Review: Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy

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I MISS THIS BLOG. Period. My days were beyond busy & out of control, but finally I made it through! Phew! If you’re following my Twitter, I’m pretty much sure you already knew more and less about the reasons behind my absence—I made a little time to update there, make sure you’re following it in case I’m gone again in future LOL

To start posting again, I would love to review a product I bought back there in my self-birthday haul in June, and it’s from Illamasqua again!

Luxurious Exterior!
Not much to say about the packaging because its gorgeousness is clearly shown through the unique rectangular shape, eh? None of Illamasqua blusher has mirror housed at its lid instead of a clear plastic part with Illamasqua logo embossed on it, revealing the shade inside. I have no complaints of this, because I won’t bring my precious Illamasqua blushers on travel days! (You know how soft and buttery their blushes formula is, thus I won’t risk them by bringing them along.)

Caution: Hot!
Illamasqua Powder Blusher is my favorite blush formula, ever. The one that I would like to review today is Hussy, which is described as “bright candy pink” on Illamasqua’s site. The description seems to be true, even though it looks a bit darker on pan it’s actually a nice bright, playful pink which still has a tad of neutral-warm undertone even though the cool tone is stronger. Think of mixing hot pink and coral pink color, if that makes sense! I proved it anyway, by finding out this unique color slightly changes under different lighting, it can look warmer or cooler depends on the lighting over the room you’re being at. It has matte finish of which I love Illamasqua powder blusher’s formula the most. Buttery texture, easy to blend, soft and smooth both in pan and after done applied on face, even buildable! Oh, too lovely to be true.

swatch on my inner arm (1 swipe)

Stays Forever!
For the staying power, how can you doubt Illamasqua? Naked Rose, being a light pink color I once reviewed here, stays for 9-10 hours on me before I put my makeup off. Hussy performs the same—even better, being a darker color—I never tried it out above 10 hours but it sure stays pretty and no signs of fading during the wear.

oh, so pretty pink!

Another selca~~
Illamasqua Powder Blusher retails for 18 at and ASOS, I got mine from Make Up Brush in case you’re wondering which Indonesian online shop opens pre-order for Illamasqua product!


Last Words?
Hussy is a pretty, playful pink color with a little of warm undertone. It’s the candy pink color which will work almost to everyone, even those with warmer complexion! Its formula and staying power are beyond lovely as stated above, but always remember to use gentle brush with your Illamasqua Powder Blusher as it’s super soft, make sure to tap off the excess too—you won’t want to end up looking clownish, will you? This is your perfect spring & summer shade!


Have you tried or owned any Illamasqua Powder Blusher? Interested to try out Hussy? I will update this blog more and more (even though I am now having my final exam for this semester LOL but who cares, I miss my blog for awhile already) so stay tuned!

Did You Know?
I’m thinking to get back vlogging again! Fall makeup, anyone?
Black Friday is 2 days to go! Have you listed down anything you want? Do list down—don’t go over the budget. I’m saving for the year end sale too!

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