(Secret) Daily Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin!

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Finally this post eeps ~
I can finally write a skincare routine post. WHAT A YAY for me myself since my skin is very difficult to deal with most products out there for being way too sensitive. Phew! But the fuss is over now since I met these babies. I almost kiss acne goodbye if only I were not a girl (the period thing, okay) and stayed home all day all night by quitting university #getslapped
But things are going on – so is my hormonal cycle and metabolism, plus the extreme weather nowadays – so I can’t get rid of my acne by a hundred percent and hey, it’s totally normal! Nobody’s perfect, remember?

Before continuing this post, I’d like to rewrite a part of my disclaimer here:

I am not a professional or a formally-educated in medical subjects. I won’t talk much about ingredients and debate about it – google it and if you want to pick the items I mentioned here, all the risk is on yours, since they worked on me anyway. Yes, they helped me to get through the rough skin and acne. Yes, the acne is still coming back with its friends during period and common university days. 
I won’t guarantee that by using the products stated in this post will help you to get the results like mine. I am just sharing my experience and opinion here, may all the contents of this post only are subjected as information and not as a persuasion to get one or more products from the list since I am not affiliated to any brands mentioned.

Okay so now, let’s get started!

Morning Routine
Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize – Eye Care  - Sun Care (!) – Lip Care with SPF

Cleanse – Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser or Kose SOFTYMO Deep Cleansing Oil
First I would cleanse off all the last night’s skincare and acne potion using a very gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or simply just using cleansing oil. This way, I won’t strip all the moisture off my face but just making it ready for the next steps. I don’t do double-cleanse in the morning, using one product is just enough :3

Tone – Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner (Moisture)
Weird enough that lately, even the most gentle and actually-does-nothing-to-cleanse Cetaphil starts to dry out my face. I need a moisturizing toner then, so I would grab this super lovely toner from Laneige. It’s rated in Makeupalley by five lippies by the way! It smells nice, fresh (and yes it has fragrance, if you mind) and very comforting by the way. Soothing your skin, making it ready and moisturized for the next step. My face would appear more glowy and a bit brighter after using it.

Moisturize - Laneige Water Bank Essence
Next is moisturizing step. I only use essence to moisturize my face since emulsion never works great on me – either it’s clogging my skin or being greasy at the end of the day – so essence it is. I usually only use 1 pump for my whole face. This Laneige essence is love, no wonder it’s a best seller. Very lightweight, so this one absorbs quickly into the skin and not feeling heavy or sticky at all. Doesn’t break me out also.

Eye Care – Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream
I’d love to use this gel eye cream from Laneige too. It has cooling effect and seriously not heavy or greasy. Total love ♥

Sun Care – N/A (!)
Currently I am not using any sunscreen product. I know it’s a big mistake but all the chemical and physical sunscreen out there just did nothing to me but causing acne only. Boo-hoo. My skin is allergic to sun protection agent. Will update this later once I’ve found a sunscreen that my skin loves.

Lip Care with SPF – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with SPF15
I use lip balm with SPF under my lipstick. Always. Anyway this Palmer’s Lip Balm smells like chocolate since it’s made of cocoa butter. This products coats and seriously moisturizing! It leaves no sticky or white residue even if used alone without any other lip product on top. Seriously a Holy Grail.

Night Routine
Makeup Remover – Cleansing Oil/Liquid – Cleanse – Soften – Tone – Moisturize – Eye Care – Acne Care

Makeup Remover – Maybelline Clean Express Remover
BEST . MAKEUP . REMOVER under $6. Yeaaaaah baby yeah. This removes my waterproof, sweatproof, bulletproof mascara and even stubborn lipstick.

Cleansing Oil/Liquid – Kose SOFTYMO Deep Cleansing Oil or BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover
I rotate this too based on my mood. I use cleansing oil when I use foundation or heavier makeup and use BRTC if just using cushion or thin layer of foundation. Both remove the complexion makeup in no time and squeaky clean also. Don’t clog pore or cause breakouts too ~

Cleanse – Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser
After cleansing my face with cleansing oil/liquid, I would use Cetaphil as a face wash to double-cleanse. However I feel any oil residue of the cleansing oil can’t completely be removed with this cleanser. I wish to buy a facial wash, the one that can lather up (as I feel bubbles clean thoroughly, deep into the skin) to replace this one. Still looking for reviews and recommendations, though.

Soften – Albion EXAGE Crystal Moist Milk I
This step is special due to how Albion skincare works. Since I use their toner, this ‘soften’ step is very essential. Comes in a light milk texture, I use about one full pump and apply it directly to my face using a cotton pad. Just like using the milk cleanser, but now you use it after you cleanse your face. This product means to prep the skin before toner plus adding moisture and makes your skin plump.

Tone – Albion Skin Conditioner Essential
A cult favorite. Here in Indonesia, this product is not too popular and far behind the outrageous SK-II FTE. But in Japan I heard this toner outsells SK-II FTE. What?? That was the very moment I chose to get this one. Contains a lot of beneficial ingredients (and alcohol as well, if you’re allergic to alcohol you might wanna try the sample first) and has no ‘fermented thingy’ inside, I was totally convinced to get this instead of FTE. I think buying Albion products – the toner and the milk – was the best decision I made for myself and my skin. This toner, however, works the best with the milk. I have tried using it alone but it almost does nothing to my skin. But with the milk, it really kills the game! Glowy and brighter face!

