Review : Milani LIQUIF'EYE Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in Black

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I’ve been looking around for a subtle, waterproof, and smudgeproof pencil liner. I’ve tried some pencil liner long time ago before I started blogging, such as Oriflame Kohl, but well it can’t stand more than an hour on my waterline even though my eyes are not too oily (;A;  )
But after a few research on Google, I made it to find this ah-may-zinc pencil liner! Yeah it’s Milani LIQUIF’EYE Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in Black. It’s rated A+ in! Well….it’s a perfect score. Don’t you think I have to give it a try? ;)

I bought this from RieButik a looong long time ago. Too bad I didn’t take any picture while it was still packaged. Now that it’s unpackaged, sharpened, and used for zillion times….it still looks good! Ha ha thanks to my neat personality *wide smile*

This pencil liner looks ordinary at first. I doubted it was as good as it’s rated. A+ for this product? Well the packaging is not interesting at all. Here I attach a photo I took from internet of its packaging.

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Way too ordinary for a great product right? But after I tried this product on me, I started to realize that “don’t judge the book by its cover” line suited it the best at that time.

Covered with a transparent plastic cap. So you will know when to sharpen your pencil liner without putting the cap off LOL :p

The texture is creamy, soft, it glides softly on my eyes! No hard feelings at all. (LOL this one is a literal meaning) 

 Can’t you tell that it’s creamy, super creamy but not rough by this picture?

Swatch on my hand. I draw the first ‘X’ too harsh, so you can see there’s some part of the pencil that is left there. Boo me.

Okay soooo waterproof test time!

Splashed some amount of water on. Nothing moved, everything just stayed beautifully.

Okay la so I think I had to do a more-convincing test! Here it is, putting my hand under a running water! *sorry for the bad bathroom lighting T__T)


But it’s still…………..waterproof. Now let's smudge it! Smudgeproof time!

 Smudgeproof test : rubbing my hand using my fingers real hard that it appears a little bit red. Gah.

You can see there’s a little smudge at the end of the first ‘X’, yeah because of the harshness I mentioned above. To see the real result of the smudgeproof test, see the rest letters and that smiley part XD
It’s really really smudgeproof! I am now super impressed.


            WATERPROOF AND SMUDGEPROOF! Double yay!
            CHEAP. It is only IDR 80,000 in Riebutik. Around $7,99.
            COMES IN MANY SHADES. You can check for more information about available colors. I think I’d give the Aqua a try! It looks cute!
            CREAMY AND SOFT TEXTURE. It’s important to look for a product that causes no harsh and harm to your eyes.
            GOOD COLOR PAYOFF. 1 swipe is enough for a matte strong black line!
            IT’S MATTE! Yay for matte! No glitter sparkles at all.
            QUITE LONG ENOUGH. It’s not too short for a pencil liner.

            THE PACKAGING IS NOT INTERESTING. But it’s okaaaaaay for me, more than just okay I think I’d not consider it as a con. We want the quality rite!

10/10. A PERFECT SCORE! \(^o^)/

DEFINITELY YES! YES YES YEEEEEES! I think I’d give another pencil liner a try too, but this one is still is a must-have. I’d fallen in love with this liner, I’d keep repurchasing this item!

Milani LIQUIF’EYE Metallic Eye Liner Pencil had stolen my heart. This product is best at its quality, really. As what I have mentioned above, I will definitely repurchase if I ran out of this one. It’s smooth and creamy, that’s just all that I need. I super love this product. You should buy one too, I will try another color from this series too.


So that’s all I think about this pencil liner. Have you tried this liner? What do you think about it? I’ll soon post a EOTD photos using this amazing liner. Drop your comments below, I’d like to hear from you guys! Hope this review helps a lot. Take care, xx!

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9 kisses

  1. what the... i wanna pick these up now! i love waterproof stuff :)

  2. hai olinnn.. miss ya..long time no see, aku punya ini juga, tapi di aku smudging soalnya aku monolid.. huhuhuhu.. suck being monolid.. tp emang enak banget dipake, sejauh ini pencil eyeliner terbaek yang pernah kutemukan :)

    1. awww ce hana! :D miss you too.. follow twitterku dong, then DM me your blackberry pin. will follow back lol!

      oyaa? ._. pake eyelid tape dulu coba, baru digambar lg..gimana? iyakan this one is the best buat aku. yang lain dadahhhhhhh deh.

  3. yayyyyy pas deh, I need this for our next photoshoot yg sewa rani itu, since it might include water.

  4. Ya ampun line..baru nyadar kalau aku belum follow blogmu >_< maafkan ya~
    btw bagus banget ya milani-nya~ jadi pingin beli :D
    Thanks buat reviewnya~

  5. eh kamu racun yaaa! *nyalah2in* hihi
    daku sukses teracuni, nabung dulu ah buat beli ;)

    1. tuhhhhhh kan! *angkat dagu* *tebar kertas berwarna*
      di rate A+ loh di, isn't that amazing? nabung dehh, aku beli ini di riebutik cuman 80rebu hehehe.
      worth every rupiah lah :D