Review: Beauty Creations Tease Me Palette [SPONSORED]

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Thank God It’s Black Friday – again! Time to shop for more makeup eh? No worries girls, because today I’m going to review another eye candy from Beauty Creations. This “possible Huda Beauty Rose Gold’s dupe” palette is kinda new to the market and still not so many reviews about it out there, so I think it would be helpful if you’re interested in it and wanna know my opinions about it before adding this into your seemingly-full-shopping cart! 😉

beauty creations tease me review

Beauty Creations Tease Me
Brand: Beauty Creations
Netto Weight/Content: 18 g
Origin: USA
Price: Rp 150.000,- ($15.99)
Where to buy: (Indonesia), 
Beauty Creations Website (Non-Indonesia Residence)


Like the other Beauty Creations eyeshadow palette that I reviewed here, this palette also comes in slim but sturdy cardboard packaging with good magnetic closure. It’s also very lightweight and travel-friendly as well! And for the design? I think I don’t have to talk much about it because it’s obviously pretty!

tease me palette review

Inside, this palette has 18 beautiful eyeshadows inside different finishes, ranging from matte to the amazing textured, foil eyeshadow. As I mentioned earlier, this palette looks similar to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette in a glance because of the textured foil eyeshadow and some crazily pigmented shimmer shadows. I don’t have the Huda Beauty palette so I can’t make a comparison, but I think it’s not 100% a dupe because this palette is more of a red and  warm brown themed.

Anyway, this palette is sponsored by Iva Beaute, but no worries, all the opinions are 100% mine! Instead, I'm very thankful to receive this because it sold out within minutes after they upload this on their Instagram 😂😂

beauty creations tease me

In general, the shadows in here are FAR BETTER than the ones in this palette. Seriously, now I understand why people are so excited about this brand – because it really is worth the hype! The shadows are very soft, buttery, and crazily pigmented as well!! Me likey and I’m very impressed!!

Because the texture of most shadows in this palette – especially the mattes – is super soft, so beware of the fallout. Indeed, the issues with cheaper eyeshadow is the its powdery formula that cause lots of fallout, but I don’t really mind the fallout as long as the color payoff is great and the blendability is awesome. You can also build up the color easily, but don’t forget to tap the excess powder off first before start layering the shadow or else there will be a lot of fallout on your cheeks.

I should say, the staying power of these shadows are also damn gooooood. Of course it stays longer and pops even more with primer underneath, but even without one, these babies still have that impressive the color payoff, the blendability, and the staying power! They stayed beautiful for around 9 hours on my eyes before start fading a little. I experienced no creasing/color transfer at all even without primer!

I think the only miss in this palette is Desire and Peaches on bottom row. They’re super soft until the point that it’s fragile and clumps up a lot especially when you use rougher brush, so you’ll end up picking a lot more shadow than you actually intend to. The fallout is also the craziest with this one! I suggest you to pick it up using a very soft but dense brush, wet brush, or the old sponge applicator (yea, the one that perhaps you don’t have anymore 😉), tap off the excess, and start building up the color little by little to prevent crazy fallout!

Now, it’s time for the in-depth review of each shadow 😊
I’m going to divide this palette into 3 times 3 square, so let’s start from the 9 shadows on the left first!

beauty creations palette review

beauty creations tease me swatches

Lies – a matte cream. My favorite shade for browbone highlighter or all-over-the-lid shadow color.
Blissful – a matte, warm light/medium brown. Great for crease or transition color!
Pleasure – a matte, medium red-brown.
Sexy – a strong, shimmery dark gold. Awesome pigmentation and super buttery!
Orgasm – a light pink. The least pigmented shade on the palette but definitely buildable so no worries. It’s just not as intense as the others on one swipe.
Tempting – a shimmery, warm medium red. Awesome pigmentation and super buttery!!
Please Me – a shimmery wine red. Awesome pigmentation and super buttery!!
Peaches – a medium warm red. The formula of this one is super soft thus it has the craziest fallout.
Classy – a shimmery, light rose gold color. Super beautiful!

My favorite shades of the left side are: Classy, Blissful, Sexy, Tempting, and Please Me! I’d say all of them, but then I pick some that I really fell in love with 😉

Let’s move onto the right side now, here are the 9 shadows:

tease me palette review

tease me swatches review

Kiss Me – a shimmery light gold.
Innocent – A matte, medium warm brown.
Fire – a medium-dark red with purple duochrome effect!! Another favorite of mine because it’s so gorgeous 😉 Looks like a dark purple on pan, but when swatched it’s more of a red with purple touch.
Charming – a matte dark brown. Needs to be built up too, because the color isn’t too intense at one swipe.
Nudes – A matte, light-medium warm pink. Great for crease or transition color!
Seduce Me – A matte, warm super-light brown. My favorite shade for crease or transition color because it looks super natural on my NC 20 skin!
Dare Me – A shimmery orange-red color. Super. Intense.
Lust – A textured, light pink foil shadow. DAMN I LOVE THIS ONE. I suggest you to use finger rather than a brush to pick it up! Super pigmented yet the texture is not gritty at all, damn gorgeous on lid.
Desire -  A reddish dark brown shade with super soft silver shimmer in it. My least favorite shade of this palette in terms of its formula, but I actually love this color so much that I would still wear it all the time

My favorite shades from the right side of the palette are (obviously): Lust, Dare Me, Seduce Me and Fire!

