Review : Mini Bebe Hand Cream in #1 Pink [SPONSORED]

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Earlier in January, ahem I soon realized how important it was and it is to use such creams like hand creams and or etc. My fingers’ skin is getting flaky, and that was when Mirielle Beaute offered me this hand cream to be tried. Really, Miri? You could read my mind and situation here? *contemplating*

Cute Packaging
It’s Skin is a happening Korean brand right now, being known for its cuteness on the packaging. And yes, the packaging is very cute and irresistible. The base color is a medium pink, plus there is a cream with “cute face smiling in full satisfaction smelling its hand” (?) which just took me seconds before saying yes to this product!

You can take a look at the description at the back side of this tube. Nothing I can say about it—all is written in Hangeul! Here’s the description and promotional picture I got from sites, by the way :

Convenient Plastic Tube!
Talking about the packaging, Mini Bebe Hand Cream comes in tube packaging which I totally love. The tube itself is made of plastic which is more convenient and safe than in thin metal tube like TCFS’ Angel’s Hand Cream. Very hygienic, yet you can control the amount of the product you want to use. The cap is tight and also made of plastic too, quite thick plastic.

Beforehand, this product is sealed with clear plastic all over its body. The tube’s mouth opening is also sealed with thin aluminum foil as shown in this picture, making sure this product inside is not affected. Great idea for the double seals!

the first all-over tube plastic seal

Every tube of this product has 30 ml in it. You can bring this in your pouch, because the size is super travel-friendly and doesn’t need much space!

It’s a Sakura Blossom Scent!
The product inside is a white and soft cream. It’s easily absorbed into your skin without leaving sticky or greasy feeling. I used only an amount of pea-sized and it’s enough for both of my palms! Right after the application you will feel a softer and smoother skin of your palms.

after application

It spreads easily and the scent is very relaxing! The pink variant has cherry blossom scent, which is neither too powerful nor overwhelming. The scent is soft but still as sweet, I love it max! I barely love sweet scents but this one just got my heart, hmmm ~\(‾‾ᴥ‾‾)/~♥
Quick tips here, you better wash your hand before using this cream for a better absorption.

So-So Moisturizing Effect?
This product provides moisture to my skin for around 2-3 hours. Best if you reapply this product in every 3 or 4 hours for a better moisturizing action. Fyi my skin is normal to dry, but more on the normal side. As for you with drier skin may not get enough moisturize effect like what you would get from TCFS’ Angel’sHand Cream (it got shea butter so surely it provided better moisture), but this one is as useful yet cute and handy for travelling.

For the price IDR 45,000 I personally think this cream is so cheap on its kind! It’s very cute, very amazing and the size just fits any small pouch. There are also another options you can get in Mirielle Beaute, this Mini Bebe Hand Cream in 3 available scents and the Mini Bebe Hand Foam.


Last Words?
Looking for a cheap but great hand cream? You should go for this hand cream. The size and the packaging is two things I wanna keep babbling about, it’s simply too cute not to be taken. Though the moisture provided is not as much as how TCFS Angel’s Hand Cream does, this one is still a must have for me because I prefer plastic tube over tin tube.

So, would you give it a try? I’m telling you I will be buying another tube of this hand cream—one for my dresser, one for my school makeup pouch. This is too cute!

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  1. Korean cosmetics always have the cutest packing even though some of them may not work to our liking.

  2. Just got one last week for travelling since the TCFS Angel Hand Hand Cream is so fragile to carry in my makeup bag. Love you pics! ^_^

  3. The packaging is absolutely adorable<3


  4. That is definitely the cutest hand cream ever :)

  5. the packaging is so irresistable XDD