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Hi all! It’s been…decades, since I wrote here eh? *sweat*
But please consider today as my come back – as if I were famous lol – after vacuum and hibernating for so long from this blog. I am going to report an event to all of you, which was brought by Makarizo Indonesia. First I would like to apologize deeply to Makarizo Indonesia for the delayed post, there were some stuffs and exams that kept me busy all weeks that I was not be able to write a single thing. And my internet just got fixed, (your fault, FM) so I was just be able to upload the photos by now.

Without further ado, let’s just jump into the post!

As you can see on the invitation, there were two events on two different days. Unfortunately I could only attend one, which was the first event: the Hair Treatment, located at Kirei Salon, Surabaya.

I know this saloon already, but never actually got any treatment there. I was late to the event *cough* thanks to a noon class. When I got there, all the bloggers were already there and having themselves treated by the professional team of Makarizo. I was quickly greeted by the friendly Ms. Ferina and Ms. Puput, introducing themselves as Makarizo Professional Team that came all the way from Jakarta to Surabaya for this event.

So what made Makarizo Texture Treatment different from the others?

You take a look at the pic yourself. Nope, it’s not a menu book of some kind of fancy restaurant. It was literally the ‘menu’ of the day, a list of the products to pick for your treatment! Varying from green tea to strawberry yogurt. Yum, eh? I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was like, “Meh, it would just be some kind of fancy ads and artificial scent…” until I sniffed the jar myself. My God. Every jar was smelt like HEAVEN. While listening to the Ms. Ferina for the explanation of each product and its usage, I was busy taking pics and sniffing and deciding which or which to pick!

My choice was chocolate, after being in a dilemma in between picking vanilla (my all time fav scent!) and chocolate. Well, yeah, now I can smell yummy without feeling guilty about my weight eh?

This TEXTURE range is different from other Makarizo products. It offers a whole new experience (henve the event name was Texture Experience by Makarizo) of hair treatment. It’s not just fancy, strong, and natural smell that you will get – but also the natural and real benefit of each featured ingredient! Say, like green tea which has calming effect. It would affect your mood and relax you more while you’re having the treatment. About the chocolate that I picked earlier, it would prevent my hair from getting damaged of sunray, etc and keep it moisturized all day.

To make the scent last longer and also, the most important of all, the effect got more real and the result got better, TEXTURE range has all-in treatment from shampoo, conditioner, to hair mask! I was waiting for my turn to get treated, so let’s see what other bloggers were treated shall we:

Then my turn came. But by that time, we were already “evacuated” to the first floor due to electricity problem upstairs. I borrowed the pictures below from my fellow bloggers, but no worries as each has been credited and linked to their blog as well! (because there’s no way I could take pics of myself during the treatment eh..)

First I got my hair washed and conditioned with black chocolate shampoo and conditioner. After that, the professional team got my hair half-dried and applied the chocolate hair treatment, plus doing some massage to the scalp. OMG I SWEAR I SMELT THE YUMMIEST GIRL ON EARTH AT THAT MOMENT! Not being hyperbolic, you can ask my fellow blogger how yummy and heavenly I smelt back there.

spot the dominating color of this pic? FUCHSIA INDEED. The floral pattern on my dress, my lips, and the towel....they all had same color XD

I was also treated with the black rice hand scrub, so I had one therapist doing my hair while one doing my arms. Feel much like Princess *get slapped*

Oh, and selfie!

After the treatment, my hair would be washed one more to remove all the excess. And tadaaaaaaaa after my hair was completely dried, here how it looks: SMOOTH AND SMELL SO YUMMY.

before the treatment. anyone misses me already? and my selfie? XD

after the treatment!
Believe it or not the scent stayed for THREE MAGICAL DAYS. I don’t lie. When I got home, my Granny was like, what delicious smell is that, and it was my HAIR. Wherever I went, the scent lingered on the air. Much like shampoo ads?

I am so thankful to Tia and Jean, and Makarizo Team Indonesia for having me in this super great event! Yay for the treatment and their new range, Texture Experience by Makarizo. Would I have another treatment? YES INDEED I WOULD. All the treatment was beyond expectation yet it was excellent! Great job, Makarizo Team! Thank you, and see you next time ;) 

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  1. what a nice experience lin ^.^
    jadi penasaran gmn yummy nya rambutmu XD hahaha

  2. haha bring a monopod next time, then you can take a selfie while doing treatment. =p

    Henry Tan