Review : NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick [SPONSORED]

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 Matte is the new love! After my Jordana babies, I would like to experience some more matte stuffs. Like if she knew I hadn't got enough of matte lip products, the pretty Lady from Mirielle Beaute sent me this lipstick, NYX Matte Lipstick, in a unique and super pretty color. Let's take a look at the product first, shall we?

Sleek and Simple
This lipstick comes in a black, matte doff plastic tube with white NYX logo printed on it. Sleek and simple design has always been NYX's signature! 

The cap is tight, but overall the container is not very sturdy and “that” bulletproof (LOL!) as it's made of a thin plastic. Somehow I think the Round Lipstick's container is sturdier than this one due to the thickness of the plastic they used to make the container. Even so, the container doesn’t feel so flimsy at all, no worries!

At the middle of the container there's a clear part of the tube, showing off the real product's color inside. A great idea NYX!

Non-Scented Fragrance?
This product is cruelty free, yay for that! As reading the ingredients list, I found out they listed fragrance in it. This may bother some people, but seriously I smell nothing? Yet my lips don’t react negatively as they usually do if they find out something irritating. It has 4.2 g or 0.15oz in netto weight in every product. 

Ms. Brightside
I got this lipstick in MLS 05 Indie Flick, described as a bright coral-red on NYX's website.
Testing this product out for the first time, I really was super impressed of the color payoff it gives on the back of my hand! Only one swipe needed to achieve a true, opaque color payoff with a super great pigmentation given. Due to the amazing color payoff, of course the coverage is supaaa good! People with darker lips will love this, telling you! 

The color is true to what you see in the tube. The color is soooooo bright, blah I have no courage to wear it but damn it’s sooooo pretty! This kind of color, a bright coral with touch of red usually has that brightening effect both to your complexion and your teeth! 

True Soul-Matte!
As this lipstick is matte lipstick, so the finish is matte, true matte. There's no sheen at all, which I love! The color popped up beautifully in such a matte finish. This lipstick also is not drying and still as creamy but in just a right formula, it would glides pretty smooth on lips too. The staying power is awesome I should say, 4 hours and more without eating yet no feathering at all. Even after having your meal, this lipstick will stain your lips with the color which is also easy to be removed with any remover.

It's more into a coral, strong orange-red based coral color. In photos and from some distance it surely looks more into orange than it is to coral-red, but come closer and it's a true coral, red color.

sorry for messy application! ;A;

Do Exfoliate!
One minor down side is, this lipstick somehow settles into fine lines. You better exfoliate your lips first too, before start applying this lipstick for its gliding smoother and more invisible fine lines. Although it does settle into them, this lipstick is not drying which I super love!

Retro Geek 101! <3
NYX Matte Lipstick comes in 22 available shades to choose, from violet to a toffee nude brown. Retailing for IDR 70,000 at Mirielle Beaute, this one is quite cheap for such a gorgeous matte lipstick. You know what; I cannot wait to grab another shade! All of them look so gorgeous, like, how can I choose and have only one of them? (`` ~‾‾ᴥ‾‾)~


Last Words?
A matte lipstick lover? You don’t want to miss this one, I’m warning you! The color payoff is awesome, not drying but more into the creamier side, this lipstick will rock your face with the pretty available shades. Do exfoliates before application and do not forget to take off the color using a lip remover because sometimes it stains well! For IDR 70,000 or $6, I’d say I will definitely grab more shades. Is anyone with me?

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  1. the color is so gorgeous !


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    1. thankyouuu cay! :p
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