Here’s the creation that I made using shadows from this palette, super gorgeous rite? 😉

beauty creations tease me palette

Love my highligher? It's also from Beauty Creations! Should I review that too? 😍
I'm using Kiss Me (lid), Fire (lid), Seduce Me (crease), Desire (outer V and lower lash line), and Lies (browbone)!

I would only show you one look today, because I’m thinking of making eye makeup tutorial using this palette! Please drop comments of what look you want me to make and I’ll try my best to create the tutorial 😉
Last Words?
Overall, I totally recommend this palette. Beauty Creations are definitely not joking with their palettes. The quality is awesome and the formula is quite even for all shades – only two of the eighteen shadows are being the misses: Desire and Peaches. Since the shadows are very soft to the point it’s powdery – even though the powder is also finely milled and easy to blend, but for some people this might be an issue – it’s best that you use brush with softer and denser (plus, preferably natural) bristles that won’t really prick the delicate babies but still can pick up the color very well. For the $15 price tag, the Tease Me palette is definitely a steal. People won’t know if your eye makeup was created using drugstore products only because hey it’s so gorgeous 😉 I got lotsa compliment on my eye makeup so I believe you will too!

If you’re an Indonesian resident and confused where to get this baby, go to because they sell like almost ALL Beauty Creations products with the cheapest price everrrrr! I shop like all my BC products from them, and yes they do sell another UK/US brands too so definitely check their page now:

Shopee: beautycallindo

That’s my in-depth review for this palette, if you have any questions, comments, or tutorial requests please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting down below! I will do my best to do it for you 😊

tease me palette beauty creations cheap

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  1. ini racun! makin galau mau beli ini apa yang tipe B kemarin kamu review lin.. kalau ini warnanya lebih lengkap.. tapi suka packagingnya yang type b wkwkwk

    1. dua-duanyaaa....
      *alesan aja cuma karena yang ini ngga ada warna hitamnya hihi!*

      packaging yang B lebih lucu sih, lebih tebel juga cardboardnya. yang ini tipis ci kira-kira kayak thebalm gitu cardboard-nya. tapi definitely dari warna, pigmentation, aku suka ini. yang di B jauh bgt lah teksturnya sama ini, tease me lebih pigmented, soft, dan powdery, tapi dua-duanya overall sama-sama easy to blend dan bisa di build up :D

  2. kak kamu pake kamera apa dah hasilnya jernih banget?

    mampir juga ke kalau sempet :)

    1. aku pake fujifilm X-A1 aja yang jadul itu >.<

      will do! nanti aku mampir ya ;)

  3. Bagus banget ya swatches di tanganmu *justru salfok ke sana* aku udah punya beberapa palette mereka jadi emang tau bgt formulanya bagus dan jagoan untuk harga segitu murahnya.

    1. thank you dear! >.< iya aku kalau swatching suka yang rapi trus aku masih edit lagi dikit biar rapi hehe.

      iya betul banget, sekarang aku ketagihan parah sama produknya beauty creations ;-;

  4. Eyeshadow palletenya Beauty Creation yg ini warnanya gemesh bgt hehe^^

    1. yepp!! dan harganya muraaaah banget lagi, warna-warnanya yang lagi ngetren sekarang. bikin makin mupeng yaa hehe :D

  5. demiapa harganya murah banget, pilihan warnanya kece, pigmentasi oke jugak #langsungbeli

    1. yaaaa kaaan ;_; buruan preorder or prebook deh ini bakal laris banget habis harganya super murah but bagusssss bgt kualitasnyaa <3

  6. Warnanya cakep - cakep banget yaaakk. Brand ini lagi naik daun yaaa banyak yg bilang oke tapi aku belum coba sih. Liat review eyeshadownya jd malik kepengen icip deh.

    1. iyaa aku juga sama dulu kak. semua bilang bagus aku belom ada keinginan coba, terus pas ketagihan... masi ada lagi highlighter palette aku belom review gila itu bagus parah dan murah :((((( sampe mau beli satu lagi!!

  7. eyeshadownya Beauty Creations emang lucu-lucu banget ya kemasannya, harganya juga murce-murceeee. Racun banget! :3

    1. kualitasnya sih yang aku shocked banget, habisnya bagus banget!! >.< untuk harga yang sangat murah dia bagus dan blendable, itu yang luar biasaaaa

  8. Suka sama pigmentasinya bagus banget .... Harus coba ni beli pallete baru wkwkwk

  9. waduhhhh! racun parahh. ini pigmentednya gila sih. good review!

  10. Quite enjoyable post! Well done :) xoxo

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