Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Cherry Kiss

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Who loves Maybelline Baby Lips? We all know that the US & UK version of this product is varying from the original, colorless one to the colorful one! As for here in Asia region especially in Indonesia, bad luck us to have no colorful version of Baby Lips. But today I’m bringing news you probably have find out, but the Baby Lips Color is now available here at the nearest store! Of course, the Asian version of them which I previously told you in this review of the original Asian version of Baby Lips around a year ago that Baby Lips Color was not available in Asia.

But fuss no more, let’s get into the review~~ I’m already being thankful enough to have the color one here LOL

Finally, A Tinted Version!
Here’s the tube of the lip balm itself, the base color is a coral red but it varies from one to another shade representing the color of the product inside. Product name is printed in white and such cute font of Baby Lips I've always loved~

On the bottom of the tube there’s a sticker telling the shade of your lip balm. Each lip balm has 4.5 gram in it. Baby Lips Color actually comes in 4 shades here in Asia, ranging from orange to a red color.

I got it in Cherry Kiss, a coral red color which turns out very sheer when swatchedjust like its claim, "Translucent color & shine". Sure the color is very opaque and vivid on the tube, but do remember it’s a lip balm still and it’s just tinted, but please do see the swatch on my lips below as it gives the hint of the color pretty well still, as a lip balm. You can build the color a little, but it does build up (a little) actually. I love keeping it as sheer tho.

From the name you can tell the scent it has—a slight cherry scent of course. The scent is not overwhelming and it goes away after some minutes.

Better Performance!
The texture of this lip balm however is lovable than the original one, it glides smoother and easier yet I don’t feel the slip too. The finish is also glossier, and the color it gives is quite natural but still is seen. It doesn’t feel sticky, and the waxy feeling is somehow lesser than the original one—I just realized the original one is slightly waxy after trying out this one. It moisturizes more due to its finish, yes it really does! The gloss is not just kind of joke lol~
Also the gloss it gives is such a right amount, not too shiny like if you’re just having such a greasy meal but it’s such a pretty shine indeed.

swatch on hand

swatch on lips

Does It Really Screen Sun Ray?
This lip balm has SPF too, but it’s lesser to compare with the original version one—it has SPF20. Baby Lips Color only has SPF16, there’s no further information of its being photo stable and how it performs to screen UVA & UVB. I wish they would tell us more about this! Who wants a dark lips, right?

Some Minuses…
I prefer this lip balm for daytime wear for two reason, which the first one is because it has color tint in it which I don’t know who to attract to wear it in a good night sleep—not trying to creep you out, eh—and the second is that I prefer my Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in terms of moisturizing. This lip balm sure is more moisturizing than the original version, but it still loses a bit to Burt’s Bees for me. The moisturizing effect is only around 4 hours without eating and drinking, but with Burt’s Bees I get 2-3 hours extra before start reapplying.

my just-woke-up face with Baby Lips Color on!

Retailing for IDR 25,000 I think it’s a pretty fair price for such a good lip balm. It’s still a bit pricier than the original one (IDR 19,000) but it does a better job and sure is more attractive eh!


Last Words?
Has a pretty tint, glossier, and more moisturizing compared to the original one easily makes this lip balm a must-have for me! It does a pretty decent job in moisturizing and keeps your lips healthy and baby-lips like, also the shine lasts pretty much 3 hours without eating or drinking. What makes me delighted the most is this lip balm simply doesn’t leave white flakes or dry my lips out like some may do! It has SPF too, but the protection given from the SPF however is still a question as there’s no further information regarding it.


So, are you going to try this product out? I’m curious about the red one, it has a really pretty red tint in it! Definitely will grab that out……OUCH WHY I DIDN’T GRAB IT TODAY ASDFGHJKL MAYBELLINE’S HAVING SALE *bang the wall*

Until next time, XOXO~

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  1. Kalo dari ingredientsnya, banyakan untuk UVB, UVA dikit aja, makanya mungkin ga dibilang broad spectrum kali ya. Besok beli ah~ Thanks for the review, Line~ ^_^

  2. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 8, 2013 at 3:31 AM

    Oh sweetie the color is really cute and your pics is really cute!


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  3. It looks really pretty and natural, I wouldn't mind carrying this lipbalm in my purse on days I don't feel like dolling up.

  4. yes, it's not too much but still gives such a pretty natural & fresh lips, right? :)

  5. titanium dioxide, ce phanie? *O*
    malah ingre yang untuk UVA, i was totally blinded that's why i'm not sure about the broad spectrum hehehehe. you're very welcome, ayuk beli! XD

  6. Bukan, maksudku si ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, chemical sunscreen, makanya mungkin dia ga nulis broad spectrum, soalnya si ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate cuman partially screen UVA. Maybe yaa~ ^_^

  7. omggg babylips!! i have it in a pink shade and lovee it <3

    just followed u, lets follow each other? xx

  8. wow,, suka deh, ada hint orange nya ga ya sis? :)

  9. You're so pretty! btw great review :D