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From the title of this post, I bet all of you have well, guessed at least what does this post tell you about right? This is something out of this blog’s main topic, but it’s okay to break out all the rules topics, sometimes, right? *wink*

So if anyone of you wondering why didn’t I post a lot lately, well, it’s not something I wanted either! I miss all of my readers, the feedbacks, and etc! I do take photos, write reviews, and all the blogging things beside of POSTING,  of course it’s the only thing I didn’t, and don’t do. The main reason is not my laziness la, it’s, it was all about….


Seriously I’m dying without it!!! ASDHJFKASDHFIJAH but what else can I do??? I’ve tried to blog from my phone, from my friend’s home wi-fi (thanks to xpentacle, lovvvvvv you!) but none of them worked la (;A;  )
I’m considering of changing my internet subscription to another “proper” provider. For Indonesian residences, can you suggest some in the comment box below?
P.S : I’m writing this in wrath! Oh, how it’s irritating just to connect to the internet!

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