Review: e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight [SPONSORED]

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Highlighter is considered as a staple beauty items for a lot of people back there in 2015, especially those who are so into Western & bold makeup.  For the basic me, highlighter is just like a ‘side additional topping’ and considered not so important – don’t judge, I don’t do contouring & highlighting at all – so having one highlighter is more than enough for me already! I never get the beauty trends of strobing technique and the duo-chrome highlighter…like seriously?

When it comes to me, as you can clearly see in most of my selfie that I really adore simple face & eye makeup and emphasizes more on the lips & cheeks. I rarely highlight the high points of my face because well:
  •  It’s not practical – BF always arrives by the time I finished applying blusher and that means, I should curl my hair very quick and forget the highlighter thingy.
  • Most of my base makeup products would look lovely even after few hours when in contact with skin’s natural sebum, so my face would look nicely glowing and that’s enough for me.
  •   I ditch unnatural duo-chrome highlighter.

But as my package from Mirielle Beaute arrived few weeks ago, I was surprised to see that they kindly gave me the e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip to try! Reluctantly trying, I admit that I actually underestimated the product when first hold it, especially after seeing the amount of silver shimmer in it. And the color. It’s pearl white, duh – I always ditch white highlighter too as they can look very unnatural when applied – which makes it worse.

Here’s my thought about it.

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip [SPONSORED]
Brand: e.l.f
Netto Weight/Content: 9.5g
Origin: USA
Price: $1
Where to buy: Mirielle Beaute 


e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip comes in a simple blister packaging, dominated in white color. At the back of it, you will found additional information about product information and the ingredients list. Basic and practical indeed.

The product is housed inside a small, travel-friendly plastic tube with a nozzle at the end. I love how the nozzle has small opening so we can easily control the amount of product when dispensing it out.

The texture of the product itself is not the best, the liquid is thick, a bit sticky and hard to blend. To avoid the product being clumpy when blended out, I like making like small dots on where I want to highlight then using a clean finger to gently dab and blend away, not rubbing the product like how I usually do with cream or liquid product. It has orange-like, fruity scent which I find kinda unpleasant but some may like it though.

Spotlight is a frosty white with fine silver shimmer. It’s more of a frosty finish rather than shimmery. This shade is leaning cool and I think it would suit people with lighter skin tone, like below NC 30, and cooler undertone – pinks and neutrals. You can create just a subtle glow or a dramatic highlight using this shade, by applying it a bit much. The glow is super nice, but it stays only like 4-5 hours and starts fading away afterwards as you blot your skin – it got blotted away too, stuck to the blotting film I used!

Here’s how I look with the highlighter on:

I don't even know why I pose like dat....? ;w;

And I can safely say, BF loves seeing it on me so far. Tooty even asked me how to get that glowing skin and why is my face looking so beautifully glowing like the girl on one Korean beauty store’s wall poster *LOL* and literally asking me to put this highlighter on him when he plays on stage next month OMG I CANT EVEN


Last Words?
e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight is definitely a beauty steal! Retailing at $1, this frosty white liquid highlighter actually performs great and looks amazing especially best on people with lighter skin tone & cooler undertone. Even though the texture & longevity is not the best, but for $1 this is surely beyond expectation! The travel-friendly packaging is another plus point. I love using this one to highlight my cheek bones, cupid bows, and nose bridge. Not working very well on eyes though, as it can easily crease out.


Have you tried any from the brand e.l.f? What do you think? Share your thoughts in comment box below~

Anyway! I am thinking to make a LINE@ account myself so that any of you who are curious and want to drop me some questions or just hi, could connect with me easily and get replies even sooner than contacting me via e-mail! What do you think?

see you next time and bye! XO

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