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 Have you girls been missing me? Or ahem, any of you missing my circle lens review? Worry no more, because today I will be posting one!

EOS is another Korean brand for cosmetic and circle lenses. I’ve heard the hypes about this lens for its comfort and colors. Been wanted to buy this from long time ago, but I just got confused which one to buy because all the patterns and colors were so beautiful! Having Dreamie Chuppa as my sponsor here, the owner kindly sent me one blue colored EOS lens in Jewelry series. They said girls love jewelry, don’t they?

Product Info
Brand : EOS
Type : Jewelry
Color : Blue
Water content : 48%
Diameter : 14.8 mm
Base Curve : 8.8
Duration : 1 year (disposable)

Just like the other Korean brand lens, EOS lenses also come in vials instead. Sometimes I had really a bad time opening the vials, because the aluminum part usually gets my fingers hurt. Ouch! Luckily the aluminum in these vials is attached pretty strong to the plastic cap which makes this easier to be opened.

This Jewelry series comes in prescription, and surely makes me phew and sigh myself out of reliefs. I got my lenses in my prescription of course, which is -3,50 for both my eyes.

Comfort : ♥♥♥♥
Been testing out wearing this lens in different places and occasions along with different conditions. I found out this lens is super comfortable both when it’s first put on and when it’s worn up after. It’s neither blurry nor making me dizzy. I wore this lens on air-conditioned room and no drying feelings on my eyes overall! This lens starts to make my eyes dry after, ahem, 8 hours of wearing without any drops of refresher. I think that’s a normal thing since people usually take off their lenses after 8 hours max. Definitely much more comfortable than my any Geo lenses. Super recommended!

lens inside in

lens inside out

Color : ♥♥♥♥♥
Since this lens is a colored one, the color payoff and its opaque is what I’m after. Of all blue lenses I have ever tried, this lens has the best color payoff as what it’s seen on real life and once applied. The color shows up really well, even better in places with good lighting. The blue color is still seen in some low-lights indoor room, though it’s a little bit muted down and looked like a dark blue color.

Design : ♥♥♥♥♥
The pattern is beautiful, a blue colored lens with black and some clear strokes which just look like spikes. It’s not a rare pattern but well it’s not very common either! I know some lenses with diamond pattern—okay is diamond considered as jewelry—but this lens is sooooo jewelry, like what it’s named after. Once worn, your eyes will look so bright and shiny just like a jewel. I believe that’s something to do with the strokes.
It’s not shiny and sparkling as much as how Vivian Lens Pineapple will bring you. This EOS lens has that pretty, elegant, yet still playful shiny and sparkling effect on eyes.
duh, sorry for the uneven lid!

Enlargement :  ♥♥♥♥
This lens has 14.8 in diameter as it claims in the product information. It has black outer ring which has a normal thickness IMO. The black color is very subtle, so it will still be seen once the lens is put on. This outer ring surely helps enlarging your eyes, but honestly the enlargement given is just around 15 mm, maybe?


Last Words?
Jewelry is every girl’s first love, don’t they say so? I believe in the statement after trying out this lens! It’s super comfortable, has good color payoff yet unique, pretty design! Nothing so far can beat my love towards this lens, and guess what my friends also rave about it as saying it’s super pretty and, ahem, ordered one in the same type and color too! Don’t forget to bring your contact refresher too even it’s super comfortable you can forget to drop them on LOL~

I got mine from Dreamie Chuppa, this lens is sold for IDR 115,000. A super great deal, eh? It’s only around err $12 and it’s an AUTHENTIC items! I bought some lenses from them and all proven authentic and they has the best price ever *lol* Even is basing here in Indonesia, I believe they do worldwide shipping too! Yay for Dreamie!


So, are you going to try out this lens? Are you leaving, or loving it? Why? Share the loves, thoughts, and raves below. See you next time, in a very short time. XOXO!

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  1. They kind of remind me of a flower design ^o^ They look very very pretty. Ahaha XD The hippo lens case is so cute!!


  2. Great review! The case is adorable!!!

  3. Dear caroline,
    I think i will loving it,Thank Ucaroline for the info ;)
    Best regards

  4. Thank you for the review!
    They're a gorgeous design and colour! >w<
    I'm a new follower!
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