Review: A'PIEU x Garfield Air Fit Cushion SPF50/PA+++

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As some of you have known and read on my blog, I don’t dig cushion. I never really wrote it explicitly here but I HATE CUSHION. There I said it finally after holding my tongue back for years. You can probably tell because I never really bought any cushion but yep I received one from Laneige from their last event and started to love the ‘spongy compact base makeup’. And kudos to Korean brands, thank you for always releasing limited edition cushions every season and this summer I really lost my mind, heart, (and money ofc to buy it lol) to this cushion.

Simply just because it’s cute.
And cheap. Well I cannot lie I am still a cheapskate when it comes to trying cute things that I actually dislike at the first place.

Where to Buy?

5,800 KRW // IDR 100,000 (in some local online stores)

click here!

Product Description

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Anyway this one I get is a limited edition release for Summer 2015, so if you really dig it you better hurry grab it! It’s a real struggle to get limited edition cushions, so that’s why I’m reviewing it now so that you guys can quickly grab it once you see it on store!

The packaging is SO CUTE. Compared to the original case (as seen in description box above), this Garfield case is totally irresistible. It still keeps the sky blue color theme though by using it as the main color of the box packaging.

And here is the cushion case! It has the same design and illustration as its box. That lazy Garfield lies on clouds with his sexy eyes, waiting for you to grab him. This compact case is made of plastic, but what comes in my surprise is that it feels really sturdy! When you shut the lid back it clicks perfectly and closes tight (actually this feels sturdier than Laneige’s Snow BB Cushion’s case). Good to know A’Pieu still pays much attention to the packaging, as many cheap products usually leave the packaging horrible and only care about the product inside.

As this comes in a compact form, the case holds a big mirror behind the lid and a white plastic separator which also works to keep the air puff. The separator closes tight too with *click* sound and it feels great! The air puff is just like any air puff out there with blue surface underneath. It feels so soft too and again, not looking/feeling cheap at all. Honestly it’s far better than Laneige’s air puff (seriously, Laneige?) but no comparison post here, will leave it alone until my next post lol~

Now I’m going to rave a lot. Seriously girls, I will be raving screaming and jumping a lot start from now on.

I got this in shade #21, usually I am NC20-25 in MAC. Is it a perfect match for me? Will not talk too much, and let’s just see the inner arm swatch below:


Okay, capslock off. Shade #21 is actually a bit lighter when I applied it to my face but guess what, it doesn’t make my face look ghastly/ashy at all! It has nice yellow undertone which usually most Korean BB cream lacks of. So, people with yellow skin, you know what to get now right?

Formula wise, it’s very lightweight and blends easily into your skin. Coverage is light to medium. It has a quite strong floral scent – which I actually find out lovely tbh – and lingers not longer than 15 seconds after application. The finish is AWESOME: it doesn’t dry completely into a matte powdery finish instead of leaving a beautiful natural finish with nice glow/shine. It’s not an oil-shine btw, and not overly dewy like if you’re just frying a tempura and your face serves as a pan. Nope, nope. Seriously I can say it’s creating a healthy, bright looking skin and leaves no trace of complexion makeup behind, just…a healthy skin like those girls in makeup ads! 

Don’t believe me? Let the picture speaks, then:

It stays on 6 hours and I only blot twice during the wear. Fading is minimal, my redness doesn’t peek through but you can see some raging zits start to be visible – I find it normal since I didn’t set it with powder at the first place and don’t touch up during the day. And seriously when I blot… my face would still looking a little bit shiny (glowy you may call) even after the blotting session. Proof that the glow wasn’t caused by sebum?! Is this some kind of magic or what…? Not much sebum seen on the blotting paper also!

And the most important point to highlight is:

*fireworks on the background*

How-yeaaaah! Holy grail alert!


Last Words?
A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion SPF50/PA+++ is possibly my new holy grail for base makeup with high SPF content. It’s very rare that BB cream actually works on my skin, but this one proves its quality to me flawlessly! Even though it’s very cheap but it really holds a great product inside the sturdy packaging. This cushion will suit people with dry-combination skin best, maybe a little powder would be needed to set the product on T-zone area. It has great natural finish with beautiful glow – and not oil, again I’d say – which stays quite a decent time on skin before you really feel the need of touching up.  Love, love, love. Overall I love this product!


So! What do you think about this product girls? I do think I should really take the words I said earlier about cushion…I really find myself digging for it now. And I would love to get more recommendations from you about great cushion for dry-combination skin out there. Oh, oh, don’t forget to drop some love in the comment box below okay?

Ciao for now and happy Sunday everyone! ♥ xo


Anyway I did change my hair style and color, whaddya think?
Yay or nay?
Cute straight fringe/long fringe?

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  1. Wah baru tau merk ini, lumayan murce yaa dari pada yg lain.

  2. WUaaaa murah ternyataaa >___<
    thx reviewnya linn <3

  3. I've been really into cushions lately. Right now I use a Too Cool For School, but I can easily say that I'd buy that one just for Garfield.... Sad, right? Garfield was my favorite as a child.

  4. yeap! a'pieu ini sister brand nya missha. it must be as good :3

  5. coba deh, case nya kan bisa disimpen bisa direfill :3 yang penting case unyu nya duluu!

  6. iyaaa ce :3 hihi murah bagus lg

  7. the dinoplatz one? well this one is worth it IMHO so least when u finished this one out, you can always get the refill - but the grumpy cat stays with you still right ~ :3 go go buy it!

  8. That's the one! I love that it has everything all in one box, except eye makeup and mascara.

    I'm definitely going to get this one later in the month. Once a month I have a "treat yourself" mini-shopping spree, and Garfield is on the list now <3

  9. lin, makasih banyak :')
    sebelumnya mikir gamau cushion karena mahaaal, dan sekarang kamu review ini aku langsung order di ori dan kena 94ribu aja dong :D

  10. Aduh mupeng nih, mesti beli kayaknya apalagi murce hehe
    Love your new hair style :)

  11. Khairunnisa AndiraJuly 20, 2015 at 9:56 PM

    I've been really interested in trying this product. Seeing this review makes me want to buy this. I live in Indonesia by the way, can you tell me which online shop that sell this for 100k IDR? I can't seem to find it because I've asked 2 online shops and they sell it for 150k IDR. It would be better if I can find cheaper price though. Thanks for your help^^