Review: Jordana Matte Lipstick in Pink Passion and Scarlet Red

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Who hates matte? Well, I admit I used too, but after all those thing I experienced with how GUH-REAAAT mattes could be with Balm Jovi shadows from theBalm, I started to expect more on matte-formula stuffs! Sometimes when shimmer and gloss are just too much, will you try matte as a calmed down-but-still-as-gorgeous-version of your makeup?

Been curious about matte lip products—they say it’s drying but you will never know if you didn’t find it out yourself—I finally picked Jordana’s Matte Lipsticks as my first matte lipsticks. Hmm!

Old-School or Vintage?
The packaging is as classic as its name! Its container body—at the twist of the lipstick—has the brand’s name on it with the same classic and old feeling….well actually more on the “cheap” side than on a vintage, cool old-skool looking eh!

It has clear cap so you can take a look of the real color of the product inside that the product itself doesn't retract all the way down, so the bad thing of this stuff is, the cap eventually WILL scratch the product. You can never close the cap in hurry because it takes me at least 2 seconds to concern on closing the cap without scratching the product, meh (;A;  ) Beside, the cap closes tightly so no worries to keep these babies in your purse!

Old Playa’ is Vanilla Scented too
To be honest I never heard of this brand before. But since it was dirt cheap *ahem* my cheapskate soul was called out loud to buy these LOL! Jordana is an old player, it has been on the US beauty market since 25 years ago. They also commit to give people the high quality products with great affordable price.

(L-R) Pink Passion, Scarlet Red

These lipsticks seriously have that vanilla scent! Not as nice as what they have in MAC tho, but sweet enough with still, a slight wax scent. Once applied, the color is true on lips as what you see in the product itself—some lipsticks tend to have totally different color payoff once applied and that’s UGH—yet doesn’t oxidize nor adjust with your lips color after a while. The pigmentation is great and the coverage is awesome, I only need one swipe to achieve the color I wanted. The finish is matte, yes 100% matte as it claimed.

(L-R) Pink Passion, Scarlet Red

Amazing Babies!
The texture is NICEEEEEEEE and so velvety-like, no lie! Glides smoothly on lips without extra tugging, yet it somehow doesn’t settle into fine lines instead of making them invisible! Yet, not feeling sticky at all and so lightweight too. I experienced no feathering issues with the red color too which is great, because I didn’t use any lip pencil before to prevent it!
 It’s not drying at all, and it surely has great staying power. I had my dinner with soup and etc after 4 hours wearing but it still left pretty stains on lips! Woo!

Pink Passion is a light-medium neutral pink, leans into warmer side more. 

Scarlet Red is a blue-based red, a medium-dark red. This red will compliment any skin tone yet work on everyone! Classic & pretty!

Despite of the tight cap I mentioned above, I highly recommend you not to bring these babies on “harsh” journeys of yours! You know, like travelling by plane bla-bla-bla which relates anything like trembles and so because the product itself is so fragile! I once brought the pink one with me for one full day on CnY celebration—what was so harsh with that—and it sat beautifully on a zipped pocket of my super big satchel bag, but I just knew after I wanted to take it back to my box that it was initially broken. Yes, the lipstick was broken…….gotta depot it now! Gee~

This lipstick is dirt cheap for $1.49 sold at, what else can beat the price? The quality really is worth more bucks dude, but this one will only cost you less than $2 to bring you a real matte lipstick!


Last Words?
Nothing to complain except for the old-skool packaging plus its fragileness. I think they just need to re-formula the lipstick itself so it will be sturdier and please, change the packaging into a more interesting one? This product is awesome but some people surely won’t have an eye on them because of the cheap looking packaging! Overall, Jordana, you have reached the goal for making amazing products with dirt cheap price tag. Loving you!

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  1. ahh nice color <3
    the red one looks greaattt on your lips :D

    1. the pink is super nice too ce <3
      awwwww yeahhh *sexiness boosted to 300%*

  2. warnanya bagus banget ^^ itu bibirnya olin juga bentuk nya aduuuh bikin emessyyy :p mhihihi

    1. amajingmakjjang skaliiiiiii ini cher! >.< super canteeek!
      aduduh jadi maluuu, makasiii cher!

  3. So damn cheap,,, bli po dmn? Kl dbanding dgn yg sklasnya kaya wet n wild gmn

    1. would be cheaper if i were in US! i, err love wet n wild better? it has cute range of colors, jordana's color range took me loooong to choose the right color LOL