterns and numbers and symbols only (without pictures of erlenmeyer glass, for example?). MEH!
    I still prefer Economy & Accounting, anyway, though they have numbers too, but they are more applicable and creates visual stuffs in my mind. When doing Accounting tests, I imagine a shop or a company. It's better than Math, which only talks about numbers, symbols, patterns. :) *well, sorry for blabbering like this, I hope you understand what I mean XD *
    However, if only I could choose only art & music & language & history & sport when I was in school, it would be supergreat! :))

    1. HIGH FIVE! *tos*
      yeah of course! what is it to waste our time on things we don't even want to hear about? OMG -___-
      I WAS good at math when I was in elementary school, but when they came in a form which mixed with alphabets, ehm, algebra, i started to collapse and...BOOM. bye world. OMG PHYSIC. Physic didn't damage me too much la, because we can still use rumus (WTF? O_o) to solve the problems lol. But still, and always, I hate physic too. Chemistry and Biology are my only interests in science subjects. Ooh.

      Well finally I got rid of my hatred feeling against economy! LOL because I'm going to take social subjects next year. Wish me luck okay! I wanted to enter the science class at first but I started to think I would have no time to blog and design things or even do things I like. With heavy heart, I finally chose social by knowing that I would have more chances to do things I like such as blogging, etc. I think that's more important in everybody's life despite being seen as a naughty/lazy students. People will success in their own way, won't they? :)

      LOL sorry for such a long reply >.<

      I was over excited knowing there's someone out there who felt and thought the same thing as what I did!

      For the trio of science, maybe the best one is Biology for me. At least it uses words and pictures more than numbers. Woahahaha.

      Hey, I was in social subjects too! Everyone at school forced me to jump into science class. They thought, people who has good scores should be in science class, but I'm not agree at all. It's not about Science or Social. It's about choice and favourite! Deep down in my heart, I love social thingy. And yeaaah, I chose it to give me many spare time to write blog and do all my hobbies! I just knew I wouldn't be a scientist anyway. XD Good luck for you!

      It's okay. Me too, I always left a long long comment on your blog. :P

    3. I agree with you! At least biology still makes sense...WELL WHAT PPL ARE EXPECTING FROM NUMBERS? @.@ *gone mad*
      It's better to learn about how is it to prevent global warming isn't it? LOL

      Aww man we exactly are the same! My friends keep telling me that I am such a stupid to choose social class for the next two years of my high school life. They said if I'm gonna suck my head up learning history and making neraca etc etc. They said it's a total loss to be in social class if you can deal with science subjects. Well my mom always said,

      never follow anyone's path because I have my own path to walk on.

      That was sooo true. How can I live my life doing things I dislike? You only live once, use your time well to do things you think you're good at! ;)
      Thank you for the wishes! :D
      Aww it's fine, it's nice to have someone to talk and share with ;)