Tuesday Tips: DIY Green Tea Powder and Gentle Face Scrub!

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Tuesday Tips is baaaack ~
Because I simply don’t care about my exams. Gee. Screw them all! *throw books away*

As maybe you have read here in my Daily Skincare Routine post, currently I have no scrub/exfoliating products in my stash – simply because even the most gentle one breaks me out. Usually I just use oatmeal as exfoliator but you know, it’s too soft eh? No ‘real exfoliating’ on skin, and I can’t really tell if the rough dead skin cells are actually going away or not. So I’ve been experimenting for two weeks with stuff in the kitchen, and ta~daaaaa ...
my very own gentle face scrub!

The exfoliator agent in this DIY Gentle Scrub Mask is…green tea powder. I know it’s very hard to find green tea in powder form here in Indonesia so guess what, I’m going to make my own powder!

  • Green tea leaves
  • Tea Filter
  • Spoon

  • Separate the dried sticks from the leaves – simply because sticks don’t grind well later and it’s quite harsh on skin!

  • After done separating, now put the leaves into a food processor/blender.
  • Grind it for 2 minutes.

  • Put the ground tea leaves in a tea filter. Start filtering the leaves; throw away all the big chunks.
  • Repeat the filtering process twice.
  • Your beauty powder is ready ~

P.S: you may repeat the grinding or filtering process as many times as you like to get the texture that you want!

Now that we have our powder, let’s make the mixture ~

  • 1 tsp Green tea powder (yay!)
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • ½ tsp Warm water

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of green tea powder with 1 teaspoon of honey

  • Stir them all-together.

  • Until they’re well mixed, add ½ tsp of warm water.

check the constituency. add more/less water as you like!
  • Apply to your face. Let it sit for good 15 minutes.

  • Splash water, then rub with gentle circular motion (for exfoliating purpose) or rinse off (if you’re only using it as a mask)

I quickly found that this magical mixture works both as a homemade face scrub and simply a calming mask! It’s all up to you because the green tea goodness still works wonder in both way though – that’s why we let it sit for quite a while, okay? Don’t rinse off too quick!

After using this mask/scrub, I quickly feel my skin smoother, brighter, and more hydrated and plumped than before. Oh yes ~ ! I recommend you to use this as a mask 3 times in a week, and use as a scrub once a week. You can always thank me later for having clearer, (slightly) brighter, and less oily face ;)


And that’s all for today’s #TuesdayTips! Toot is now upset because I don’t study instead of pampering self and writing this post. Geez. Will be back later okay? This upcoming two weeks I will be quite busy but I will try my best to update more.
Oh! Don’t forget to ask me anything on my Ask.fm ♥ it feels great to receive new questions, ya know?

Ask me anything – life related, beauty related stuff, campus stuff – and I will answer them quickly!

Ciao for now girls, happy Tuesday ♥ xo

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  1. beli green tea leaves nya dmn linnn.. beli di supermarket kira2 apa ya? o_o

  2. Olin nemu aja green tea leavesnya. Beli dimana? Madu yang kamu pake apa? Aku takut kena yang palsu..

  3. Aduh DIY mu olin , selalu bikin pengen bikin . tapi akunya gak telaten :(

  4. aaaa mulussss bgt kulitnya, iriiiii <3


  5. di supermarket ada ce. bonet/hypermart gt pasti ada, kl di indomaret sih ga ada :3

  6. di supermarket yg agak gedean mba.. jgn indomart >.< hihi. kaya di carrefour/hypermart gitu pasti ada.
    madu nya aku beli ini dr temen oma aku sih..merk nya sialang. di post tuesday tips yg DIY itu ada penampakan botolnya :D

  7. ayooooo ceee telaten!! #semangat #pukpuk

  8. apa ci >.< ini jerewi pms ga keliatan di foto huhu.. abis breakout juga :(