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It’s been a long time since I posted a thing here…yep, I realized that. Glad that I could be back to the blogging world again after missing in action for about 4 months and more, yay! I was busy with ‘stuffs’, you know, stuffs like graduating from high school (hello, uni life), having holiday in Bali and Makassar—which I won’t babble or write about any experiences there, nope, next time maybe because you know…I was busy with ‘stuffs’, there—aaaand preparing new concept for this blog. How cool is that? XD

Since I will talk nothing about ‘stuffs’ but the last one I mentioned about preparing new concept for this blog, so let’s just get straight into it:

Changed Blog’s URL Along with the Title! (well…do you even realize that? LOL)
Long story short, my default official email was HACKED, and I couldn’t have any access to it anymore. Being devastated and so stressed trying so hard to get it back by answering questions from Microsoft’s “automatic recovery system for blocked email to get your account back”, I chose just to forget it and made one new email account using Google messaging platform, Gmail. And since the name Carolinelle has been having quite a hard time when is entered in the username column of signing up attempts (almost) in every site I try, so I chose to change it to a (much) more complicated-and-hard-to-spell-name, Caroleinne.

And about the URL and blog’s title…don’t you ask me why I bother to change it? Well as I said, I want to bring a whole new concept for this blog, where I will not talk about beauty-related things only here in my blog but also daily ramblings and slice of life posts. I love to eat too, so why not sharing reviews or spilling thoughts about restaurants too here? Sharing is caring, right! Plus I realize that my blog’s URL is kinda….err, hard to spell. Not to admit that ‘Caroleinne’ is easier to spell but yeah…people in IG recognized me by that username pretty well already; therefore no ‘’ because it’s too easy to misspell. Be it!

New Sections for the Posts
There will not be post under the big categories like ‘Review’ or ‘FOTD’s only, but also posts under smaller and more specific categories like:
-          Friday Kiss: once in two weeks post about the lipstick I wear on Friday for a date (yeah I have a BF now, guess what LOLOLOLOLOLOL NO MORE AVAILABLE IN DA MARKET FINALLY) and maybe a little review about it. Not all lipsticks are new arrivals nor from the latest collection, but I promise it will suit what’s in this season.
-          Sunday Sniff: monthly post about fragrance, be it perfumes, colognes, or body mists. This is totally new and I am new to the scent and fragrance world, as I recently discovered a new passion towards “something smells nice”.
-          Sleeping Beauty: those secret potions for your beauty are sleeping peacefully in your kitchen and fridge racks. Wake them up now, and let’s make something so-called-DIY homemade beauty remedies with me!
-          Tips or Treat: another once in two weeks post about easy but forgotten beauty tips and stuffs. Yay!

I think that’s all for now. Well Caroline why are you back only just to bring those news and not reviews? Chill, fellas! I will be back again in no time, with tons of reviews/quick reviews/posts because now I’m free and got plenty time to write. Yay. Be right back soon, promise!

Aaaaand a little sneak peek of what I’m preparing now for this blog won’t hurt, but it may cause curiosity:

So stay tune for the reviews, okay!
And a bonus angry-slash-evil pose selfie to close this announcement post:

meh, I know.

Hope you find it cute as how I do. Ciao!

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2 kisses

  1. Nice ling! :) ditunggu friday kissnya :*

  2. CIEEEEEE BOYFIEEEEEE!!! *salah fokus banget sumpah*