Unboxing Althea Korea's Pink Box!!

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Hello everyone~
It’s been a looooooong time right after the last time I wrote something in this blog. Wait, let me dust off the dirt and kill the spiders here first. *blow blow*
I’m not going to babble about the reasons why I went missing – don’t have time to do that, literally and figuratively – so let’s just get into what I am going to bring up today based on the title: it’s unboxing time!

Actually I’ve been working with Althea Korea since when, hmm,a looong time ago? I was one of their beta testers, then I got chosen again to spread the love when they had their first anniversary – which was just around 2 months ago – and this is the third time I’m having collaboration with them through Surabaya Beauty Bloggers community. The shopping experience with Althea had always been satisfying so far, and I, of course screamed yes to the offer of having another chance of doing social media campaigns with them. Thank you ce Mindy to bring up the news to the busy me. Busy Oline is Busy, that she wrote this post at the very due date after being scolded of being so forgetful in advance of her Thesis journey. #ahem #amomentofproudplease

Next. So without further ado, here’s my pink box (es).

I actually got three boxes this time. You do not read it wrong, instead please read aloud this time:

Not that I spent my whole lifetime savings on sweet temptations from Althea’s site, it’s because of the stuffs I bought and HONESTLY I do feel bad to have them wrap them up in 3 precious, well-crafted, thick pink card boxes of theirs. Neither did I buy something oh-so-large and heavy that needed extra care but instead they’re very light. Curious enuff eh? Eh?

And here are theeeeeeeey:


Raclia Half Sponge Pad x 5
LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask
Tony Moly My Sunny Mom & Kids Sun Cream SPF 35/PA+++

And that’s all I got this time! Trust me, it’s just restocking on “previously-finished-to-the-very-last-drop/piece” products. Nothing new but the sun cream – WHICH I HAVE, I HAVE TO RAVE ABOUT OH MY GOD. But later, since I want to talk about the 5 boxes of sponge pads first. Heh heh.

Raclia Half Sponge Pad is presumed a dupe for the famous Japan’s half sponge pad in blue box, Silcott. I never tried Silcott before because of its crazily expensive price for “imported” pads that I will use 3 pieces a day, but by comparing photos I do think Silcott is perhaps FAAAAR softer in terms of texture. Raclia’s kinda rough, no jokes here. But but but. When it comes in contact WITH liquid/emulsions –

…and not stiff or rough anymore. Not good at science, so I will pass on explaining why and how.

You have to get it. It’s a PURR-FECT match for my Albion milks – to spread out and make the milk gets absorbed better into the skin. I do think it’s best used for applying skincare and not removing makeup. They’re too good to be used to remove makeup and not very gentle on eyes – even after soaked in liquid and get softened – but they perform extraordinarily when used with emulsions.
Try and let me know what you think!

Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask is an old-time favourite. I used to be a Laneige junkie, and this mask is only of my pick from them if I want a slap of hydration right in my face. This new version no longer works to heal my pimple, huhu, but it soothes the skin like nobody else’s business. What a wonderful world product I mean.

We save the best for last – and here’s the best of all.

The only sun screen that works for me.
The only one that causes me no harm.
No pimples.
No sadness.
No rashes.
No irritations.


It’s Tony Moly My Sunny Mom & Kids Sun Cream, Ladies and Gentlemen! I stumbled upon this new product of Tony Moly when browsing through Althea’s website. One thing that I learned the hard way when trying to find out the best sunscreen is that how we don’t easily get fooled by the “Mom & Kids” label and how a product beautifully claims they’re very gentle on baby’s skin and yada yada yada…NONSENSE. My skin is very irritating when it’s acting up, but I strictly don’t believe it’s much more sensitive than a baby’s delicate skin.

This . lives . up . to . its . very . claim .

It’s all natural – no chemical sunscreen agents, physical only – and indeed very gentle on skin. Trust me I have tried ALL variants of the famous EU version of LRP sunscreen (from cream to the extra-light gel fluid), Japanese sunscreen, medical sunscreen, etc etc. NONE works on me beautifully and harmlessly on me than this one. Very, very, amazing.
Get this when you’re having a hard, ten years struggling to find the best sunscreen for your annoying-but-well-it’s-still-your skin.


And that’s all I can share to you about my last haul & unboxing experience, hope you enjoy and nopeeeeeee please don’t request on reviews very soon. I can’t even promise that I will continue to blog – sad, right – but yeah this is the very decision I have bravely made. Won’t go extreme to the point of “deleting this blog”, but probably I won’t be beauty-blogging again L

Maybe in next post – once I get my first three parts of my Thesis completed – I will spill the beans on ‘why’ in my next post.

Don’t stay tune. Hehe. But please do visit if you find my writings in this blog to be helpful and important, because that’s all sincerely born and done with my very passion that I have like for 5 years.

Until next time, ciao! Wish me luck on my Thesis and will be qualified to graduate in just 6 semesters only.

Love you all!

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