Review : Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

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After my love-hate relationship I was forced to have with hand creams, now I’m started to love it more to see that it really works to protect and moisture my palm’s skin. Another cute-but-great hand cream that wins my heart is this, a peach-scented, peach-like jar hand cream from Tony Moly which I got back there in the April’s package from bntNews!

So Cute, So True!
The jar is super cute, it’s a nice peach-like jar with a twist turn cap. The opening of this jar is right on the middle of this jar. It has a nice gradation color of a nice warm peachy pink to pale yellow, starting from the top and down to the middle of the cap. Size is quite big, think of the size of a….what, tennis ball? Every product has 30g in it, sure quite a lot right?

You can find (which I believe…) a description plus the ingredients list on the bottom of this jar. Yep, as many Korean products always come with, this product also has ONLY descriptions in Hangeul. And this is the description I got from internet :

is a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream enriched with peach and apricot extracts, as well as adenosine, a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient, for softer, smoother and whiter hands.
Hands feel comfortably soft immediately upon application, while regular use improves skin elasticity and gives hands a youthful look. Keep hand cream within reach to constantly moisturize hands. An anti-aging hand cream contains vitamin C, peach.

Notice after you’re taking off the cap, there is another white, plastic separator in between the cap and the product. Hygienic and quality issues, and Tony Moly always does the good job in it. 

Yummy Scent Alert!
The product is basically a white, with a bit of soft pink tint in it. It has a really delicious, yummy, and sweet peach scent. Hmm! The scent isn’t too overwhelming, it’s very nice and calmful.

Texture wise, the cream has medium thickness but very easy to spread, yet it feels very lightweight on skin. It leaves no sticky feeling behind and no greasiness as well. The scent lasts quite a long time, around 2 to 3 hours without washing hand on me. Quite a staying power it has!

Real Hydration
As the description of this product said, this cream really gives me the smoother and softer hands. It really moisturizes your skin, yet the hydration doesn’t only sit just for a few hours but I can still my palms’ are soft and smooth even after one day passed! I don’t reapply, tho!! For the anti-aging and the whiter skin promised, I don’t think I can see if my palms’ are whiter. Yet for the anti-aging property it has, so far I only noticed the fine lines on my palms are more blurred with regular and continuous use, not really lessened.

Cheap but Great!
Nothing to complain about this product, regardless of its not-really-travel-friendly size, it makes really a good hand cream there. The price is delighting as well, varying around IDR 50,000 to 110,000. Of course, online shops offer a great price and deal on this product! However, I believe this product is much, much cheaper in Korea than it’s being sold on eBay which I believe it costs around the same price as official counter’s price.


Last Words?
Hydrating, making your palms sure softer and smoother, as well as giving a super nice and delighting scent to your nose, this hand cream is a total keep! It may be a little not too convenient to bring it along with the cutest jar on earth on a trip, but it really makes a good home decoration—at least adding some juicy feeling to your vanity. A little goes a long way, and for a 30 gram product this product is a steal!

So, I’m here thanking bntNews again and Joy along with all the crews for providing me this amazing product! Don’t forget girls, to visit bntNews’ site as they always update the latest information, trends, and hypes there in Korea. Calling all those K-Pop addicts!

And oh, there are not only their web you can visit to update your Korean side, there are always social media account you can happen to follow and subscribe as well :

Website :
Facebook : bntNews UK

That’s all for now girls, so tell me what you think about this product and maybe another recommendation of hand creams, cause I’m now craving more! X

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  1. I love the packaging of that hand cream! Did you know that peach is a healthy fruit that can help combat signs of skin ageing? Here's a list of all the other food that are great for the skin.

  2. Very nice cream, It is very good to use to remove effects of aging. Anti Aging Skin Products

  3. Nice Post and great packing!
    One cannot defy age they say... As much as it rings true I would truly love to defy it... I may sound vain but there is

    seriously nothing more difficult than making sure that your concealer doesn't settle into the fine lines around your eyes.

    Sighhhh... What a struggle it will be... Now truly I cannot defy age but I can at least delay the signs of aging no, can't I?

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