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Who’s loving summer? I do, I do! I love summer moreeeeeeeee more more more than those gloomy, rainy days. The sun is shining so bright, temperature is rising…okay. Time to get tanned and to wear those bright, shocking, neon-colored lipsticks that sure have been all covered with dusts and spider webs *hoosh* being stored far inside the drawer!

And getting into the summery, bright look hype, I’m here back with my very first, super simple TUTORIAL! Woo-hoo! Finally I can make one, eh? So let’s get starteeeeeed~~~
*excited much*

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Products Used

Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation #20 Ivory
L'Oreal Lucent Magique SPF 20/PA++ in N2
ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation in OC0W
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy
KOJI Eyelash Curler no.71
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Coastal Scents Liquid Liner in Jet
Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liner in 08
Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #3 Dancing Blue
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
Lip Smacker Coca Cola Cherry
(ahem, optional!) Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy EDP


First we’re going to do something to the face.
Take out your favorite tool to apply the complexion products. It can be hand, flat kabuki, stippling brush or etc but this time I’m using the round powder brush from Coastal Scents 22 pcs brush set. It’s like a more packed version of a stippling brush! I’m using the Make Up For Ever Face and Body first, then layer it with L’Oreal Lucent Magique Foundation in some place which needs more coverage before finally blend everything away with the brush.

Set everything away with the ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation after that. Just in case you have that oily face!


Apply the eye primer, of course. Here I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, because it has that slight brightening champagne color, so your eyes won’t appear flat since we’re not going to use some shadows this time. Nope. Powder shadows are not waterproof even with eye primer, kay?

Take out your gold, or any color of your colorful pencil liner. Make sure it’s creamy enough, yet waterproof. We’re going to make gold, slightly winged frame on your eyelid. Start from what you call eyelid fold, or for those who has monolid eyes you can start drawing from around 3-4 mm above your lash line. Wing it out like how I do, then continue to line it back to your lower lash line.
I’m using the Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liner in 08 for the gold liner, btw.


Now with that frame we earlier make, start lining your eyes with your most waterproof and blackest liner you ever have! Mine is from Coastal Scents, it’s their Liquid Liner in shade Jet. MY HG FOREVER LOLOLOL~ Don’t forget to also make the liner winged out, but never let it out of the frame!


Now you can curl your lashes! It’s KOJI Eyelash Curler in no.71, short size one for my short fingers LOLOLOL


Next is the mascara! My current love is Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara in #3 Dancing Blue, it’s a ELECTRIC ROYAL BLUE color which I quickly fell in love with when first seeing it on Yennyca! Here we have the excuse to wear it on summer. Ahem. Joveeta hates this color so much, idk why she’s just being sensitive telling me it’s so alay and so Nicki Minaj-ish, LOL, but I love it! Beside it’s not that overwhelming, right? Review soon!

Don’t forget the lower lashes also~
(you see how much COOL this mascara is? Yes, yes. It's is that blue! But surprisingly, looks like black from around 70cm.) 


We’re almost there! Just fill in your eyebrows and shape it to frame your face more. Never forget eyebrows LOL I sometimes do, and it’s HORRIBLE. Don't forget to add the shimmery white color too on your tearduct, I'm using the Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in shade 02 Cobblestones, the ivory shade.

Face (again, LOL.)

Okay, back to the cheeks! Time to apply your most favorite, bubbly and cutest pink blush eveeeeer. I’m using the Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy, it’s described as bright candy pink and yes, it is! For the direction how I apply my blush, I have already described it clearly on the picture. I apply it right below my highest point of the cheek, and down. Yet I apply more blush on the marked area, that area is not the apple of the cheek, but yes it includes half of the apple of the cheek. Am I making you dizzy with the explanations? @,@

I avoid applying it on the apple of my cheek because well, I want a cute but still looking pretty much natural blush kay? You can still look cute even not applying your blush like if you were Poring LOL!


 And now to the lips! As the title of this tutorial, it’s hotter than pink. What’s hotter than hot pink, none right? NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa is purrrrrr-fect color for the hot pink color in the summer! Yay! You can happily slurp the squash without the fear of the lips losing its hot color. Pinky promise, just if you follow me the way I do the lips. Apply it all over your lips, and layer it once. 





Don’t have those sexy, plumped lips like Angelina Jolie? We can fake one! Make your luscious hot pink lips stands out using the lip gloss. Hope it has quite same color as your hot pink lip cream earlier, but if you wanna use one shades warmer and lighter like I do with Lip Smacker Coca Cola Cherry Lip Gloss, it’s also okay! It doesn’t really mute the hot pink shade,  right?


Sprit Some Love!
Your look is sweet enough, but spritz some love from your sweet fragrance! Viva La Juicy can be one of the choice. Thank you my fella bloggers <3

Final Look

That being the last part of this tutorial, and are you ready to see the final look—along with some narcissist photos?

I think that’s all for this tutorial. Yay for finishing it, finally! *exhale*

Phew, I don’t think I can finally make one tutorial. I hope it’s not confusing you instead of easy to follow, okay? I promise I will come up with another tutorial, but before that will you drop some comments, critiques, and advices about my very first tutorial? Comment about everything—it’s too simple, or I know it already, or you’re too talkative, or this is boring etc etc etc. C’mon, I’d like to hear from you girls!

See you soon and, kisses! Chuu~

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  1. cute look. not too overly pink. :)

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  5. So pretty make up. Gonna definitely try this ^^
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  6. Aw, so cute! I love how bold this look is <3


  7. Pretty tutorial! Nice! hehe I like the lip color :D

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  8. thankyou! i also loveeee the lips, it's bold but still cute rite :3

  9. thank you, anya! x :3

  10. so cute btw kamu mirip banget sama Sohee deh >.< you have chubby cheeks like her :D

  11. I'm a new follower^^ I'm in love with the design of your blog and your posts!
    And this make up look looks beautiful on you, suits you a lot!! :)


  12. thankyou isabel! hope you enjoyed this tutorial as well ^O^

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