Beauti(phi)losophy by Clariskin: Secret of the Timeless Beauty

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Hello Girls!

Last Wednesday (26/07), I was invited by Clariskin – through Ce Mindy & Womanblitz – for their Beauti (phi) losophy event at Four Points Sheraton Surabaya. For those who haven’t known about Clariskin yet, it’s one of the newest and on-hype aesthetic beauty clinic in Surabaya. In this event, they were also accompanied by two gorgeous local designers: Nancy Warren and Fonny Tunggal – which had a fashion show for their pret-a-porter and even couture collection!

Before the event started, we had to register first, got our door prize number taken from the invitation, and be handed the goodie bag. Here’s what inside the beautiful blue bag:

vouchers, pamflet, cookies, and nice soft embroidered towel!

There are so many local vendors & partners that supported this event and I’m super excited to see how businessmen/women in Surabaya gave all their best to support each other.

After registering ourselves, we were taken to the end of the hall to enjoy the served food. It was lunch time, and yes Clariskin was so understanding that there’s always possibilities that some women – including yours truly – chose to do their makeup carefully step by step instead of having food even though they might be hungry, right? 😉

And oh, by the way, while waiting for the event, I managed to get some OOTD pics snapped by Ce Nessya and Redha:

More pics? Details about it? Click here now – I made a separate post about it because I love this look so much! 😉

FOTD pic featuring the baby breath on table's centerpiece.
Lips: Rouge Charnel from Chanel Beauty ♥

Around 2 PM, we were escorted to our seat inside the Cinnamon Room which the event took place at. Luckily, we were placed at the table that was quite close to the stage so we could enjoy the event well and take pics appropriately. Yay!

The event was opened by Masayu Maya as the MC, and then the next was the fashion show by Fonny Tunggal. Behind the brand FT by Fonny Tunggal, she presented a lot of beautiful pieces from two different ready-to-wear collections. Ready to see her work? Scroll now!

After the show, the MC asked several guests to participate taking the lucky numbers that would win vouchers to purchase Fonny Tunggal’s collection. There were five lucky ladies that won the prize, including Mbak Ikka as one of us, the bloggers. Congratulations!

Continuing the fashion show, here it was the all-waited beauty talk show with Warren Tjandra (behind Nancy Warren), Melaty Tengker (MUA), and the founder of Clariskin itself, Dr. Junivan Lindra.

(L-R): Warren Tjandra - Dr. Ivan - Melaty Tengker - MC

Warren Tjandra
is also the Brand Ambassador of Clariskin, and I should admit that she has very beautiful skin. She sat next to my table and I was drawn to look at her face at all time – literally, I’m not exaggerating here – because oh my it’s so glowy!

In this session, Dr. Ivan explained about Beauti(phi)losophy’s three core values: shape, tone, and texture. Being mentored by the famous Dr. Arthur Swift – don’t know him? Google now, he’s one of the well-known world’s best aesthetician that did magic for Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, et cetera – our Dr. Ivan also believed in the “golden ratio” in face as the main factor to determine whether someone has that perfect shape or not. The criteria for a perfect shape is:
  • A symmetrical face according to the golden ratio rules
  • Firm skin
  • Beautiful, expressive eyes
  • Nice shape of nose, tall and pointy
  • High cheek bones and small jaws
  • Continuous line from jaws to chin – no double chin, lol!

Skin with the perfect texture is the one with no wrinkle and small pores. Along with that, also one’s face should have the perfect tone that doesn’t have discoloration, freckles, and post inflammation hyperpigmentation.

The reason why a makeup artist (Melaty Tengker) was also invited were because women often misunderstood about the importance of a healthy skin over the use of makeup. She then shared her experiences with different clients that sometimes demanded high for a flawless skin/look, but actually they had a very bad skin texture/uneven skin tone to start with, and or not proportional face shape. Makeup could do the magic, but it’s only for hours long before eventually you take them off at night. With a healthy skin and better face shape after receiving treatment at Clariskin, it could make you feel better – not only for few hours because of makeup, but also when you just wake up in the morning – and literally, look better 😉😊

Finally, here came the Nancy Warren Couture fashion show after the talk show ended. Needless to say, the collection was superb. I won’t talk too much about it – you have to see it yourself! To be honest to you, at that moment I even felt like I’d found the perfect designers to design my *ahem* future wedding/bridesmaids/sisters dresses. Damn. Those dresses were that beautiful.

At the closing, the MC invited Dr. Ivan to take another lucky number from the glass jar that would win the main grand prize: IDR 10,000,000 worth of Clariskin treatment voucher!

The first number taken was soon put back down again, because the person didn’t show up even after being called thrice. And on the second attempt – guess what – OUR OWN BLOGGER FELLOW’S NUMBER WAS CALLED: CHELSHEA! Woo! Congratulations girl, the prize was really meant for you 😊

Clariskin's Founder: Dr Ivan and all the vendors & partners in this event
Once again, thank you Clariskin and Womanblitz for having us in this event 😉 the talk show was very informative, venue was great, the fashion shows were awesome… I couldn’t ask for more! Wanna find out more about Clariskin and what treatment do they offer? Visit their Instagram now and have a chit-chat with the beauty experts there – sure all of them is very friendly and helpful!

Next, I will be going to Clariskin to have facial/peeling treatment there. After 5 years of trusting no beauty clinics at all to take care of my skin, I feel confident about Clariskin and would love to try their treatments very soon. Will share my thoughts & experience about it on my blog as soon as possible, ok 😍

Thanks for reading, have a good day everyone ♡ XO!

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