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From the title, to the content! Yep, today I’m doing a tag to all beauty bloggers (or any bloggers, feel free to do the task too! It would be fun!) to answer some question I popped here. Let’s start with the reason why I make this tag:

Nobody hates shopping. Who hates splurging on self, especially when money is still a lot after spending some for monthly expense plus saving? Some think it’s not a really good idea to shop around too much even you get money in your hand, but some say it’s okay to splurge on yourself—treat yourself well, if not, who would?

And not only once, I believe, for us to feel guilty of what you’ve bought in the name of “treating myself”. Me too, I feel guilty sometimes after spending lotsa money. But since I managed to work hard for my own money, the guilt can be suppressed a little bit! Now, I want to ask you these questions:

1. Have you ever gone over the budget limit which has been set for yourself?
2. Share with me your worst guilt feeling ever, after spending—oops, splurging—money for your beauty items! (including skincare sets, toiletries, etc.)
3. How much do you think you will be worth of if you get more money than what you’ve got today?
4. New arrivals or discounted items?
5. Repurchasing or trying out new launched items?
6. How would you manage your money to buy things of your dream?
7. Do you think someone’s haul represents the personality of the buyer? Why? What do you think of a “haul” post actually?
8. After answering all the questions above, how’s your feeling now? Do you have any self commitment? What is it—or what are they?

Think that’s all! Now let me answer my questions first:
  1.  Sometimes! I never really set down the limit for numbers of which I will spend, but I’m really considering of making one now. Believe me, if you don’t set the limit, you will go over the limit, like, every time.

  2.  When I did my self-gifting birthday haul here, it was all Illamasqua, and I really went broke back there. It wasn’t cool or awesome, but when the items arrived at least I felt a liiiiiitle bit better, by getting what I really paid the price of. I promised myself not to fall further into the Illamasqua addiction, but how on earth could that happen when all their products are GUH-REAAAT? Plus, whenever I happen to make one item on my wish list mine, there will always be thousands more waiting to be owned. I think that’s everybody’s problem, right?

  3.  Maybe I will splurge more on skincare items. Trying out like, one set of Paula Choice’s special acne care set. I don’t happen to love high-end brands, but I’d love to try some lipsticks or highlighters from them. And, Japanese makeup items please! Cute and great, but…expensive as well. Sometimes.

  4.  DISCOUNTED ITEMS. And this is, to be very honest, the reason why I never actually happened to grab that PC’s acne care set because they never actually been on sale LOL. I love discount, reduced price, and who doesn’t? But my obsession against discounted items are worst than the one against new arrivals. I love grabbing things at their best price—in my very own liking—and, if the price is really dropped down to ground, I will never, ever, think twice not to get it. I live by the famous economical law; “pay less for more”. DON’T LIVE THIS WAY, I guarantee it feels good but it kills you to see this “%” symbol.

  5.  Nah finally it comes to the hardest question—at least for me. I would answer “repurchasing”, but in fact what I do is to buy new arrival items. I should really repurchase, and I note this down so I won’t spend money on things I still don’t know the performance! (especially my skin is very sensitive, I should stick to the things proven to work good with it, right?)

  6.  How I manage? To be honest, I don’t manage! I buy things soon as possible, or when I have no money atm, I would list down which to buy first and which not. And still, referring to the point no.4, the list is not very permanent—meaning, I will get those in sale first instead!

  7.  Nope. We will never know how’s someone personality and intentions by what they really show off. Don’t have snap judgment on people; there are many positive issues from posting a haul post. For me, haul post is a measurement I use to know how much I’ve spent for my own items. Be sure not to do the same thing again next month if things went over limit—but well, the regret never works wonder on me LOL. Plus, readers will know of what’s hot this season and some people find haul post as a “self-excuse” for them not to feel guilty by spending so much money for their own—there are people worse than me, eh.

  8.  YES I FEEL SO GUILTY. I’m still a high-schooler, and to be honest my very own expense especially in beauty items is always more than I could need. I would like to re-arrange and to manage my money better in future, which I hope I could do very soon. Even all the money I spend on my haul were all made by my own self, I really do feel guilty. Of those I could save, I spent them instead for things I should’ve saved for next times. It’s not very easy when it comes to commit, but I really wanna be better in managing money. Women are meant to handle not only their own selves expense, but later on most of us should really do the financial planning for our family. Remember that things are not always going smooth and as what we expect them to be, sometimes it takes the deepest fall before the highest arise. Be wise to use your money!

I realize I’m no any wise, but I want to be wiser in terms of using money. Those spent will never come back the same, and you’ll never know when you would need some exact amount for emergency situation—unexpected ones, too. I hope this tag post is interesting for you to do. Don’t worry, don’t feel bad about yourself for never really splurge for self or have you been splurging too much—we can get through this thing together! Life’s not getting any easier, so prepare yourself a better future start from now on. Let’s do it together, you and I!

Here are some tips to handle “over budgeted” personal expense from me:

  1.  List down the things of your dream, and start striking the lines on those you don’t really want. Stop saying “I will strike the lines on those I don’t needLIE! You will feel that all written down on the list are needs, and they have to be fulfilled soon. Determine which you really want, and which actually just a “one second need” is. You know which, I believe!

  2.   Split your money into two bank accounts. Never mix them up—you will never have ending wish list if you do so. By splitting the money into a new shopping-targeted account, you will realize how much you’ve actually spend on things an hopefully, you won’t take any from the saving “saving” account to buy more things!

  3.  Work Hard, Play Hard. This line was taken from a great song by David Guetta ft. Ne-Yo & Akon. If you wanna shop hard and play around with the new stuffs, start working your bones hard too. If your lifestyle and standards have been set high, it’s harder to set them down so you better work harder to fulfill them. Let the wish list be the cheerleader at work!

  4.  Start browsing online, and subscribe for website’s newsletters. I know this is not really a good idea since you will have more chances and excuses to shop more, but you will not miss the latest promotions the website have—time to fulfill the wish! And let the newsletters, new products information will not only be a heavy burden for you to stop shopping, but let them be the cheerleader too for you to work hard!

Phew! Finally the post is over, so time to share your thoughts down below. Is it yay or nay, do you agree or disagree with the tips I shared above? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts too, so please share the links to me after you’ve done this tag in the comment section below. Please attach the first picture of the post too! Have a great day, and XOXO!

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  1. angkat jempol (tangan dan kaki)

  2. Buat ngaca banget nih #LOL....
    Beauty Items hoarder.. Alasannya pas lagi murah supaya enggak beli-beli lagi nanti, ujung2nya tetep aja beli lagi #Plakkkk


  3. 4 tips you've wrote were totally what I've done all this time :D

    Anyway, here's mine: http://silvertreasure.blogspot.com/2013/10/carolinelles-tag-how-much-will-your.html

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  5. omg i understand you sooooo much *.* i always spend a lot too !!!! you are really lovely <3 would you like to follow each other ? i would love it <3 let me know<3 kisses


  6. I am totally doing this post!! I loved ur way of thinking. work hard and play hard.

  7. Hi..

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