I got purging when I first using this toner and milk. It was a hell two super hard weeks. But the result was great and I got no bad reactions until now, so I will repurchase those babies over and over again!

Moisturize – Laneige Water Bank Essence
Usually after the soften-tone steps I skip moisturizer. But lately I realize that my skin needs more moisture during the night so I added this lightweight but effective essence. I only use half pump and spread it all over my face gently with my fingertips, and pat pat pat ~

Eye Care – Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream
Same with the morning routine, I use Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream for night eye care. I don’t really think it helps with dark circles, but it does quite great at moisturizing under eye area, giving cooling and relaxing sensation, plus it helps a little to reduce puffiness in the morning. Since I am under 20 and my main purpose of using eye cream is to reduce the tired looking of my eyes (thanks, University) and as wrinkle prevention, this eye cream is already enough for me. But if you have special problems like fine lines, heavy dark circles and or eye bags, I don’t think this product will meet your needs though.

Acne Care – Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Lotion
A GEM. But please don’t hope it will do magic. This acne potion is not going to make your pimples/acnes dry overnight, but it will help to heal it over time. Formula-wise, this one is very light and not really drying. I got this one since the shake-up type acne lotion like Acnol is way too harsh and strong for my skin. I don’t really mind its healing power or time since I prefer lighter formula for my sensitive skin which rejects almost every acne lotion/gel/treatment out there – but falls in love with this one.

Special Care

I will make DIY masks (like this one) or use sleeping pack occasionally. To be honest with you, I actually love mask sheets but uhm, my skin just reacts kinda bad to mask sheets and overly-wet essence. Will love if you have recommendations of good mask sheets/pack for sensitive skin, kay?

Sleeping Pack – Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Pack EX
♥ twice a week ♥
This one is a love. It moisturizes my skin during the beauty sleep without leaving stickiness or oily residue in the morning. It leaves my skin supple, brighter, and more plumped in the morning. It helps to calm my acne and irritations too! I can also understand why this product is a cult fave. Will review this one very soon in separate post.

Peeling/Scrub – N/A (oatmeal only)
twice a week ♥
I understand the need of peeling/scrub product for my skin. Our skin regenerates every now and then and definitely needs peeling to take off all the dead cells. Unfortunately my skin can’t tolerate the heavily-fragranced peeling gel or harsh scrub products that they sell out there. Sigh. I used to love LUSHMask of Magnaminty and it was the only mask-scrub that works on my skin without a fuss, but since LUSH doesn’t have a store in Indonesia and their product has currently short life span, it’s almost impossible to keep repurchasing from overseas (the shipping fee is too expensive!!!). I usually only use oatmeal, but I feel it’s not enough. I need more than just oatmeal. Currently I’m eyeing on Laneige Multiberry Peeling Gel and CURE Natural Aqua Gel. Still looking for reviews and references tho so I haven’t bought them yet. Can you recommend me some great products?


And that’s all I use for my skin care regime. Phew! Actually I have some more products that really deserves to be mentioned in this post too, but it’s just a ‘secondary line’ in my skin care routine so I prefer to write about the front-liners. If you are curious about the products in secondary line plus and updated skin care routine, I will write another skin care regime post very soon after there is a significant update to this one, okay?

Please, please! I need your very recommendations on:
  • Mask Sheets for sensitive skin
  • Peeling/scrub products for sensitive skin
  • Mask pack/gel/cream for weekly treatment
  • Cleansing Foam for dry, sensitive skin

Please do comment below. I really still need those products but still have no idea on what should I get first. I don’t really have preference whether the product should be natural or mass-produced as long as it’s sensitive skin-friendly.

the front-liners. WOO ~

Thank you for spending your time reading this post, if you have more questions I would be happily answer it. Just drop it in the comment box or, email me if you have specific questions. Bye for now~ chu♥

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5 kisses

  1. Mask: my beauty diary, secret key no paraben etc
    Scrub: klairs gentle sugar scrub. Lebih lembut dr sugar scrub lain yg pernah aku coba

  2. Mask pack: laneige multiberry yogurt pack
    Foam: currently using mizon snail foam n loving it. Written based on normal dry

  3. I have combination oily yet super sensitive skin that breaks out easily. I recommend you to try Arrahan Peeling Gel as an exfoliating product for face. I use it once a week and it has made wonders on my skin. I can instantly see how it takes away all the gunk, dirt and dead skin cells on my face leaving a brighter and smoother complexion :)

  4. I am really interested in the Acne Clear. My skincare routine is pretty tight as far as keeping acne at bay, I just have certain times when my face decides to explode (thank you mother nature), and it looks like it would be handy to have around for those times.

    My skin can be moderately sensitive, so don't use scrubs all that often. One product that doesn't give my skin problems is Garnier's Care + Blackhead clearing scrub, which has charcoal in it. I also use a konjac sponge which is charcoal infused. I've found that both of those things keep my acne at bay and my oil levels low without irritating my skin.

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    providing such great details, it’s quite impressive post.
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