Review : Shiseido Maquillage Crystalizing Lip Compact #34

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I’d done writing this review since loooong ago but I just posted it on my blog…..NOW. I apologize for my laziness, yeah, I wish I can ride it off soon! *pray aloud*
I got this lipstick from my auntie. My grandma brought auntie and her sister this cute compact lipstick from HK. Since she’s not interested in makeup especially in lipstick, she gave this to me. Oh, and I was like “WOW!” to receive it. Love love love how it looks! You’ll soon, know why.


Two-colored mirror. One is pink. You can see your reflection in it. Really cute! The other is blurred mirror, which is a little bit pale-pink colored, with a little bit blue undertone. See no reflection there.

Sorry for the horrible looking! Been using the lip gloss just in bad way. Too passionate, I mean it. *blush*

The applicator and close-up look of the lip products. They’re all come in cute shades! Cute applicator, with 2 brushes that come from its end.
Additional Info:
The shades, from left to right. #1 to #4, respectively.
1. Nude Pink (shine)
2. Dark Pink (matte)
3. Hot Pink (shimmer)
4. Clear Pink (sparkle)


PS: I don’t see any names mentioned for every shade of this gloss. So I will just name them from #1 to #4, from left to right, respectively.

This is my bare lips. Look soooooo bad and dry! Gosh. Need petroleum jelly badly. On this photo, the lighting are just bad. My lips seriously look darker than it is in real life.

Shade #1. It’s Nude Pink, looks matte on the palette. Turns glossy and shiny on my lips. Not as pigmented as seen on the palette. It makes your lips look shinier beautifully!

Shade #2. Love this shade sooo much, because this one is the most pigmented color from the others. Even, it’s not as pigmented as the usual lipsticks are. Supposed to be matte, but it has glossy finish on me.

Shade #3. Nah it comes glossy just as expected and as seen.  A little bit pigmented. Supposed to be hot pink, but it absolutely is NOT when applied. Gah. I’m supposed to love this shade if it really comes as it’s seen on the palette.

Shade #4. Bright pink with glitter. But I don’t see any sparkling effect on my lips? Can you tell? *sigh*


            (+) NATURAL FINISH. Blend well with your true lip color.
            (+) CUTE PALETTE. I mean it!
            (+) NICE APPLICATOR. Soft and come in two size. Small and medium, for precise finish.
            (+) NON-PERFUMED. Just common lips products fragrance. Heart this point.
            (+) MOISTURIZING. Do more than the others, I think.
            (+) NON-STICKY. Nah, just need it!

            (-) SUPER EXPENSIVE. It’s $40 something in store, but you may find it’s $35 in some sites.
            (-) NOT REALLY PIGMENTED. Expecting a dramatic finish? This lipgloss is not for you.
            (-) HARD TO FIND IN INDONESIA.
            (-) NOT LONG-LASTING. Possibly is because this is one of lip care series from Shiseido Maquillage.
            (-) RUNS OUT QUICKLY. Gah. Am I the one who used it way too ‘rough’?


Definitely NO. Want to try another lip palette which is more affordable but still, moisturizing.

This palette brings you cute color and natural looks. Yes it’s cute, and totally moisturizing. The applicator is soft and glides smoothly on your lips. Easy to be cleaned, too!  I would say this product is great. But something is wrong with the price. It’s too expensive for a small palette. The palette gives elegant looks that people can easily tell that it is expensive. So it possibly brings another point that could be added to your self-confidence. But there are still other palettes with elegant packaging which is much cheaper and still hydrates your lips well. So I will not suggest this one for you if you’re looking for great product in low price. And yup, I already fell in love with this product, but exactly did not with the price.

So what do you think? Hearts or crosses? Lemme know by dropping comment on the blank fields below! Looking forward to it. Ciao for now! XXX

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6 kisses

  1. Wow Those colours are so beautiful! :D

    1. Thank you! Too bad my cellphone camera quality is a little bit bad, it can't capture the real pretty color that the glosses provide :(
      And hey, I've been reading your blog since years ago. Yours is greaaaaat! It's such a surprise that you blogwalked to my ugly blog >.< *super excited*

  2. how 2 get it? does it sale at publik cosmetics store?

    1. I received this as a gift from my grandma who just came back from Hong Kong. I don't think this product is available in Indonesia though, too bad.. Where are you come from? Yes, maybe you can get it at Shiseido counter at Singapore, or via online store. I saw some sites are still selling this product, like Hope this helps :)

  3. NOOOO... your bare lips colour is cute.. I wish I can get cute bare lips like you... (Lily)

    1. my bare lips are pale, wish i could have a darker color bare lips >.< because sometimes it's kinda hard to build the color..