HAUL: Jakarta Haul (IKEA, H&M) and Birthday Perks!

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I’m back from holiday, phew!
After the two weeks out-of-town holiday, today I’m back with a new haul post on my blog. Who’s excited to know what I got in June & July? I also had my birthday in June and yeah, some birthday perks may also got featured here but not all la because I’m too lazy to snap a pic of them (it’s quite a lot! Don’t blame me if I got lazy lol) plus I kinda forget what I really got back there…

So let’s get started!
Here the first picture showing you how much I love my skin: a skincare haul! Currently I’m so into Laneige products and YES THEY DID MAGIC TO MY SKIN so I cannot wait any longer and hauled their products a lot.

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (moisture)
Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture
BIFESTA Cleansing Lotion (Sebum)
KRACIE Naïve Cleansing Oil
Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream
Laneige Water Bank Essence EX

I don’t know what’s gotten into me that I keep hunting good cleansing products lately. Got the Bifesta and Kracie cleansing oil at the supermarket in AEON and they were on sale lol so why not trying? Kracie turned out to be good and possibly soon be one of my holy grail cleansing oil! I haven’t tried out the Bifesta yet, bought it just only as a backup tho ~
For the skincare review I hope to post them very soon as I have used them long enough to give my honest thoughts (bought most of the Laneige stuff in June as my self-birthday presents) so please just stay tuned!

Next is another Korean haul – because I’m so into Korean stuff lately. I got them from Khansa, a friend o’ mine who’s currently studying in Korea and just got back home for summer holiday. Knowing that she was going back here, shamelessly I asked her to get me some Korean cult fave items lol because it’s kinda pricey if you order them from local online stores here. She also got me an Innisfree Nail Polish PRO in the shade which is limited for summer 2015 release, but sadly I forgot to put it in frame because it’s in my travelling pouch still :(

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick R12 Luminous Red
Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener
A’PIEU x Garfield Air Fit BB Cushion SPF50/PA+++
Innisfree Eco Gel Liner #2 Brown
KRACIE Hadabisei Extra Moist Facial Mask
BEYOND Rich Color Lipstick #10 Pink Hommage

I swear my love for serum intense lipsticks isn’t over yet and still planning to get more from this range. As maybe you have read here, my skincare routine lacks of peeling step because most peeling/exfoliating products tend to do no good to my skin. But with this Innisfree…spoiler alert, I’m loving it. To death. Review soon.

Next is another birthday perks and Jakarta haul.

Beautylabo Hair Color Dark Brown
Beautylabo Hair Color Raspberry Pink x 2
Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Sensuelle
Selection Round Facial Cotton

I just knew that Beautylabo is finally available in Indonesia already, so I went a little nuts buying them and stocking up while I was in Jakarta for a short holiday. It was very cheap like $3 at AEON and I couldn’t help but stock one more box…
Kinda regretted tho that I asked Joveeta to bought me the dark brown one in Watsons near her campus (because it was so expensive compared to those sold in AEON, boo!) but since well, something went wrong in Toot’s head and he asked me to color his hair too so I picked this dark color for him. To be honest I will be sharing this color with him too just in case my mom is in the house and she starts to question my hair color…I will quickly dye my hair using this one and pretend as if I never dyed my hair before *get slapped*

Here are some little treats from besties after meeting up in Jakarta, yay!
from Joveeta
 BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream
Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Shimmer Powder

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
Blistex Classic Lip Protector SPF 10
BEYOND Ever Star Acne Care
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
BEYOND True Eco Essence
MAMONDE Rose Soothing Gel (share in jar)

Also I went to IKEA and can't help to shop a little there. Well if I didn't remember I was staying in Surabaya and I got to fly back home, I would've bought A LOT more in IKEA - everything was so reasonably priced and not expensive at all (compared to Ac* H*rdw*re, DUH everything's so overpriced there)

cute fabric photo frame! only $3

jewelry stand :3 OH SO CHEAP LIKE $2.5 TOO

scented candles, anyone?
I know my inner old lady, A Yi like soul was begging to get more but... ah, no la no space for a cute coffee table inside the baggage.

SCOOP was also having a big sale in Jakarta like everything's 50% off... I can't happen to pick a lot because I still have a big pile of new, unused stickers so I only get these :(
Well I would force Toot and keep telling him the sale is on (if it's in Surabaya) and buy more cute stuffs if possible!

And lastly, outfit haul…
I only got few pieces since I got not much time for shopping (yes I’m the type to spend 2 hours inside H&M and walk out with 1-2 pieces only…but tried into a dozen of clothes) and kinda broke already #lol

$10 dress :3 cute for summer eh. that's why i love H&M

yes, it's not a defect product the writings are meant to be rotated few degrees to the right tho

from $45 to $10 HOHOHOHOO
$5 dress in H&M.... HAHAHAHA

Got Toot a new shirt too yay~ good GF am I not? ;)

And that’s all for my haul post!
As I’m typing this I just realized that I forgot to put the photos of the birthday gifts from Toot…ah don’t care la lol it’s no good to show off right #getslapped
OMG how I wish he wouldn’t read this post.

By the way I still got another month of holiday, so feel free to ask me any reviews or anything you want me to post or write about here as I will be back busy once I’m back to classes. Majoring in accounting sucks. Really. #fliptable

Ciao for now, waiting for your comments below. TGIF babes ♥

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5 kisses

  1. Bifesta itu kalau di cosme.net lebih banyak yg suka daripada bioderma >_<
    Waktu itu pernah mau beli bifesta di guardian, tinggal 1 tp kemasannya kok bisa ya udah jelek banget -___-
    Aku juga baru aja beli lipstick laneige itu, karena nyari yg two tone lipstick belum ada.

  2. Happy birthday Oline! Semoga sukses cita dan cintanya yaaa :*

    Eh Lin, itu WnW highlighter bukan sih?
    Trus yang gulungan putih itu alas biar nggak licin bukan?

  3. Man you went to town with all the shopping! Lots a great goodies! I love that raspberry pink dye the color will look lovely.

  4. Omg, this haul!~ It looks so nice! THE LANEIGE STUFF. UGH. I LOVE. I've personally used all the Laneige stuff you bought here, and love them all. The Skin refiner has a little too much alcohol smell for my liking, but it still works perfectly fine. Ugh!~! The essence IS SO GOOD. YOU NEED 10 OF THEM. D:

  5. I live near Ikea, around 30 mins drive, and it always crowded there on weekend and holidays. The parking area is not sufficient, so many cars park and block the street. In my opinion,it is quite exhausting to shop in Ikea, easy to go in, hard to go out. They 'force' customer to see all the things they have until we finally reach the cashier/check-out line...fffiiiuuh. If I plan to shop for a lot of furniture maybe I will consider IKEA, but if I only need to buy few things, let say sarung bantal dan gelas I will go somewhere else hehehe...

    Btw. nice haul. The Water Bank Essence seems tempting. Laneige indeed has so many beautiful products. Keep up the good work dear, I enjoy reading this haul :D