Haul: 2 Months Mini Haul & Repurchasing Faves!

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Hello girls ~
Who’s missing me already?

Okay la not being cray cray here about the reason why I’m gone, I bet all of you have known why: Kieso books. Screw them. I’m still on my 3rd semester but it already feels like hell so hard to survive in both online and real world. Phew! I just finished my mid-test weeks, hope the result will be okay. Finger crossed. I wish them to be good ofc, but kinda being realistic here – B or AB is enough for accounting subjects. Sigh.

Back to the blog, so yeah here’s a quick update: mini haul of past two months! I had posted some pictures in my Instagram about my mini hauls, and now let’s just gather them all into one in this post. Without further ado, let’s get started!

STF Hakugen Sweat & Oil Clear Film x 2
Fancl Facial Washing Powder II (Moist) + Sponge
Albion Skin Conditioner Essential 110 ml
MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil
Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm #01 Rose Pink

The oil clear film was on BOGO promotion at Guardian and it’s only for ONE DAY! I feel so lucky that I visited the counter that day LOL, because you get these two items for only IDR 40,500 or $3! How cheap ~

I was curious about Japanese powder wash since my face can’t really make friend with facial foams so I grabbed this deluxe size of Fancl powder wash while crossing my fingers and hoping that it would work. And yes, IT WORKS ♥♥ definitely repurchasing in bigger size and ready to try another powder wash because they work on my skin.

I also repurchase my baby, Albion SkiCon. Bought it from @ettusais_cosme on Instagram and yes, I could say it’s my numero uno Japanese product supplier now! They don’t only have good price – I don’t dare say they’re the cheapest out there, it’s fairly priced tho; not too expensive or cheap – but the service is AWESOME. The owner is very, very helpful and don’t mind a thousand questions of mine about a lot of products aside Albion but only buying this one. LOL if it were someone else, I might have been ignored or blacklisted already XD

pic taken from my Instagram
Oh! The Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm is a belated birthday gift from a blogger (and real life) sweetheart, Tata! Thank you a lot Tataaaa ~ ♥
Chanel Lift Lumiere Fluid Makeup SPF 15
Holika Holika Good Cera Cream
Swiss Pure Sun Screen x 2
Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner
A’Pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream (Daily)
A’Pieu DD Cream
Albion EXAGE Moist Crystal Milk II
Albion EXAGE White Crystal Milk II x 2
Sariayu Masker Beras Putih

Received a lot of samples along with my purchases. I also bought some of Albion milk samples, to try them on and let’s see if I can get something new to purchase ~

THREE Cosmetics Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation SPF 36/PA++
The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50/PA+++

I’m still in the search of new HG base makeup that’s rather lightweight, but still is long-wearing. Bought the Three foundation while it’s on a good deal. No regret, since Three is a mid to high end Japanese brand, so the quality is not questionable at all. I also received The Face Shop’s cushion from Kawaii Beauty Japan. Review soon on my blog!

Peripera Peri’s Tint House
ARITAUM Style Pop Jelly Tint #Baby Ruby
ARITAUM Style Pop Jelly Tint #Bloody Sapphire
A’Pieu Marker Tint Pen #RD02
A’Pieu Marker Tint Pen #PK01
Peripera’s Rouge Pang! #RD01 Mature
Rimmel KATE Matte Lipstick #111 Kiss of Life
A’Pieu Cotton Lip Fluid #CR01 Rose Salt

I used to have three of the A’Pieu Cotton Lip Fluid, but I’ve let the other two go because the color is rather dupeable. Kinda in love with Korean lip tints now, because they stay like almost forever so I  don’t really have to bother touching up after meal. Yay!

the rest of my K-Beauty Haul

Banila Co. Clean It Zero [DAMAGED]
Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Active Toner
Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Active Emulsion
Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Liner #01 Beige Chic
ARITAUM Mono Eyes #49
ARITAUM Mono Eyes #25
Jordana 12hr Made to Last Waterproof Liner #Espresso Last

Why I stated the Banila Co. as damaged? Because…


Well it’s not that I received a prank from the quite well-known seller, nope, I emptied that out myself because the product inside was totally ruined and got bad already.
I asked the seller why my product’s texture is so gimmicky and NONE like the usual sherbet texture of this product, and she said just like: “Oh I don’t know if it’s damaged or not. I didn’t check the product when it’s arrived in my house one by one.”

Yet no intention to replace it with the new one.

I promised myself to QUIT shopping from this seller anymore. No responsibilities at all.
I’m not accusing her for selling bad products and duds are inevitable, but why did she have no good intention at all? She’s very ignorant and I got another defected item because of her poor wrapping technique. I’m so fed up. Will only shop at Mirielle Beaute since now on, she’s the only K-beauty seller I can trust.


Okay, enough rambling for now on! I should really get going by now. Please drop the comments down below, telling me which product to review first – oh what a mandatory sentence in every haul post XD – I promise I will do my best to do the reviews and keep this blog updated.

In case you have any question, please do not hesitate and go ask me myself! Go to the comment box below, or hit the ‘ask me’ button on the right sidebar to be quickly directed to my Ask.fm profile.

See you soon, ciao for now ~ XO

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