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If you’re following me on Instagram you must notice that I rarely wear circle lens lately. My last photo with lenses was like…on May? And since then, I only wore glasses for weekdays and clear prescription lens on weekend. That’s why I started to miss those blingy, big, round cute eyes that I used to have with those lenses! And God seemed to answer my prayer, when I browsed through Instagram timeline I found out that my all-time-favorite lens online shop, Dreamie Chuppa, was having (and they still ARE) big EOS lens sale!

I quickly browsed through their pictures for days, because finding the one that would be perfect for me was kinda tricky. BF’s reaction when he heard I was about to buy lens was not good: “What’s it with bigger eyes, I like your natural black eyes better la no need to buy such those lenses, clear lens is better,”
Plus that (-_-  ) emoji. Geez. Dunno why he dislikes circle lens, but as I recall, I never wore circle lens again since we first dated so maybe he’s just not used seeing me with lens. So my aim was, to find one that is (again,) BF approved: the answer is EOS Ice in Grey.

Product Info
Brand: EOS
Type: Ice
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Color: Grey
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8
Duration: 1 year (disposable)
Availability in Prescription: Yes (from 0-10.00)
Price: IDR 130,000 (currently on sale for IDR 80,000)

Packaging comes in glass vial bottle, with plastic cap and metal seal at the top of it. Now let’s take a look at it!

Color: ♥♥♥♥♥
It’s a beautiful light grey color, is it not? When seen inside the case the lens looks almost transparent in color with just a touch of very light grey gradating inside out, with not too vivid grey outer ring. I’m so afraid that it would appear weird once put on the eyes but guess what, it’s not! The “transparency” however turns out very beautiful when blends in with my natural dark brown eye color, thus making this lens not so weird or ghastly. I rarely love lens which lacks in vividness and richness in color, but this one just got me in love 
Since the diameter is bigger than my pupil, thus it gives “the nudy effect”! You know, that effect of teary looking eyes that almost all “nudy” series from all brands have. Yeah, that effect. Lovely eh?

lens inside out
lens inside in

Design: ♥♥♥♥
The design resembles the shape of ice spikes, hence its name. I find myself sighing “Meh,” when first seeing it, but to see how it looks when worn literally turns the sigh into excitement! It may look not too appealing at first, but it’s really, really pretty and lovely on eyes. It gives teary and blingy effect to eyes. And I just remember that I’ve never seen lens in this design before except this EOS Ice, so I will consider the pattern unique 

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥
With 14.8mm in diameter, EOS Ice gives your eyes bigger and rounder effect, but not too much or too fake for daily wear or no-makeup days. It’s not horribly big or too small for a pair of circle lens. I know what my BF might be anticipating from circle lens is possibly the enlarging effect it may give, but this one he accepted with a smile! But maybe for those who are very after big circle lens, this one may not be for you.

sorry for the crossed eyes XD i'm taking the pic myself and it's kinda hard to take decent pic, this one was da best so far~

Talking about the outer ring—that usually is the main factor of lens’ eyes-enlarging effect—this EOS Ice has thin one. While it’s not too vivid in color, it’s more of a dark grey color (not black), so it’s kinda hard to see the outer ring if not from 30 cm distance from your eyes. This, however, gives that very natural effect on your eyes as if your eyes are naturally big and not fake at all!

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
Compared to any EOS lens I’ve tried before, the Ice series have thinner lens. Thus it feels more comfortable when is worn because it has 8.8 BC which means it’s a bit flatter in curve. No wonder it feels like I’m wearing nothing throughout the days. Kinda weird actually, I never had found out a single lens that is as comfortable as this one. It only has 38% water content but it’s not drying at all! Not itchy too, plus as mentioned above, I feel like wearing nothing with this lens—even since the first time you put it on. This is what I had never experienced before with any contact/circle lenses I’ve tried so far. Never! What a great plus point for this lens~~

And to the selcas…

Please bear with me. Well at least don’t you girls miss my face? XD


Last Words?
EOS Ice in Gray in one word: PURR-FECT! I’d love to buy this lens, over and over again! Guess what, this is my so far favorite lens then. It’s comfortable, thin, and pretty in color. Yet it’s more affordable than my favorite Dueba lens! The teary effect it gives is just perfect, cute and melodramatic. I get ton of compliments while wearing this lens, plus it is BF approved la ;)

For the next purchase, I’m eyeing on the brown and blue color. They’re.gorgeous.period. I wonder if I would look weird in the brown (it’s yellower than any usual brown lens) but I’m keen on trying!

If you’re interested in buying this lens, grab it fast at Dreamie Chuppa. Oh my favorite lens store EVER.
And the EOS series are still on sale ♪ So what are you still waiting for?
Thank you for reading the review, see you next time 

;) see you~

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  1. Olinn km meracunikuuu.. XD
    Jd pgn bli lens baruuuu.. blm prnh cb eos

  2. emang enak banget ce EOS no lie....ahahhaa favorite bgt <3<3

  3. So cute n nice color~~

  4. Softlensnya racun bangettt. Salam kenal Caroline

  5. Ce gak pernah berani pake lens -_-

  6. mau nanya dong, km pake apa buat alisnyaa.. lucu bangett big luv :)