International Giveaway Summer Sweets WINNER!!!

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I was like YAYYYYYYY to announce that my #SummerSweets Giveaway is officially over and closed by now, thanks to all of you! I cannot thank all of you enough actually—all the participants and my readers—for the supports and making me being at this point! My thanks and this giveaway may not be enough to thank all of you, but I think better efforts and more achievements can do much, so much more. But thank you once again!
Besides the tears, *rub eyes* a giveaway should be properly ended and closed with a name. Yes, it’s time to announce the winner! Who will it be? To whom will the $50+-worth-prizes go to? Before it all, let me do a summary from the comments I’ve got from this giveaway.

  1.    The Page Font of My Blog is too Small!
I’m very aware of this problem. I tried to enlarge the font size via Microsoft Word—yes I write everything there to change the paragraph styling etc before finally move it to Blogger—and to enlarge it from the template designer itself, but it doesn’t seem to work! What do you think, is the font size now is still too small in your liking? Tell me, and I will work another way to fix it soon as possible.

  2.      You Want More More More!
I should thank my procrastination skill, it was too awesome to deny and not to be realized by you girls. Yes, I should’ve posted more! For a month I can only post 8-9 posts, what a serious decrease from the numbers of those I did last year. Seriously, I should blog more eh? No more procrastinating, I promise I’ll try! The coming ups should include more tutorials—some of you demand it—and hairdo? LOL I should admit I’m not very good at hairdos but I will try!

  3.    The Layout is Cute!
For this point, I should really bow down thanking all of you. It’s a self-made layout, and ahem…I’m thinking of hiring a web designer tho, thanks to my OCD side I’m not so happy with this layout. It’s cute, but I want something cuter! Do you think I should really hire one, or simply leave it this way? Need your opinion, please!

  4.    It’s Me!
Yep, it’s me who writes this blog. I bet you will know if someday this blog is taken away because the writing style is oh-so-not-like-Caroline—well that’s a good thing anyway!  XD I’m a straight-forward person, I’m very talkative yet hysteric. I describe thing to its smallest details, that’s why my posts are mostly long. I hope you like it that way, but if you feel it’s still too long & boring, feel free to tell me!

  5.    Product Comparison
I’m considering some new segments in my blog, and product comparison is one of them. Let’s pray I can realize them all soon and it’s time for a product war, rawrrrr!

  6.    My Style is going to be….
Yes! I’m very confused of what style I will go for often, thanks to all of the input as I will go for Fun, Cute, and Soft-Smokey I think! In next few years maybe I will go for Romantic, but now let’s go for Cute more. Thanks, many thanks to you for helping me out with my confusion! The most answers were just right as what I thought I would be, amazing eh? (!!/°°)/ *amused*

So! After a long, useless summary of my giveaway and my feedbacks for your answers, it’s time for the announcement…

And, the lucky, sweetest Angel of the week is!


Congratulations, Dear! Please kindly e-mail me ASAP, and or tweet me telling me you’ve noticed your winning. Thank you for all the participants, good bye and see you soon at my next giveaway~

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3 kisses

  1. Congrats to the winner! I actually think your font size is perfect~ On my computer its just about right. :3 Haha~ I know what you mean about procrastination! I have so many reviews I still need to do.. >.< You're layout is adorable<3 I love your header! I wish i had a cute header like you >~< And I really think it'd be cool to see a product comparison! :3 I love seeing which product is better than which one~ It helps me decide which one to buy<3

    Thanks for the update Caroline!

  2. aaaak thank you so much <3333

    aku udah kirim email ataupun tweet ke kamu ya >_<

  3. Oh, procrastination got me too xD it's everybody's enemy.
    Congrats Bunga :D
    Hasu Hana