Dear Boy

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Dear Boy.

That one boy who rarely pinches my cheeks when others think they are cute and dying to pinch them. You got the chance, you got the right to, yet you never did. Never really do.

That one boy who never sugarcoats anything. Never would he ever try to put (too) nice words together to compliment me. No cute or sweet words at all. Straight to the point as always. Thank you is thank you, period (.) follows after the word ‘I love you’.

That one boy who loves wearing bracelet, for him I made one. And that puts one on my wrist too...even though I never fancy arm candy.

That one boy who tries to look as cool as possible in public, but inside he is sizzling hot; can’t hold his excitement back while telling stories when nobody is around but me.

That one boy who actually can pose this stupid.

That one boy with strong willpower – so bad that he would keep asking you the same question over and over again, worse when he really goes out to every possible place just to chase what he’s after.

That one boy with a lot of fears inside his mind, but never really show them anyway. 90% of them are already known by me. 70% are pretty much solved.

That one boy who never really gets my jokes or thinks they’re (at least,) quite funny. Sigh.

That one boy who loves my homemade hot chocolate, and eats the fried rice with no salt added just because I made it.

That one boy who gets jealous quicker than lightning bolt strikes the highest tree in the field – and none of his jealousy are cute like what they say in Tumblr blogs.

That one boy with the eyes screaming joy when they meet mine – and it’s obvious, your friends could tell.

That one boy who honestly admits that I look better with makeup on, but still is pretty without any.

That one boy who agrees bold colors look good on me.

That one boy with high perfume taste just like my brother.

That one boy who has been together with me for this past one year.

That one boy who never really thinks his girlfriend is romantic enough, even though it’s me who write this post anyway.

That one boy who is really keen to appear in my blog and be written about – now it’s up, dude.


Happy Anniversary, Tootsie! Wishing nothing but the best for us. Would you wish that I would be less forgetful to put salt in whatever I cook for you, I would be really grateful. It’s really okay for me not to hang out in the day of our anniversary, a day before or a day after is cool.
Would you please keep picking me up after classes and shop the grocery together? Kellogs’ running low now!

And oh, I only eat the whole wheat bread WITH uncut sides. Don’t buy me the naked one.

my favorite stuffs!

PS: Now that you got your metal case and you’re up in my blog, please beg me no more! *shrugs*

I love you to the moon and I would never ever ask to come back to earth. You are my favorite extraterrestrial being; of course the third – came close to my beloved Alien Essence Absolue on the second place. Of course God is the first.

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4 kisses

  1. this is so cute~ wishing you two many more years to come! ^^ Congratulations!!!

    Love, Aimee
    Part time blogger at:

  2. this post is jut way too adorable!! Anyway, happy anniv :D

  3. thank you lily from both of us, xoxo! <3

  4. thank you so much aimee! amen on that too <3