LANEIGE Store is Now Open at Matahari Tunjungan Plaza + MAKEOVER!

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Following the previous 16 counter in Indonesia, LANEIGE finally opened one more counter in Surabaya! In this lovely hometown of mine, LANEIGE previously only had one counter. With this adding of one newest counter, I hope the Surabaya citizens won’t compete with one another too much while getting their oh-so-raved products which always running out of stocks quickly at SOGO counter (;__; ) It’s seriously sad to go to the counter and the BA tells you that the item you want is currently out of stock…yet the waiting list is still a long way to go. Ugh. But fear not, mi Amore, because here goes my gratitude to LANEIGE Indonesia who finally decided to open one more counter in Surabaya. Woo!

The second LANEIGE counter in Surabaya is located inside Matahari Department Store Tunjungan Plaza III. I was the first blogger to arrive there so I got the very first counter tour with the lovely Lady of LANEIGE, Nia.

The best-selling products of LANEIGE
Nia introduced all the products, starting from the skincare lines. LANEIGE has several different lines for each skin concern, such as whitening (White Plus Renew series), anti-aging (Perfect Renew series), the cult-favorite Water Bank series, and Basic series.

White Plus Renew Series

Perfect Renew Series
Basic Series
Water Bank Series
Also I spot these favorite items from LANEIGE too, their Multiberry Yogurt Pack and Peeling Gel. They smell really yummy, like you wanna lick them when they’re applied on your face~

the special set with special price!!

having a makeover at the counter? why not!

This is the makeup bar. OH.SO.DELIGHTING. For both my eyes and my heart.

oh, hi there!

This newest counter has 3 lines of lipstick:
  • Silk Intense Lipstick with its beautiful matte finish,

  • Serum Intense Lipstick which is the game changer, used in the Korean Drama My Love from the Star (and this line SERIOUSLY is worth to collect, me no lie, review later!!!!!!)

  • Water Drop Tint, the newest line of lip tints with beautiful vivid color and very longlasting.

Sadly the two-tone bar (?) lipstick line hasn’t available in this counter yet. I hope it would be available very soon eh ~

Here are the Pure Radiant Shadow palettes they have. They’re all beautiful with shimmery and glittery finishes which are great for natural Korean eye makeup or soft smoky eyes.

this one is SO BEAUTIFUL ;____;

LANEIGE has various base and complexion products. The most raved and best seller nowadays is this BB cushion. With its light formula, high SPF, plus the compact size makes this cushion is very versatile for daily wear and becomes everyone’s favorite! It has the cooling effect once applied on your skin, giving the relaxing sensation along with the calming scent.

they have foundation too~
powder foundation
the 'IT' CC cream!

This is what I would totally recommend you to get: Water Base CC Cream SPF36/PA++. This is seriously GREAT. When I say great, it is that great. Comes in two color selection, peach pink (for brighter face) and pure beige (for a natural second skin finish). I tried the peach pink one, and yes it was too light for my skin. But once blended…VOILA! It makes my skin appears brighter, glowy from the inside but not ghastly-looking at all!

After that, the friendly BA suddenly appeared — after all my “oh-wow” moment and expression with the CC cream trials – trying to reveal the secret to matte skin for my oily complexion when using CC cream. He set the CC Cream with Water Supreme Finishing Pact and here how it looks:

Super. Beautiful. Matte. Skin.
And not cakey at all! Not heavy-looking, not ghastly also.
The girl who never really fancied CC cream was kind of sold to this combo. I possibly will get them for my birthday next month!

After the tour and all the bloggers were complete, now it’s time to finally launch the counter to public. Here we had Nia introduced LANEIGE and the newest counter to us, and Dian, as LANEIGE Brand Manager, gave quick opening speech and wishes.

Next is the opening ceremony. The honor went to Cipto Suparmin (Regional Manager of Matahari Department Store in East Java), Anisa Sutaki (Assistant Store Manager Matahari Department Store) and lastly, Ms. Dian herself.


And now that LANEIGE counter at Matahari Department Store is finally launched, we would like to wish them all the best and great prosperity ahead.


The event continued with a makeup demo at K-Beauty Festival at the Atrium of Tunjungan Plaza III, with………ME as the model. It’s kinda weird to write this myself LOL

As I had already wore makeup before (and this was seriously a last-minute pick, I didn’t even know Nia was going to choose me) I gotta wipe off all my makeup first, using LANEIGE Cleansing Oil. Here’s the makeup of the day I managed to snap before they’re all gone:

the photobomb girl is kinda epic....
The Make Up Artist in charge was Mr.Ajie. We talked a lot at the backstage and he was like, ‘wah your makeup is so good, did you do it yourself?’ and I was all flattered la ~ #slapped
He was totally fun and great to work with, as he told me what he’s going to do later on the stage, the makeup and so on. As mentioned above that I was picked randomly and I had literally ZERO experience in being a model for makeover, it was needed to build the chemistry and communication with the MUA for the best result. I was very glad he did, so I knew what he wanted therefore here’s the result of the makeover:

close up details
glammed up!!

Products Used
  • LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Refiner
  • LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Emulsion
  • LANEIGE Firming Eye Cream

  • LANEIGE Lumi Block Primer (Oily)
  • LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50/PA+++
  • LANEIGE Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF25/PA++
  • LANEIGE Natural Brow Pencil
  • LANEIGE Pure Radiant Shadow
  • LANEIGE Pure Radiant Blush
  • LANEIGE Water Drop Tint in Hot Pink

veetkurnia from Female Daily and Nindy! Lovely to see them in person <3

I remembered all the products used above for a reference later, hehe! I think from all the demos presented that day, LANEIGE’s Makeup demo is the most watched. The result was so great and I was totally satisfied and very happy. The theme of the look is Glam Party Makeup. Do you think Mr. Ajie happened to glam me up with this side-by-side comparison with my previous soft makeup? ;)

Overall, thank you LANEIGE Indonesia for having us at the event. It was so fun! I had a very nice experience getting the makeover from Mr.Ajie. I really admire his work and the result, few blogger fellows agreed too! I wish all the best for LANEIGE and team, see you next time guys ~

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