Review : Geo Super Angel Brown XCM-214 [SPONSORED]

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When others are super excited and look great, super awesome with brown lenses, I……….simply am not, and I don’t. It’s like “Why Goddddddd” and “It’s unfair asdfghjkl” and so on. Funny eh? Even I always have wanted a light brown or hazel color on my eyes, they will just make me look like a lizard. Or an alien.

But when Marsha from Lilshaww (and also Marshadnb’s Blog!) contacted me few days ago, telling that I was the blogger of the month who was chosen to review contact lens she sold, I quickly pick a brown colored lens because I kinda missed them a lot in my eyes! Would they look better this time?

Product Info
Brand : GEO Lens
Origin : Korea
Diameter : 14.8 mm
Color : Brown
Water Content : 38-42%
Base Curve : 8.6
Duration : 1 year (disposable)
Availability in Prescription : Yes

Authentic Product!
 There are so many fake Geo lenses sold out there, so beware! Make sure you get yours the original ones. Buy your lens from the well-known seller. Don’t let the price deceive you and bring you to a fake product… Checking the authenticity is by taking a look at this sticker. If you found one with this sticker, your lens is guaranteed to be the original one!

Available in Prescription!
I always included this on my love points, because I have myopic la (T___T) it’s very pathetic to find cute contact lenses which bring no prescription options for people with myopic like myself.

 ♥ Has Black Limbal Ring
This lens also has 14.8 mm in diameter, but it has black limbal ring to provide a better enlargement. Like my Vivian lens here, it claims to have 17.2 mm in diameter but the enlarging effect is quite comparable to this Super Angel Brown. It’s because of the black limbal ring effect! Say yes to the limbal ring, because it’s a gyaru look’s BFF~ \(*O*)/

It’s a Dark Brown!
Just know that I can work with brown lenses too! Yay! As long as they’re in the darker ones, tho….Well, I won’t look good with light-brown contact lenses as I’m a cool person. Should find one that is in a light brown, or hazel color and I still can work with them! This lens also is great for my gyaru look, because gyaru tends to wear brown lenses in common. And the color they’re wearing usually is dark brown too!

without lens
left eye with lens

both with lens

Cheap Baby, eh?
Even this is a sponsored product, I know they sell it for only IDR 100.000! What a cheap product, eh? Cheap doesn’t mean it’s a fake product, tho! The fake Geo lenses in Indonesia usually is around IDR 40.000-50.000 so beware. This lens is very cheap (for an authentic product!) and I want to repurchase in future!

Color : ♥♥♥♥♥
It’s brown, a dark brown to be precise. I have dark brown eyes which are nearly black, and the color blends naturally with my eyes. I cannot see if I’m wearing a colored contact lens at some low-light place and indoor. If you’re looking for a bright brown colored lens, this may not is for you. Try the nudy ones!

Design : ♥♥♥♥♥
The design itself is like a flower petal, a common design to be honest. Mostly gyaru wear lenses with this pattern. It’s not too special, but quite fancy and not boring.

Enlargement : ♥♥♥♥
The diameter is only 14.8 mm but I think the enlargement effect reaches the 15 mm to 15.5 mm. The limbal ring does matter tho, it gives a great enlargement effect to your eyes.

Comfort : ♥♥♥♥
Been wearing this for 8 hours before it started to get dry and uncomfortable on my eyes. This lens has low water content, (which usually doesn’t work with my eyes) but this one is quite comfortable, compared to my previous Geo Nudy Quarter. Just drop some eyedrops and, you’re done! Back comfortable again~ 


Last Words?
If you’re really paying attention, you will notice that I write no cons for this lens. It really is! I love the color—and how it doesn’t make me like a weirdo with alien eyes—and the enlargement effect, I love how it’s quite comfort for a Geo lens! It’s bloody cheap anyway, you cannot beat the price la! This is my new favorite lens, both for daily wear because of its natural look and for my gyaru look! Yay!

If you’re interested in this lens, maybe you’d like to visit LilShaww Lens to buy this from them! Just click on the link above, or their banner on my right sidebar. I’m waiting to hear from you girls about this lens, okay? Tell me if you love it as much as I do!

Do not forget to mention my name “carolinelle” to get 5% off discount for your purchase. Gotta go now, see you in my next review. It’s tonight, so please stay tuned!

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15 kisses

  1. cakeppppppp! :)))
    after i heard your voice, hihihihi.. #plaaakk

    1. thankyouuuuu sariii >w<
      knapaaa? suaranya nggak kaya tampangnya yaaaa! (*O*)

    2. iyaaaa.. gitu dehh XD
      tapi ga peduli ahh,, yg penting unyu, xixixixi~

  2. aku jg punya ini lin tp aku ga gt suka warnanyaa.. tiap org mmg beda ya hihi..
    itu fotony cute abis dehhh *culik trus bawa pulangg xD

    1. aku suka ini soalnya lens coklat di aku kalo terang/keliatan bgt coklatnya bikin mukaku kaya cicak ce ._.
      padahal pengen lens coklat terang huhu..
      aaa diculik artis korea! :3

  3. ooh I missed these lens! They were so pretty and look nice on you!

    1. u used to have them? thankyouu dawn! <3

  4. You look so cute! Always wanted this (done by EOS, but same design)in pink lol ever tried mimi almond? They are the most gorgeous brown lens imo :D

    1. eos got lens wif this design in pink???????? lol what's it called?
      nopeee, i joined a dueba shopping spree and bought their kira-kira lens in brown! it has the same design as geo mimi almond. waiting for it now~

  5. fotonya mirip banget sama miyako sayumi aku kira foto miyako ayumi eh ternyata c caroline hahha.

    btw , followed your blog c , mind to follow back ? :D

    1. haaa? no wayyyy miyako sayumi cantik bangettttt >w<

  6. ini natural banget deh liin hasilnya o____o oke buat everyday look!!! gyaaaa~

    1. di aku natural ce, meskipun kadang keliatan warnanya apalagi kalo di outdoor :3

  7. sis mau tanya, gimana rasanya pertama kali pake lens geo? kebetulan aku baru aja beli geo nudy yang green tapi belum pernah dipake kemana-mana soalnya tiap kali dicoba ada sensasi panas gitu. entah aku yg ga cocok dengan lensa korea mungkin ya, sebelumnya ga knpa-knpa ko.. padahal dari kemasan, packing, dan yg lainnya sama persis kayak di fotonya sis. aku juga belinya dari seller yg punya reputasi baik. thanks ^^

    1. hai sis elsa :) pertama kali biasa aja sih. IMO ya, kamu maybe nggak cocok dengan lens GEO. kan hasil di tiap orang berbeda2. klo boleh tau, pertama beli apa langsung kamu coba, or kamu rendam 1 x 24 jam dengan solution baru dulu sebelum pemakaian? karna rendam itu harus, untuk meluruhkan cairan pengawet yang ada didalam botol vial itu.

      kalo smua sesuai dengan yg di foto aku, lensnya guaranteed as original. mungkin memang mata kamu yang kurang cocok dengan lens GEO >.<