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Hello, Ladies!

Today I’m back with another cult-favorite product review, that currently trending Korean Beauty brand for skincare: Neogen Dermalogy! I’ve heard and read a lot good reviews for most of their products, especially the gauze peeling pad. My skin loves vitamin C and lemon so much, so I picked the Lemon variant and tried it out! Will my sensitive skin approve this product? Keep on reading 😉

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon
Brand: Neogen Dermalogy
Netto Weight/Content: 30 pads (200ml)
Origin: South Korea
Price: Rp 351.960,- 
Where to buy: Madame Donna 

This product comes in thick and sturdy acrylic jar. It is also quite heavy and bulky as well. Yup, it definitely looks amazing on vanity desk, but it is not practical to bring this gigantic jar while travelling. Usually, when I travel, I’d depot some of the pads into resealable Ziploc bag and keep it tightly closed so the pads won’t dry out.

the seal. i don't peel it off as a whole to make sure that i can re-seal it before closing the jar so the product inside won't dry out!
I’m going to show you the pad first, here’s the surface that’s supposed to be the “top” part. It has this criss-cross textured pattern which acts as the physical exfoliator, while the essence contained inside this cushion pad acts as the chemical exfoliator. You can slip 3 fingers into the bottom pocket of this pad and quickly exfoliate your face by rubbing this pad gently on the skin. And oh, anyway this pad is quite big in size and each of it is well-soaked in the essence. Love!

the "top" part
Surprisingly, this top part isn’t rough at all. Your regular face scrub product can be a loooot harsher! My sensitive skin doesn’t get red even though I gently rub my face over and over again with it, and it kinda wow-ed me to see my skin behaves so well because the slightest pinch/scratch usually can make it crazy red in just seconds!

the "bottom" part
And here’s the “bottom” part. Its quilted surface is noticeably a lot softer than the top part, and this is meant to be the final touch to your skin by picking up all the dead skin cells after exfoliation. To be honest, exfoliating skin with thie Neogen gauze pad feels sooooo geeeewd I don’t want each session to end too quickly!

The lemon version claims to give visible clearer and smoother skin, plus brightens up the dull skin. Yes, yes, yes, I can see all the results promised in no time after using this product. But, no matter how much you’re amazed by how your skin looks afterward, don’t forget to splash some warm water, then pat dry. When it’s all done, you may look at the mirror again and now praise your skin as long as you want!

I usually use this baby once in a week, for 3 weeks straight. Sadly, no matter how much I love how it gently exfoliated my skin and how amazing my skin looked after each session, this product caused me outbreaks with acne! They’re the type of acne with pus – pustules, I mean – red and swollen…. Ah, those are inflammatory acnes. My skin is very prone to whiteheads, but not acne. So, when I get some… I know something’s not right with the latest product that I used on my skin. I’d not tried anything new while testing out this Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, so it’s unfortunate that I should announce that my skin doesn’t approve this product Boo-hoo! It’s quite shocking because my skin usually loves acid, especially citric and ascorbic acid.  When I looked at the ingredients list, also there’s nothing wrong or suspicious in it. Until now, I can’t stop wondering what might go wrong that my skin hates this so much Perhaps, the combination of physical and chemical exfoliator could be too harsh for my sensitive skin?

Anyway, if you’re interested to buy this product, make sure that you purchase Neogen Dermalogy items from trusted sellers, okay? Since this brand is so happening right now, there’s a loooot of fake products out there in the market, and the price difference is very small, so the customers won’t notice that the cheaper ones are actually knock-offs! If you live in Indonesia, you can purchase this product and my favorite facial foam from these authorized resellers of Neogen Dermalogy:

Plus, you can get 20% OFF if you shop at (the one and only official Neogen Dermalogy distributor in Indonesia) with my code:


Last Words?
Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pad is actually a very lovely product, it lives up to every single of its claims and the high-quality material used for the pad performs its job very well by exfoliating your skin gently, but effectively. Overall, this product brings your exfoliation game to the very next level with visibly good results and easeness of use, but sadly something about the mix of physical and chemical exfoliator just doesn’t do well to my skin, even though my skin loves most of the ingredients so much If you have sensitive skin like me, it’s better to be fully aware about how much pressure you are using and how long you would rub in one area, so that you won’t overexfoliate.

That’s all my review for this hyped Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pad Lemon. If you have any questions or comments, please just drop it in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to reply very soon 😉

For more information about Neogen Dermalogy Indonesia, you can stalk their Instagram account here:
Until next post, Angels. XOXO!

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