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It’s my very first post here in 2017! *confetti everywhere*
I hope it’s still okay for me to wish you a happy new year, since it’s still the tenth day of the year LOL! Today I am back with a very quick post: the OOTD for one vulnerable photoshoot. To be honest these pictures were taken back then in…May 2016? But whatever I am posting it now because THEY R SO DAYUM GOOD like seriously. It took too muchhhhhhh effort to be under the sun at 2 PM, when the sun light is raging and it. was. burning. like. hell. to. pose.

Especially the sit-on-the-ground pose. OMG. I think my butt got a little lighter after that.


Anyway, this photoshoot session was for a photography assignment of my bitj Mariske (check her out here) so I was kinda forced to help her by volunteering as the model. TBH the upcoming photoshoot sessions were more fun but this one is my favorite eh – mainly because I was slimmer in these photos. Heh heh heh. I know you can relate, right.

Doing a photoshoot with Maris was always fun UNTIL the moment when she reminded me “not to dress fancily”. Check out how I got her upset here, it was our first photoshoot and she babbled all the time for me being “too fancy”. Bleh. Knowing her personality and stubbornness, I picked a lazier outfit this time. V-line Blouse and Sneakers, the Adidas thing sure made her happy – she’s more into a casual & cool style than I am.

Her concept was for me to look cool, edgy, tumblr-ish and also Awkarin-ish. Don’t judge me, awkarin was hot back then in May 2016. It was before the silly confession video on Youtube too, a good o’ time when she was still looked after a “goal” LOLOLOLOL WHAT AM I DOIN HERE #bodygoal #lifestylegoal #wtfgoal

But truly, after being in this session of photoshoot I truly understand why some people defended her back then. I’m neither a fan nor a hater, but yes I do admit it was hard to pose and take good photos in open or public spaces. Very hard. Her photos are strongly edited – I don’t care, pre-wedding photos got edited a lot too ya know – but it all took a very good effort to pose and looked good in those photos. Good photos don’t rely only on the editing skill of the photographer, most of times it took the model to pose under uncomfortable circumstances/situations too like what I did in this post. So awkarin, here’s a pat on your back. Heh heh.

Black V-Neck Blouse – Portofino Shirt by Express
Denim shorts – N/A
Floral Sneakers – Adidas ZX Flux

I pat myself on the back and said that Adidas might contacted me after this, appreciating my effort for making the Flux looked good in these photos as if this photoshoot was for their advertisement. Still pay from my own wallet until today, btw.

I am not going to be a fashion blogger girls, don’t worry. My fashion taste is naah and well, as you can see, what type of fashionista I am for only stating three pieces of fashion items in my fashion post. And they’re all basic pieces too, plus my pose is bad and I smile in most of the photos above – no edgy/strong expression. Heh heh. Don’t go too hard on me la I’m a marshmallow, soft and fluffy I am.

look at those fluffy cheeks!

That’s all for today’s post! Hope you enjoy the ramblings and the not-so-fashionable fashion post here, hope you have a very good day!


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