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Hi ~
Today I’m going to post something that has been in my draft for sooooo long! OMG I myself forgot that I hadn’t published this one….stupid me! *self-slap*
So it’s Dollywink! Yeah the package had already gone somewhere I don’t know lol because it has been awhile since I bought this product. I was very excited to receive it, since I heard about positive comments and reviews about this product, especially for the liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner has been some people’s HG item too. Nah, after debating with my friend Mercy for few times about the raving of this product, I finally decided to buy Dollywink while she chose to buy K-Palette. I will ask for her help in reviewing and comparing these two products soon, seeing which one is better than another! I will let you know once the valid comparison from both of us is ready to be posted in my blog.

This eyeliner and mascara set costs me IDR 239.000 exclude shipping, which is around $24-$25 according to today’s exchange rate. It is a saving actually, since the mascara is about $17-20 and the eyeliner is around $17 each. Buying the set made me save more than $10. Hohoho. Bought this from Para Para Butik by the way! The owner is very kind, and I got one free sample along with this purchase LOL. 
Got them in great price, somehow this crazy thought popped up in my mind: Would the price affect the quality of the product itself? And the answer is……NO! The only difference between the retail version and the set version is the packaging of the eyeliner and that’s all. No more and no less, which make me happy like ‘yeaaay’. But in this post I’ll only do a review for the mascara alone, for the review of the eyeliner, urr …..I’ll post it ASAP.
(It’s a mid-term week by the way! This is a quick post before going back studying (   ˙ɜ˙)m )


The bottle is cute; I love the silver dots on the cap. The cap is green, a beautiful green color that is a pretty rare color for me anyway. It’s like turquoise but darker. But the body of the bottle, it’s eggplant purple which is pretty cute too, and the Dollywink label was printed with darker purple with a little hint of green there. (Sorry for the bad image quality!)

Here’s the brush. It’s “brush” type, not a comb-like one. It’s pretty easy to use though.

Swatch on one of my eyes (left eye) :

You can see how this mascara volumes my eyelashes, well my lashes are quite thick by the way, and this mascara is a ‘dry’ type which meant to add more volume to my lashes, but I don’t see it’s really working for me>.< It adds volume of course, but not as much as shown in the picture above in real life.  
I also don’t see any lengthen effect, well can’t complain about it because it’s Volume series lol, but if you want a longer eyelash look you can also grab the Long version. It’s in pink bottle with purple cap. The picture above is taken like years ago, of course you can’t see the redness and irritation on my face because this one is a delayed post as mentioned above (  ˙ɜ˙)v


            CUTE PACKAGING. Well who happens to hate Dollywink’s packaging? Love them all! Cuteness attack.
            VOLUMIZE AS WELL.
            QUICK DRY FORMULA.

            ˟ DRY TYPE OF MASCARA. Well this point may be others’ plus, but for me this is a con. This kind of mascara suits those who have thin lashes.
            ˟ HARD TO REMOVE. It’s waterproof and smudgeproof formula are really amazing, but even EVOO can’t happen to remove it completely from my lashes! >.<


NO. I’d like to try another mascara from any other brand.

This mascara doesn’t work really good on me *sad face*. I dislike the texture, well, and the dry formula. It’s pretty hard to remove this mascara too as what I mentioned above. Think this mascara would look more amazing on those who have thin lashes that it volumes them pretty well.


So I just let this mascara went away on a blog sale just a moment ago. Hahaha I’ll buy a new mascara for me soon! Maybe I’ll try one that’s from Max Factor that I tried long time ago..Well poor me LOL WTF

Good bye for now, thank you for reading this review hey! Do you ever try this mascara? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts on the comment box below. Don’t forget to follow my blog as I’m blooging more often now! xx

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2 kisses

  1. Hello Caroline, nice to meet you! :)
    the packaging is really cute! it reminds me of UD primer potion bottle somehow. lol :D
    yes i don't see much of diff as well of the before and afer aplication pics :/ but i love the eyeliner tho! haha
    btw, goodluck for ur mid !!

    1. hey nita :D nice to meet you too!
      yes the curve is kinda alike, moreover it's purple.
      believe me I applied it like twice/thrice to get my lashes like dat! bcs one swipe wouldn't show any differences up >.< the eyeliner i'm using is from dollywink to, wait for the review kay!
      that's very kind of you, thank you so muchh! x