Review: Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm Series

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TGIF, Angels! Today I have another skincare product review for all of you. This is a part of review project by Clozette Indonesia, and this time they got us some babies from the most happening drugstore skincare in Indonesia right now: Clinelle! They just launched their brand in Indonesia perhaps half a year ago, but so many people have raved about how good their products are, especially the ones from Pure Swiss Hydracalm line which I’m about to review today 😉

So, Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm line has an unique formula which focuses on “7 NOs”:
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No lanolin
  • No mineral oil
  • No SD-alcohol
  • No comedogenic ingredients
  • No paraben

Clinelle would use no harmful ingredients that can cause irritations, early aging, or other skin problems 😉 sounds great and promising right? That’s why me and my sensitive skin are crazy to try their products!

The line from Clinelle that I’m most interested in is their Pure Swiss Hydracalm, because they promise to lock in the moisture in your skin up to 72 hours and how they make products with a good pH level – which is pH 5,5 – that matches with our skin’s natural pH. To be honest, I had a hard time finding good drugstore product that have balanced pH level and it makes me jump like a crazy bunny when I found out that Clinelle has one!

So, without further ado - here’s my thoughts about few of Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm products after 2 weeks of using them:

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm Cleansing Gel
Origin: Malaysia
Price: Rp 99.000,-
Netto weight: 100 ml
Where to Buy: Guardian

I’m gonna start with the Cleansing Gel first. This is actually a facial wash in clear, kinda sticky gel form. The scent for all products in the Pure Hydracalm range is quite subtle, but so good…something clinical, something like orange essential oil, which reminds me of some high-end clinics and the natural skincare products they use on us!

This product promises to lift all the dirt without leaving your skin tight, but anyway it would also act to balance your sebum production and act as a light exfoliant agent to make your skin better in absorbing whatever skincare items you apply next. I can safely say, it lives up to its claim! My face feels so refreshed and clean after washing it using this product but no tight feeling at all! I rate this 5 out of 5 because it’s hard for me to find a facial wash that’s gentle enough to my skin but powerful enough to make it clean from dirt and leftover makeup residue.


Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm Lotion

Origin: Malaysia
Price: Rp 199.000,-
Netto weight: 180 ml
Where to Buy: Guardian

it comes with flip-top cap on the inside, to prevent the product from spilling and preserve its freshness!

Next, is their lotion!
Well, I’m kinda sad that I have to admit how my skin doesn’t like this baby, even my heart and mind really do. The texture, check. Kinda thick but watery at the same time, very easy to spread and get absorbed by the skin. No stickiness afterward, and your skin will appear very healthy and plumped right away. It’s really hydrating, calming, and soothing on skin. I also don’t feel like needing any moisturizers after I applied this lotion! The bad news are, my skin doesn’t like something that’s too hydrating because it’s more of a combination type that tends to be on the oilier side, and how I got outbreaks from this product afterwards This lotion anyway, will work like magic on super dry skin like my Grandma’s. So sad, because I really really want to love it!

Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm Serum

Origin: Malaysia
Price: Rp 279.000,-
Netto weight: 30 ml
Where to Buy: Guardian

The last product is Pure Swiss Hydracalm Serum. This is another star product that I really love! The serum has a very lightweight, gel-like lotion texture which spreads and gets absorbed very quickly just like the lotion. It’s hydrating too, but not that much until my skin got breakouts! This serum also leaves no stickiness behind after the application. Very lovely texture and it gives lovely results as well! My skin looks brighter, healthier, and plumper right after the application. Another new skincare fave 😉


That’s all my review for the Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydracalm range, I hope you enjoy it 😉 Overall, I think the price is so goooooood for such an outstanding quality and results given. My skin looks healthier and my dry patches are gone after two weeks of using these products – minus the lotion, which I badly want to love as well. For those with dry and super dry skin, I’m very sure you’ll love the lotion so much because its hydrating power is beyond belief, truly a skin savior for dry patches and itchy skin! Really calming and hydrate your skin until deep down inside 😊

Tell me, which Clinelle products are on your wish list right now? 😉 Or do I make you shop the whole collection after you read this post?

Have a nice weekend everyone, don’t forget to be happy good skincare. Ciao!

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  1. Aku penasaran sama Clinelle soalnya banyak yang bilang oke, semoga di Guardian Bandung udah ada ya :)