Review: Beauty Creations Boudoir Shadows (Type B - Cool)

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Today I’m going to review a cheap, drugstore brand that pretty much is being talked by everyone nowadays: Beauty Creations! This brand is well-known for its cheap price and superb product quality, also that some of the products are known as dupes for higher-end brands like Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, etc. 

I really am excited to try the possible-dupe products, but since *ahem* I don’t have the real thing, well let’s try something that’s quite different from Beauty Creations, eh? This item that I’m going to be reviewing today is somehow quite original from the brand!

Beauty Creations Boudoir Shadows
Brand: Beauty Creations
Netto Weight/Content: 13 g
Origin: USA
Price: Rp 95.000,- ($15)
Where to buy: (Indonesia), 
Beauty Creations Website (Non-Indonesia Residence)

Totally an eye candy, right? The lace-themed cardboard packaging is indeed beautiful! It’s also made of sturdy material and quite thicker than most eyeshadow palettes nowadays, but at least it’s in square shape and the size is quite compact which makes it super travel-friendly.

On the inside, you get pretty big mirror with such a great quality! I love it when palette has mirror inside, especially if the size is not too small and the quality is decent. I once had palette which mirror looks like the ones from your childhood fake makeup kits!

Here’s the 9 beautiful, neutral-cool toned eyeshadows. The boudoir palette comes in two variants: A which is warm-toned and B which is cool-toned. Mine is B and nope, I don’t make up the names – they really are named after the first two alphabets!

Texture wise, they’re not the most buttery drugstore eyeshadows in the market but they’re all very soft and not powdery at all. To be honest, the pigmentation is not too intense. Another good thing that it’s very buildable to the intensity of your liking, and it works even better with primer. The blendability is awesomeeeeeee! I can’t be happier to say this: these shadows are the easiest to blend out of all my drugstore eyeshadow collections 😊
The matte black shade is the only shade that’s a liiitle bit chalky, but since it’s a super good black – and no, one cannot simply find good matte black shadow especially in drugstore palette – I’m totally okay!

Also, all the shadows in this palette has a great staying power on lids. Indeed it stays pretty even longer with primer, but I experienced no creasing/extreme fading even after 5-6 hours of wear.

Let’s start the arm swatches with the first row on top:

boudoir shadow beauty creations review
- first row -
1 – A pearly white. Shimmery finish. The color payoff is so-so. Great for inner corner of your eyes!
2 – A light champagne with hint of pink. Shimmery finish as well, a little sheerer than shade 1.
3 – A light gold. Shimmery finish. This is my favorite shade of the row!

boudoir shadows palette swatch
- second row -
4 – A medium, purplish taupe color. Looks matte, but it has tiny golden shimmers in it!
5 – A light, neutral brown. Shimmery finish. Beautiful color payoff!
6 – A medium brown. Shimmery finish. Only a tone darker than the shade 5 on the left, and it’s a little bit warmer.

beauty creations swatch boudoir
- third row -
7 – A matte black. Not the blackest black, but it’s super dark and good, plus it’s buildable!
8 – A light purple. Satin finish, with pretty fine golden shimmers. The color payoff is quite sheer, but thank God it’s buildable because I love this shade.
9 – A bronze color. Shimmery finish. The color payoff is awesomeeeee, yaaaaaas. The best shade in terms of quality, formula, and color payoff in this palette!

My eye makeup using this palette: I'm using shade 2, 4, and 8 to create this simple, boudoir cute look!
loving this palette!

Last Words?
Overall, 9 shadows in a nice, sturdy palette with big mirror for a $15 price tag (or IDR 95,000 – I got mine at on Instagram!) is definitely a steal! Even that most of the shadows are on the sheerer side, they have the blendability and buildability of higher end products. To be honest, this is what really impressed me. As long as there is eyeshadow primer, you can work these babies like magic!

On online swatches, I see that the other Beauty Creations palettes seem to have better pigmentation than this one. Since this palette is quite impressive for me, I’m willing to buy more products from this brand! What do you think? Do you have any recommendation/request? Share your thoughts in the comment box down below and I’ll buy the stuff that you recommend for me and review it here 😉

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