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Another random outfit of the day post from me. Who’s excited? Me!
This look is so simple, but I do think it’s cute and chic enough to be featured in my blog. Lately I’ve been attending events again, back to the real blogger life eh? I totally miss that life, meeting new people, chit-chatting, but one thing for sure that I hate the most from an event is…the dress code rule. Bah.

Especially when the last two events I attended, asked for white dress code. I literally went to Zara FOUR TIMES last week, and carefully browsed every Zara store in Surabaya just to find the perfect white clothes. Not to mention the online stores & thrift ones as well…but I found nothing that suited my liking. White is not my thing, as I naturally gravitate to black stuff whenever browsing in stores. So now you know how much I struggle to find white pieces that I really like. Whites in my closet are mostly basic shirts, slim-fit, super sleek – for work/business presentation purposes.

As you probably notice, my style is rather cute and simple. Picking trendy items like culottes and robes are totally impossible for me. Those are things I honestly think awesome, but I won’t even consider them as a choice for myself. It’s just not me. Then I came to think about wearing one of those sleek white shirts for this event. Why not going all white, looking professional and chic at the same time? After all, I just found a cute pre-loved H&M shorts with nice crochet detail in Carousell. After putting all the items together in my Polyvore app, I was happy with the mood board and went with it. 

Results? Scroll down now!

** don't forget to click on pics for better resolutions + bigger pic! **

When I knew that I would be attending Clariskin's Beauti(phi)losophy event - report soon - at Four Points, I chose to be a little dressy but not too much because I wanted to keep it simple and very "Oline"-ish. I couldn't be under-dressed, but not ready to be overdressed like socialites out there because I simply have no budget to do so. Heh. So a professional yet clean, sleek look was the best to go for!

I picked a rather casual white shirt, with chiffon material for a more relaxed feeling & look. Express Porfofino shirt is BAE. It’s very lightweight, airy, and non-wrinkly. Super love! The only downside is that, I am a size 00/XXS in this brand and it’s kinda hard to find great picks from them when shopping online I do have this shirt in like, 3 more colors, but the White fits the best because it’s in size XXS and the other ones are in size XS.

red lips make every smile 1000% more beautiful. trust me.

I got this cute, mid-waist shorts from H&M in Carousell. Got it in a very good price! A preloved with great condition. What I like the most is that the full-crochet applique on the front side, it just spices up the plain white shorts beautifully 😊

bonus: indoor pic because the bushes wall is AWESOME RIGHT

I squat for pics like this. ayeee.

My bag is a dupe of Prada Saffiano hehe. Don’t judge, don’t judge *prays hard*
It’s well-structured and the size is just perfect for me. Looks small, but I can fit my X-A1 camera in it, along with girls’ stuff like phone, few makeup items, money and cards.

smile bright because the lighting, the place, the outfit is perfect! ;) 

Finally, the star of the show, my beige peep-toe heels from Aldo with crystal appliques on the heels. DAMN CHIO!!

super snob i cant...

Plus my red-lips, as seen in Priyanka Chopra on Emmy’s Night last year: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in Rouge Charnel. Aye, baby. A fellow asked me after the event about my lippy because it looked very bright, radiant, and beautiful. Aye baby, Chanel on duty. Best $43 spent in my life is always for Chanel lipsticks. They . never . disappoint .  

Top – Express White Portofino Shirt
Bottom – H&M White Shorts
Bag – Prada Saffiano Mini Tote ** dupe **
Shoes – Aldo Eilers
Necklace – Accessorize
Earrings – Accessorize

Most pictures in this post were taken by the one and only Ce Nessya. I love her capture so much, thank you Ce for bearing with me! Le BF can’t bear with me asking him to take pics so well…girls should really support another girl, right 😉 cause there are things that can’t be handled 100% by boys.


That’s all for this quick post! What do you think about my outfit? Like it or leave it? Comment down below so I know what others think about it! Anyway, I’m thinking about doing *ahem* more fashion posts in the future. Plus, I’m quite interested in doing fashion haul/lookbook videos! Whaddya think about that? Share your thoughts because I need you guys’ opinion!

Until next time, XO!

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